Monday, April 30, 2007

Changing trends

Very interesting article on Times online today..

Says about women who stay at home and therefore displacing nurseries as the child's carer, and I quote " The ideal of a woman juggling a full-time career with the demands of motherhood is going out of fashion as a new era of flexible parenting rights takes root."

Apparently, at least a million parents have taken up their “right to request” part-time work instead of leaving their babies to return to the work-place full-time after it was introduced four years ago. The trend is expected to develop as mothers take advantage of their new right to a year’s maternity leave.

Bestnyeee..kat UK you can have a right to request part time work..over here I am not sure if it'll be well received..I think parents of school going kids will also appreciate that! We are not that advanced but we are starting towards more active child caring by parents...such as the nurseries at work idea...when will we see that, I wonder.

Just a thought ..


We are typical Malaysians ...tsk. Despite vowing to be very organised last year, this morning found us at IRB office trying to get a pin number.. heh heh heh..

I know there will not be any extension to the deadline so we HAVE to do it today , die die oso. Apparently it does not take long at all! And it's better to file separately and not jointly!

After getting the pin number we went back home to try to do it online but guess what? Congestionlah....!

As Johan would say..Padang mugha.

Terengganu Trip. At 11.

My children....if only they can remain this young for a bit longer!

Have deleted the previous post as felt that it was unfair to my kids (and husband!) that their mom puts on the net all their shenanigans. Don't want to give the impression that they are less than they really are, which are, bright, cheerful, inquisitive, annoying, stubborn, sensitive, funny, children. Hard to know where to draw the line I guess..You don't want to be judged for your actions but you want to be honest as this is supposed to be a family update as well. How ah? Anyway this will always be our "home" and where I will put down the chaos that is our lives. As far as possible I will try not to embarrass anyone .. or if I have done, I will delete the post immediately.

Anyway today's hot topic is Nadine's impending trip to Terengganu. She has asked me a while back but we did not give an answer - and since she never followed up, I thought that she was not going. It turned out that her dad has signed the consent form, paid for her and therefore she is going this Friday.

Nadine's mother is slightly less enthusiastic about it. To tell you the truth, I do not want her to go. It's a 4 hour drive , she is going to be with her friends (she only knows them by name) and teachers, and she is going to spend two nights at this hotel called "Kenangan Hotel" which costs about RM75 a nite, and 3 days there visiting several spots including Pulau Duyung. She leaves on Friday at 7 am, she arrives on Sunday at 10 am (meaning she will leave Kertih at 6 am). She will be far far far from her parent's eyes and control. She is 11. I am not thrilled.

Risks: Bus unsafe. Driver too fast. Teacher not enough to look after kids. Teacher distracted. Kids distracted. Kids drowning at sea. Kids left behind. She gets sick. She gets lost. Food poisoning. Possible abduction and/or indecent assault . Ok ok I have left out UFO abduction.

Those are real risk (save for UFO- and even then...!) and I need to know how the school will mitigate them beFORE I say yes, Not just sign on the dotted line and pay up, woit.

Dad: It's a school trip. There will be teachers. When he was 11 he was already going off to Kuala Kangsar. She is going with friends. It's a school trip.

Dad and I had a heated debate about my (allegedly over)protectiveness vs dad's trust in her school to protect her. As her dad has paid and she is so looking forward to it, I was prepared to consider it (what to do?) as long as I am comforted by how many teachers are going, what are the steps they have in case of emergency, how are they going, who is driving etc. Hello, this is my daughter ok. She is not yet 12.

What we have here is 2 different upbringing coming to a clash when it comes to raising our kids- we have the dad who was brought up by teachers and friends, in a boarding school, whose idea of fun sounds really fun to a 10 year old but scares the heck out of me in this day and age, and then you have the mom whose first trip out of KL is to Kuantan with 8 other friends, at the age of 18. And that too with my friends trying to persuade my mom. Haa haa...

I don't want to be the overprotective mom here, but I do feel that she is too young now, and that there will be plenty of opportunity when she hits secondary school , to let her go on school trips. I mean, Terengganu IS far. Far from what , husband throws his hands up in exasperation. He cannot understand why I am mollycoddling our daughter. As long as she is not 12, I can't understand why he is not mollycoddling her. I don't want to keep her at home forever, but at least until she is over 13- Unreasonable ke?

I asked experts about this. Thanks to Mak B's TV show "Setiap Anak Permata Negara" I get the opportunity to pick the brains of academician, child psychiatrist etc. They tell me , let her go. She has to be independent. She wants autonomy. Which just goes to show...what do the experts know ha ha ha..One of them was single even ... she is still too young lah doctor...Does the person who went through 2 days worth of labour and plancenta abruptia and ventouse delivery for her get the last say? I think so.

