Status Update

It is now 4.30 I think and this is what has happened:

1. I have finished the bodice. Please do not look closely at the stitches - to think that I had ever thought of being a fashion designer (ambition since standard 3 to form 3) please just shoot me if I ever decide to take it up.

2 I am now trying to attach the sleeves. Measurements? what measurements???? Am googling on "How to attach sleeves at 4 in the morning".

3. Daddy has been woken up rather rudely by his inconsiderate but panicking wife - daddy is tasked to do:

a. Jo's sheriff badge
b. Zorro's mask
c. Sara's eye patch
d Jo's holster for the gun.

I hope Sophia won't kill me.


Anonymous said…
don't worry, all will fall into place.

dijah said…
saw Johan happily with his holster and the badge just now
Dahlia was saying how you stayed up all night working on thier costumes.
hope you won't have dark circles under your eyes today at the party!
Anonymous said…
I have always told you that you are the most talented person i have ever met and incase wondering I do meet a lot people. - Nivi

u are too kind. believe me I thought about calling u at 4 in the am!

u are too kind. believe me I thought about calling u at 4 in the am!
hahaha i can imagine the chaos! ;)

hope u don mind me bloghopping by from dadof4's. I LOVE to organise bday parties for my kids. Just organised one Soccer Theme party for my nephew in Feb. Am currently organising a Dora Bday Fiesta for my soon to be 6yo and jus turned 3yo daughters. Have yet to organise a costume party! Sounds FUN, panic and chaos aside.

Don't you just love it when it all turns out well in the end. :) Can't wait for the pics!

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