Friday, March 16, 2007

Moaning at 11.29

I am mega mega irritated. I have been snapping at the kids , husband, etc etc and now kids are all upstairs . Cause of irritation:

1. Black ants are underfoot since 2 days ago and I have finished one bottle of She**tox on them yet they are still in my bathroom, on the floor, near the windows etc. What are they doing here?! They don't appear to be moving,as ants found in large quantities usually are wont to do. No, these ants appear to be just - tourist ants, so to speak. They wonder around , on my BED, on my TOOTHBRUSH!! What the heck???

2. The s*tu*pid cat. She just delivered 4 kittens last week. She is constantly going upstairs to our rooms. What does she want- maid is telling me she is trying to find a suitable home for her kittens. Hello, cat, you are a cat. Those kittens are having a deluxe baby bath as their home ok. That should be fine. Besides, cats should not be so fickle minded. However, apparently she is compelled by her nature to do this - and actually have hidden her kittens in the broom closet - which would have died if not found by maid. And another thing. She is STILL nursing her other 2 kittens which she had 4 months ago !!! (Yes, we have to think about contraception , you stupid cat) - so her little uns are deprived. She is a bit confused I think - one time she brought a dead thingy to her newborn , and nurse the 4 months old!!!

3. This whole costume thing. It's fun in theory, but I am now surrounded by swathes of pink purple and slightly orangey material and no idea how to go about it. I just finished cutting a scalloped skirt for Sophia out of the purple material I bought when the maid came out of her room holding out a slightly deep pink material and said "ini boleh kak?" and guess what - of course, Sophia loves that one. BUT I HAVE CUT THE OTHER ONE!!! Sigh.. I have always thought that Sophia, of all daughters would be most like me (her size for one) but no I have discovered that Sophia is 100% like her daddy when she wants something. She is sooooo focused (read STUBBORN). She is not sulky or anything, except she wants what she wants. She does it so politely that you cannot be angry with her. Frustrated, yes. Angry no. Like, "Sophia, they don't have the right purple for this material, this one (holding up another material) can ah?" ..Sophia would smile nicely," no , mummy, that is not the right shade, maybe there is another piece over there..." and off we go to look for this other material. And if I start showing that I'm annoyed she would say- she actually said- " whatever you want to do is fine with me mummy. I'm happy with what YOU want. "


And she does not give up easily. She wanted the wig and at RM50 a rental I thought oooh thats a bit costly (ok ok Im cheap so sue me) - and she has not mentioned it - but just before bed- "Mummy, when can we make my wig mummy?" Sigh..looks like this mummy will have to traipse to the wig shop lah tomorrow.

4. Nadine- one minute she is Cheetahgirl, the next she is Korean girl and the next she is Japanese girl and the next - you get the idea. Choose lah already,

5. My kids - they were enjoying themselves around the party packs and the materials that they were basically getting in the way- before I knew it Johan had a humongous pair of scissors cutting away like a pro...yikes!! and my yelling of "Go have a BATH!!" fell on deaf ears....they are sweet kids except their brand of boiterousness can be distracting when you are thinking of how to turn a plain dress into Genevieve...

Sigh..sorry ah...moaning kejap...

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Superwomanwannabe said...

cat- maybe ikut the owner..

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