My mom way way in Ireland, would probably say no, and I do not dare tell her for she will freak out. Definitely a NO. Sis in law tells me her dad would have also said NO. She is pondering the same question for her 10 year old's coming trip out of state. 10???Schools nowadays..I don't remember getting these trips when we were younger? The most "gah" was to some factory or other..!

This is a landmark issue. (Big deal nya...) it establishes how we discuss our kids' issues . Do we act unilaterally? Is it mom is always right or dad is always right? Shd dad be able to pay and sign consent without discussing with mummy? Yes if dad was a single parent. I say....Why must there be a "winner" or a "loser" in any argument/debate. We are both educated, I'm trying for a rational nego anything, you must suss out all risks right?? Talk it out..etc etc. We have 4 more to go and a myriad of other issues to get if we can't see eye to eye? I can't pull the "I gave birth to her therefore I get the final say" line EVERY time, right..(although I should be able to he heh heh...) So we need to basically agree that I am I mean agree on a compromise.

But in this case... husband's position is yes while mine is no, or rather..."Yes, if.." .. So here there has to be a winner or loser. So I cop out and I asked Nadine.

I explained that I hope she doesn't think I was trying to spoil her fun.. I hope she knows that I just want to find out that she is safe and can I speak to her teacher, if she really wants to go? In the end she said she doesn't want to go because she is actually worried about sleeping in the same room with strangers. Husband is v. annoyed as he thinks I have scared her! I think it's her unwillingness to upset me. I don't want her to go through that!

Now if I don't let her go I will look like the baddie. I genuinely berat to let her go me overprotective, call me anything but I really really think she can go next time.Or can I come over??? Sigh..let's call her teacher then.

Will let you know if dad wins on this one.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday at Last

Hi there


  1. 10 dox sent over. (YES!)
  2. Mrs A said she can wait till Monday.
  3. Mr C's directors, Mr J and Mr N came to sign. And asked to sign some other long pending dox. great eh.

Sorry abt the manicness- it had been rather slow work wise and I was JUST saying that, then things of course, exploded. But things are ok now.

Reason I was teary a few days back is finally clear- heh heh (it's a woman thing)

Saturday today- going to BC Library. Sara finally found her science book (waddayaknow, it was on the shelf all this time) and I need to catch up on Will and Kate's do- poor loves!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Mind over Matter only mah....

The spirit of Malaysia Boleh soon going to do me in.Need a break. hello are you???
I never turn away work. Never. Well...I don't think so lah. Why?It's not about the fee as Ive been like this for ever. It's my inexplicable need to win approval and please everyone. When I was a baby my mom dropped me , heh heh heh...(blame mom eh)
Anyway am POSITIVE I can do it! Yes! I can send those 10 docs TODAY! And yes Mr C, you CAN come and SIGN today! Noooo problem...and Of COURSE Mrs A, we can finalise the docs today jugak. Let me just get my clone on the line to deal with you, yah?
And Nadine, you cannot go to your friend's house unless she comes and get you. Sara, do NOT touch your tooth. Sophia, get off daddy's laptop and do your homework. Dahlia, I will sign your message book but you cannot have 40 bucks just for some stupid drawing book some vendor at your school is pushing - what the heck???That's not right surely!! Jojo..we WILL buy you another tin of mi*lo even if we just did so 2 days ago you guys INHALE MI*LO???? Heh heh heh/
It's not being a superwoman- it's being superstupid. And what the hell is this phone doing ringing when I am BLOGGING??So rude.
BUT! I think I CAN actually do it!!! (masih menipu diri tu)
Cannot wait for my salary...or husband's. Yes now I am vomiting my financial details all over the internet. TAK MALU NYA!!!! Ah lantakler.....Why are we feeling it this month (as per every other month? ) Could it be the barbecue for 40 people? or could it be the Arabic classes fees? or could it be the cost of raising 5 kids, 3 adults, 5 cats, 2 fish (now 1)and also sponsoring lavish lunches by MOI??
Although, that has stopped due to my friend resigning. No longer do I dine at Westin or Starhill..its been Maggi Mee this last 3 days, ok! Boy do I miss her heh heh heh..
One kitten has mysteriously disappeared overnite. Just like that??Who has kitten-nnaped the kitten??
Talking abt kidnap- what do you think of the Myanmar couple who kept the 4 year old kid for 2 weeks after finding him wandering the streets, having walked away from his dad at a mall - and they shaved his head off- and now returned him - a lot of ppl are against the parents for being so careless as to have lost the kid in the first place...I say, hey give them a break..its not easy ok taking your kids to the Mall..they tend not to want to stick by your side on account of them having eyes and wanting to see everything ok...some help from the community and other shoppers would be nice if you see my kids walking around aimlessly - just shout.(good chance the dad would be nearby, reading a mag)
ON THE OTHER HAND!!! What's this I hear abt the father leaving him outside while the father tries on a shirt in the changing room- is he MAD!!! The father should be HUNG and QUARTERED.


