Monday, March 26, 2007

The Sport Day (times 2)

Just got in- after midnite. Today was very full .

Today was both Dahlia's and Nadine/Sara/Sophia's sports day . Hubby sent them in the morning, came back to get me and Johan.

We went to Daya's school first, to find her in a tent waiting around prior to being moved to the middle of the field to wait around some more, before finally taking part in her event. It was nice to see Daya with so many friends. We were blessed with a lovely (read HOT) day. Johan, virtually pulled out of bed and still in his jammys- acted his age, and wanted balloons, then, a drink, then , I bought him some brekkie ie nuggets. Dad went off to the other school as our 3 other girls were also having their Sports Day at the same time.

Can't write much about Nadine, Sara and Sophia's day as I was manning the Daya station , although I hope Sara's senamrama (mass drill) went well, (she was the only one who took part). Hubby called from their school to say he could not find them. I told hubby that Daya was finally, after 2 hours of hangin' around, being called to the field. Of course my daughter's class emerged champs right...chewah...Hubby called to say all's OK, they were at their respective classes (smart move as the school is not small). Hubby and the other 3 girls joined us to watch Daya run with a pingpong ball in her spoon (Don't we know that game) and then collect another medal.
Hubby spoke to the teachers asking for us to take Daya out early - I'm sure they had plans for the kids for the rest of the day- more waiting around under the sun maybe? - All the teachers had caps or hats! And my poor baby was bareheaded...It was such a megahot day, my CHEEK was hot.

Rushed to RTM after that- needed to be there to watch SETIAP ANAK PERMATA NEGARA and sis in law family and Izreen was going to be there too..!See next post.

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