(Kids are fine- Sara has another wiggly tooth, So has Sophia, and Minah- could it be the unlimited candy the harrassed mom is allowing them to eat??(Kids, not maid la) ..Sara got highest in English. Nadine has prob with Science. Daya finishes her homework within 30 mins of reaching home. Nadine takes absolutely ages to have a shower. (like her dad.Coming long weekend -hubby mentioning that going back to Kluang. Sis In Law- how our PROSPER???)

Byee for now...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey there

Husband chided me for not updating my blog. I sebok (busy) maaan

So sebok that I have neglected my friends. Sorry abt that.

So "sebok" that upon returning from Arabic class semalam, I crashed on the carpet and hubby on the couch and next thing we knew it was MORNING

So "sebok" that I have not seen my dearest neighbours for weeks! Hi Neighbour!! How are you!! Thank god for blogs eh, otherwise I would not know abt what's up with you guys!

Sebenarnya, takdalah sebok - buat buat sebok jeeee...


Here are some pics

Birthday cake by kids (ie they made mybirthday cake!)

BTW, thank you Mak B for buying the kids the KFC and me the birthday cake ! Very thoughtful of you!

Nadine entering story telling comp and her butterfly wings

Nadine going for choral speaking and her mandatory bun (daddy had to buy a "clip with a net" at Isetan)

Monday, April 16, 2007


Ah'm feeling mighty fragile today.

Hmm wondering if awaiting my monthly visitor?

Anyway feel like any little thing can trigger a flood here in Menara Keck Seng

Ever had one of those days?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

[byj]April Snow- Review

What would you do when you find out that your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend:

1. Has been involved in a major car accident

2. is critical and lying in hospital; and

3. anytime can "jalan"

You would run to the hospital and camp there for as long as it takes to wait for her/him to get better (or not). Right?

Then, what would you do when you discover later that, said partner was having an affair and the fella she/he was doing it with , (hereinafter referred to as "Fella" ) is also in the hospital, lying critical , etc etc.

Don't know abt you , but I'd probably be sorely tempted to finish the job for God.

You hope they get better , because you love them as your spouse/partner , then you remember that he/she has been cheating on you, with the Fella who is also lying in the hospital, then you wanna kill them.

As if that is not hard enough to deal with , you start to sympathise and empathise with your partner's Fella (it was difficult to explain to my husband) and before you know it- wham you are having an affair of your own! With the fella's wife!

Say you are the Fella's wife. You now fall in LOVE with his girlfriend's husband. Ok, ok, so he looks good. And he has long legs. And I am not obsessed, Nadine. Anyway I digress. You fall in love and go for long walks and have long silences (pre-requisite to falling in love in Korea hahahahah) next to this guy. Hmm...what would you be feeling? Guilt? You are as bad as the Fella. At the same time, satisfaction as you take your revenge ? Ok , so the person whose nose you really want to rub YOUR affair in, is STILL lying comatose at the hospital. (ie the Fella) but still.

THEN!!!! Your husband dies, and the girl he was cheating on you with , survives ,and not only that, regains consciousness. To top it all, your new boyfriend, aka the husband to the girl your Fella was cheating on you with, goes back to her. How rude! She even has him pushing her wheelchair for her! And peeling apples! Hmpph!! It just is NOT on,mate!

So now, you've been abandoned /cheated to TWICE. But this second time around, you can't really complain as he IS her husband. He probably is going back to her out of HIS guilt eh. Can't be for her looks , that's for sure (meowww!)..

You are all feeling confused- you love this guy, he's someone else's husband (again the topic of forbidden love)- at the same time you hate this guy, he can woo you, listen to you crying, tolerate your utter lack of conversational skills, but then now the slightest sign that his wife is better, he leaves you. Men. And after you chose spending the nite with him rather than be with your husband (who later dies, just to make you feel doubly horrible and guilty- seriously men are so selfish heh heh) (The next morning , the doc told the wife that her husband had died at 2.23 am - that was already maybe 10? Whaaa?? I would like to be called at 2.20 ok.)

April Snow is many things but one thing it is not, it is not a happy sirreee. It deals with a lot of difficult feelings - and due to it being shown on terrestrial channel- I can't help feeling that they have cut a lot of scenes to make room for the OBSCENE volume of ADVERTISEMENT that was shown (I'm sure tomorrow I will have an uncontrollable urge to buy a particular brand of diapers or special enf**lac milk) - I really felt like I was missing some degree of the depth of emotion, the despair the bleakness. Without enough time and background story to connect you to the characters, (and with CONSTANT interruption , during which I even had time to call my parents in IRELAND) all that is left is bleakness and you do feel like shaking them sometimes. (By the way mom wants to tell me she and dad went to Rome last week- sigh so nice...)

In the end, they did not get together...(I think) goes on as before

But! The scenery was nice, and my kids who sat with me to watch the movie (only for a while - they are now asleep) said they wanted to see snow. And that the movie reminded them of their mummy's loose mouth in promising them that they'd get to go to England next year. (start saving RM30 grand, Daddy)

As for me, I suspect I'm never going to be able to see snow again without thinking of sad love stories.

(but I don't mind experimenting with that theory)

My first Birthday card....!

AWWW...JOBSTREET LOVES ME....! Hee hee hee.

Arabic Class

Husband and I are now classmates.

The Arabic class is going ok...except we'll be critising each other in the car.

I told him I think he is very kiasu..he asked questions on stuff which are not even taught yet.

He said why did I ask the teacher questions I allready know the answer to?

I told him its because I was explaining to my husband the concept that's's not to tell the teacher its to tell you, darling! Heh heh

Discovered that husband is really diligent, taking so many notes down.

He discovered that I play in class heh heh - always talking to the girl next to me .

He'd pick me up, and then we go to class, and after that we'd have KFC or A&W, then home to see the kids

It's like a date, la...

Arabic class is ok- its hard lah. My mouth gets tired after pursuing it to make the sounds. There is this one guy there who has taken the class before and is a bit of a know it all, then there is the auntie who always say that she is very slow and apologising all the time. The ustaz loves to pick on me and my friend as we are the slow ones -but we are not bad, really. I have discovered that the Arabs love doctors - the book is full of doctors as examples, that the Arab language is sexist - the kitchen, spoon, and pot are all "female" words (but, husband pointed out, so are words like "car" and "university"-so we women have to be intelligent as well as be fantastic chefs heh heh) - and so far the careers covered in the book given to us do not include lawyers - loads of doctors (tabibun) , businessman(tajirun) and engineers (muhandisun!) and LOADS of teachers (mudarisun) and student (talibun)

So if you see any Arabs who wants to know where the new doctor/engineer/teacher is and where he comes from, you can point them to us. heh heh heh..


Sara was on radio this morning. Mak B had arranged it for her to be interviewed abt her likes and dislikes etc. Daddy was soo worried about Sara's level of BM that he grilled her, called her on the fixed line (she held the handset) and pretend to be interviewing her, prepared a TWO PAGE SCRIPT for her. Worried much? heh heh

We didn't worry from the beginning- we only started worrying when , asking her "Siapa nama adek?" she replied "Nama adek Sara" and "Bilakah tarikh lahir adek?" she replied "Saya punya tarikh lahir ialah empat duabelas sembilan belas sembilan tujuh" .

Haaaaiyaaa...saya punya tarikh lahir??? I asked Siapa nama adek (what's your name , kiddo?") to Daya and she said "Johan" - she is not wrong..."adek" is also little brother or sister!

Anyway..the interview was ok..the DJ was too fond of her own voice I think because she asked long long questions to which Sara said "yah", or "uh-huh" etc . Hee hee. Sara got asked "Bilakah kecenderungan adek ke bidang lukisan bermula?" or something like that. She looked at me and her look said "What did she say??" But the DJ went on , when Sara kept quiet, and in the end Sara said "yah". Ie the DJ must have supplied the answer.

I know what the DJ said as hubby turned on the car radio loudly.

Well, its an experience for her, that's for sure.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Living Things and NonLiving Things

When I was in Standard 2 I had books - in my square briefcase of a school bag. It was checkered and was red and black No Barbie Hello Kitty for me and I don't remember my briefcase having wheels. My duit belanja was 40 sen and that bought me a piece of kueh and maybe a drink and sometimes a bowl of noodles. I had a best friend with whom I held hands while walking, I was of course the teacher's pet heh heh heh.

Now my kids have books, as well as CD Roms in their text books. They have expensive bags costing more than RM50 usually and wheels are standard. 40 sen would buy them maybe one piece of nugget. I think. They can't be the teacher's pet as there are about 45 of them in a class.

The CD Rom is a hit- even Johan plays with it. The one currently popular with the kids is the Science CD Rom- now Johan knows living and non living things. Living things grow and breathe, and non living things don't.

I was thinking about that - and I think certain materials qualify as a living thing even though they are not. Paper for example. I'm sure it can be called a living thing if you see how fast it grows in my house. It peeks from every corner. It piles up on the shelves. It is EVERYWHERE.

Collection of clothes- yup- grows. Like mad.

Broken electrical items - there are many low cost brands nowadays - but they tend to go bad very quickly (lucky if can last a year) - so I am slowly accumulating a collection of kettles, iron, toasters etc that don't work.

My children - growing at a speed you would not believe.

My shopping bill. Living, I tell you.

What else eh?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I want to go HOME

me now.
me need: ( my kid's art)


The Wings of a Butterfly

Did I mention that Nadine has entered a story telling competition? She has been telling us this and the above is the title of her story- its actually an Amazonian folk lore about a girl who got lost in the forest and is brought back to her family by a butterfly who taught her to what ah? Tak habis baca lah.. Ah I know, to respect the environment. My daughter, the eco warrior.

OF course, we only panic YESTERDAY MORNING as Nadine has to wear a costume - she decided to come as a butterfly. Nada was done by 9.4.2007. and the competitition was THIS MORNING.

We decided then that hubby would go straight home after work to sort out the butterfly costumes. I would be the one going to Arab class. So I left with officemate , and funnily enough today the example (given by the book ) is all about this tabibun and fXX (doctor and hubby's name) ...hee hee one example was to fill in f-un blank kaslanu (f is a lazy......blank) and the answer given by the ustaz was "f is a lazy student "..and he joked - that is why he is not here today .. Then he quickly said sorry , he's probably on call or something. I simply nodded, as no way could I tell him (either in Arabic or in Malay) that my doctor husband is at home doing his daughter's butterfly wings.

So I went home at 11.30 thinking that everything is sorted. He told me he bought a pair of fairy wings in the end - when I came back I saw that they were so SMALL! I can't let my daugther have this small itsy bitsy wing! I was grumbling that I had left this to him, can't he sort it out blablabla (I had no control over what was coming out of my mouth actually, it felt good to just grumble - maybe I was tired) Anyway it was ok as he did not hear a single word- he had fallen asleep on the couch- sitting down, ok.

I spent the next few hours scouring the house for materials to make a bigger wing. In the end I sacrificed some files made out of manila cardboard , so that I can make a bigger butterfly wing. and covered it with my very sparkly green scarf, (bye bye scarf) and then I stuck on the pink itsy bitsy fairy wings. Ok lar..Then I made a headband and cut off a couple of stems from the plastic flowers (leftover from plastic flowers we bought to make Mak B's grass skirt for her Hawaiian theme party- different story) - and got her an antenna. (Never mind that the antenna has leaves at each end)

Ok lah - I think she was considerably happier with her wings this morning than last nite when her dad showed her.. Susah nye the kids now...macam macam

Today ada exam you know- the kids are having their PKBS 2- ie major exam . Not that they look bothered. Sara definitely has to do better but she just is not stressed about it. Of the 5, I think only Nadine and Dahlia look like they actually care about their school work, Sophia and Sara are just gliding along and probably passing all the way if they take after their dad. If they take after their mom they are DOOMED ha hahahahaha...

Today I'm a bit busy - yah yah I am blogging during office hours...ok has to take abreak some time doesn't one. But busy enough not to be able to check out my usual haunts..(ie byjetc etc etc)

BTW the LAMPAM FISH HAS DIED...killed by the evil puyu.. tulah...should have taken it out ....

Ta for now.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Me in RTM

Aiseyyyyy no pics is boring lah

Wanted to say that Jojo was on telly yesterday afternoon. We took his video and submitted it into RTM and amazingly he was selected out of all the videos that RTM received (ie, one heh heh)..anyways..come on the show lahhhh Ive done enuff promoting it! :-)

Met Eddin Khoo, poet and writer and also now deeply interested in Kelantan and its culture. Shook the hand of Prof Ungku Aziz (wish I could act uncool enough to ask for a pic)..I'm sure the staff at RTM were wondering who WAS that mad woman.

It's interesting - the process of taping a live show is really quite mundane - although hats off to Mak B for being able to pull off asking her guest intelligent questions, listening to RTM staff talking in her ear, and look good at the same time ...!

Scary, having Prof Ungku Aziz over..he is thoroughly prepared...I would have just melted there and then into the chair, seing how much info he has brought over...

So now you an onion a day. Raw. Straight from Pak Ungku.

From the mouth of Babes...

One of a member of my vast extended family, has a congenital deformity (although I hate to use the word deformity), ie he was born with hypoplastic legs (look it up) . Johan did point him out when we were at the kampung but I told him not to point. That was about 8 days ago. Tonite, Johan was sitting next to me and he said -
Mummy, the short uncle has God's feet.

Me: Sorry? Which "short" uncle (naturally I thought he meant my youngest bro heh heh - sorry ahhh)

Johan: The short uncle in the kampung with the short legs, he has God's feet, you know.

Me: Oh, that do you know?

Johan: Cause he told me.

Me: Oh, did he ? you mean, you asked him? (oh dear!) What did you say?

Johan: I asked him why is he short (I sort of grimaced at this but away from his sightlah) and why his legs are like that , and he said that they come from God...he has God's feet mummy..

Me: Oooohhhh- er, dumbstruck. (that is however, a veryy nice way of putting it)

I told him the Uncle is special and that God has given him special limbs. As to why, (of course the favourite word now) , I said God has a reason (what is the synonym for "special"?) And that Johan should be grateful for what God has given him- but I did not want him to think that he is better off than the Uncle ,although I do want him to be grateful. But ....Grateful means you think you ARE better off than the other person..which is totally not what I want him to think.

Er... Is it discriminatory to recognise deformity as an imperfection? I guess, only if it actually affects how you treat them- ie with less respect perhaps. This Cousin of mine, is a fully active member of the family- joining in the telematch- and he plays a mean guitar. We know he is disabled. But he is still normal. And he has loads of girlfriends. And he has a diploma in music.

And now, he has God's feet.!

A Fish Called Greyina

1. Greyina is a big bully. She/he is chasing the other 2 fish around the tank. Sorry. She is chasing the lampam fish, who panics at the slightest turn. Seriously chasing ok, ie tail to tail. The other one, the jelawat, Greyina does try to sondol or nudge (or possibly, headbutt?) but the jelawat prefers to just stand (or swim?) stock still behind the plant. As a result Greyina has gone "off" the jelawat as it is not fighting back. But the lampam fish- poor thing, its eyes such as they are, are coming out of its sockets.

2. Tried to complain to sleeping hubby. Well, he was sleeping then (hey, he did say he has to get up to do his work...) - Now Greyina has got both of us cautiously approaching the tank. You think fish is stupid? Try doing this. Everytime I come close to the tank, Greyina the blardie puyu would go to one corner and pretend that all its interested in is really, its own reflection. But turn my back for one second and I'd hear the thrashing in the water - Greyina's chasing the lampam again. I swear it was going to bite the lampam. I'm squealing "Get it out! Get it out!" - the poor poor fish!!! Get it out with what?

3. So now, I'm waking the maid up (I'm a real sweetheart when I'm terrified) anyway - where the heck is that net to pick the fish up with ? Maid can't remember and went back to bed. I decided to use the pail and the scoop. Which I handed over to hubby. And he sportingly tried to get the lampam out. Until it jumped and thrashed around the scoop and proved so maddeningly hard to corner without a net. So we gave up. I added a bucketful of water and told Greyina sternly not to bother the Lampam. Amazingly...they are behaving! Or could it be because we were then still staring at them? (while half watching the rather fascinating Grey's Anatomy?)

The PUYU is not stupid, no sirreee..everytime it spied an opening it thinks it can jump out of , it would try, ok. I know cause I've seen it first hand, it would actually "back up" and jump out. (or try to) ...This assumes fish understands the concept of space, distance, cause and effect and a whole load of stuff that I'd rather not think a PUYU would understand.

Sigh..maybe I SHOULD turn the crever puyu out into the river...
Hubby is now doing his work..(see my selfishness has a purpose..:-))

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Greyina the Puyu fish (sorry now its called Grimy)

Apart from five kids, 3 kittens, 2 toddlerkittens (is there such a thing??), a mommy cat and the occassional monkeys, the maid also has to look after the fish in the aquarium.

Previously we used to have loads of colourful fish, including a couple of fat bulbous goldfish. Then, funny creepy things happened in the house and a friend gave me a couple of puyu fish, which apparently is to demons and evil presence what garlic is to draculas- knowing how hubby would have turned these fish loose at the local stream I immediately told him that they were Sophia's birthday present...I am counting on daddy not having the heart to turn out Sophia's fish. He said its "shirik" ie a sin against God as I am believing in something else other than Allah swt having the power to ward off evil. I tell him even demons must not like SOME things right? So what's wrong with having stuff they don't like around? It's a fine line..I know.

So now Sophia has 2 fish- then one died (under veeeeerrrryyyy funny circumstances) and there's been just the one for a while. She called it Grey-ina.

The aquarium became slowly empty - this is not due to demonic forces but rather mommy overfeeding the fish - all of it save for Greyina, died. In front of the kids I am of course equally perplexed at this sudden death- but Daya cheerfully announced that she saw mummy put in LOADS of fish food and then they DIED..damn it.

So Greyina (today she has changed its name to Grimy) , has been solo for a while. And for the last week- has been hungry too. Apparently fish food do not take kindly to being shaken vigourously in their container- they tend to crumble into powder. So today we decided to buy.....


The other fish are apparently PUYUfish compatible...they won't eat each other.I was informed by newly knowledgable husband that goldfish would be bullied by Greyina/Grimy, whereas talapia fish would just be eaten by her.

the Aquarium looks decent again now....

Tata...going to Zu's dad's tahlil

Friday, April 06, 2007

You get to meet so many types of people in my line of work....not all nice and sunny and cheery unfortunately.

Today, one borrower came with this woman, and a small brat - er toddler. He must be 50 if he was a day (ok I will go and check his IC) I invited her to go into the meeting room - I said she and her father can come to the meeting room . She said:

THATS MY HUSBAND(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

oOOOOPSSSSS!! Anyway the son who was about a year and a half...took revenge on his mother's behalf by colouring our light grey carpet with the BLACK marker!!! Ok, my story will be that I went out for a while and when I came back in the scribbles were allready there ok????

THEN!! There is this Borrower who has written to the client, the Bank, complaining of this and that - all commercial and financial complaints (in true CYA fashion, she says) - atrocious English !!!!!! and he has copied the letter to the PM's office, the Bank Negara Malaysia's governnor, the queen of England & the dalai lama (i bet he'd do it too if he wasn't too cheap to get the stamps). And the best thing was, the day before he did that, he called ME to ask if the Bank was right to do what they did (yes it was allready covered in the docs) and if so he is so mad, can we represent them in an action against the BANK. The Bank, our client. The one we get work from. He wants us to sue them. Are you MAD man??????

They all write to the PM you know. And Bank Negara Malaysia- every single letter will get a response so if you are particularly lonely and need some attention , please write to BNM hee hee. Of course, some cases are genuine and the Banks do MUCK UP. In this case, it was nothing to do with legal at all! (actually can I write to Zety? I've always wanted to grow old like her- so STYLo maaaannnnn- look at the pearlsssss....)

Sigh.. its fun this job....and then I think of my kids - and johan refusing to take food when I have taken a bite from it saying- its got SALIVA on it!!!!! And I tell them- eh. I gave BIRTH to you ok, my saliva is OK.

OOOOPPPS People are leaving the office allready- is it 6 allready?????? I have to finish stuff I would normally do when I am not BLOGGING!!! (Ok-ok bye bye)

Purple Scarves

It's quarter to 9 and we are still at home. Husband has a theory that the later you go the less cars there will be on the road- there used to be a time when we'd leave by half seven and if I was late he'd freak out but now he is sooo laidback about going to work early (except when he has theatre in which case everyone will get nagged to get ready by 7 or something). Our kids are really lucky as they do not have to wait for the truck-van-bus to go to school - which would normally come at half past 6. I remember when I was younger my landrover (dad was in the army) would come when it was barely light. We had to drive an hour from Sungai Besi camp to CBN in the middle of the city. My kids leave the house at 25 past 7, with minutes to spare before the prefects take their names down. (they are always late but it's a gamble whether the prefects would take their names down or not). I just heard that yesterday Nadine managed to get into her "class line" and not the "late line". Sara did too. There's a Late Line????Aiyoooo.

I've sent the kids off to the door , in their fancy bajukurung. Woke up at half past four - actually woken up by Sophia who asked "Have you done my scarf???" After making sure that I was actually up, she went back to sleep. Yikes! I was supposed to but I had fallen asleep. Daddy was supposed to go to Giant but he fell like a tonne of bricks too.
(amacam, ok tak)

Anyway at half past four (AM) there I was trying to figure out which uncut material in my storage could I sacrifice to make their (cause its not just Sophia- now it's Sara too) - scarves. Discovered a purple material that we had reserved for Daddy's bajumelayu for one Eid (never happened- we all wore blue)

Cut a couple of pieces and discovered they were too short- quickly hid them as I know husband will be after me for not MEASURING the pieces first before I cut them- tsk who has the time MAN! :-)

Finally got a piece I like and cut them into half, one for Sara and the other for Princess Sophia. Had to hem them and no way could I do them both in time. So woke up the supposedly nimble fingered surgeon to help me sew. Mumbling "this is your job" etc, he did eventually help me - his way is very proper- he got the ironing board out, the iron out, he was also mumbling that the triangular piece he got was not properly cut and was Senget...(I kept very quiet)
(nadine was big enuff to wear mine)
Short of the matter is- the tudung was done- and we improvised (some glue was also used for one side of Sophia's tudung- hope the teachers would not peer too closely- I did consider the stapler..) and I hope, the kids are happy.

Ok time to go to work...never manage to make it at 9 lah.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Last nite on the way to Arab, Dahlia and Sophia called. Dahlia said "mummy - there is a letter from the school for you". She read it out to me and it was very slow ...she had trouble with certain words like "mesyuarat" ..I could hear Sophia helping her along at the back (like "pohon lah Dahlia!") and shrieking everytime her sister mispronounce any words. Cehwah perasan..! heh heh heh..

While I would be correcting her and telling her that the letter is from her school telling us about the PIBG meeting etc, her dad took the phone from me and then said "Dahlia, it have to go to sleep early today." and then when Daya protested, he let her read on, and then he said "yeah dahlia, it means, you have to pack your school bags and then go to sleep".. hee hee hee he loves to tease the kids.

Anyway Sophia wants a tudung(scarf) to match her purple dress tomorrow- there is a party (maulidur rasul) and she can go in the morning. She thinks its only her that needs to buy new tudung . Her other 2 sisters will also want to look good and want similar new stuff.

Okkk byee waiting for hubby...he is merajukking as he has been told (by me) that he cannot now saunter into the office as he pleases...poor baby..and now WHO IS GOING TO PACK MY LAPTOP!!!!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

KAMPuNG BarBECue![warning- loads of pix]


Sudah sampai , yay yay....Entrance...

Straight to the kitchen to sort out lunch.....
LUNCH TIME!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately the pool had not been cleaned......(so pretend its a tasik lahh)
Kids humoring selves while waiting for lunch....

Getting ready for the telematch!!!!

The ever popular...cari gula dalam tepung! (there's candy in them flour!)

Getting the barbecue ready...ok this is meant to be like this (she says defensively)- 2 sate thingy on top of a real wheelbarrow(theory is that it can later be pushed to the pool- never happened)

mY Cousins ! Below is the cake I bought for all the birthday people - believe it or not the cakehouse in rembau has run out of cakes, and the FISH SHOP next door, amidst the aquarium and real life fish...sold cakes etc. Wanted to get a proper birthday cake but then there would not be enough space to spell out the 7 names ...(even with this we realised later that we had missed one name!).

Tucking in!!!

My son the barbecue-er

tidur lambak....and the scenery we woke up to...

Kids ....ya gotta love them.

Have you ever visited MAMA22BEAS site? Its quite interesting how this pregnant geologist handle her 3 daughters (the youngest is 1 year old) while expecting her baby son and ALL WITH NO MAID! Amazing. And she is working too..! I think she should be crowned the superwoman - no maid?? Phew, can't do half of what I have been doing without aminah i tell you.

Like last nite. We went straight from work to Arab, secure in the knowledge that the kids would have been bathed, fed, clothed, and doing their mengaji. Aminah had sorted the dinner etc and by the time we went home they were all pretending to sleep. Pretending because they would wait until we are well in the house then they'd all yell "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Felt bad that the kids did not get our attention, but the kids had a way to make us "pay back" our time lost with them.

True enough upon our return they surrounded us with the tales of all that they have done- macam sitting in court pulak...


Nadine told me Johan did not want to mengaji and threw a tantrum. Johan does that- he throws a royal tantrum, he'd be breakdancing on the floor, kicking the wall, making angry noises, kicking the maid!!!...Ihave lectured him to say that I do not like him doing that and he should stop that RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!. He knows its wrong and apparently after each tantrum he'd say sorry to the maid .

(The reason why our harta will not be distributed to our siblings and just to our kids)

But he's five after all..he's got to let it out somehow. Any ideas on how? Ditto on mengaji- I reminded Nadine that she only started at 5 and was not too keen in the beginning.

Been doing the reading up on rearing young children- boy if I could only do it again!
I'd read more, be more tactile- but I think I'm quite a huggyfeely mom allready- every nite the kids would sleep hugging me (and mom has to juggle taking care of kids or dad) . Now Nadine is taking over as the big sister-boss. She would be the one reminding everyone that they have not had their breakfast etc and then I'd be telling her that it's ok, Daya can have her milo in the car- or it's ok, Sara can stay home today because she said her leg hurt.
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD- dont let that angelic smile fool ya- when she is good she is lovely when she is bad...she is HORRID!

Each of them has a different personality lar...Sara is the sensitive one. Perasa. Easily hurt. Nadine - proud, ego, eager to please. Sophia- sweet- but firm and great PR Skills . Daya- ditto and assertive to boot. Johan- a boy's boy.
Sara got the brunt of my tiredness last nite when she sat sniffing and later silently crying over her foot which had been bitten by an insect. Our house seriously need the Ant exterminator, and she said it was very painful . Johan came by and accidentally brushed against her and she wailed louder, and I raised my voice to her. Lagi lah meraung kan.

Does it really warrant a drama scene??? Kenapa nak cemekkk je ni...I said, I know it hurts but I wish she would not be so lembik or soft- and that I would love her even if she is not hurt or angry or crying- and that she can have my attention by telling me stories etc and not stories of what her sisters did. I guess I was irritated because she had been rather sad -whiny etc since the weekend. (I know, I have probably broken a thousand child rearing rules)
The nite before there was a mini hearing before me the Mummyjudge as a sobbing Sara told me how her other 2 sisters had hurt her feelings, because, (sob sob), she had done something nice for Sophia and (sob sob) when she asked Sophia (sob sob) to get her a glass of water, Sophia refused ("but I was eating!!! " said an equally sobbing Sophia) - anyway Sophia memang ada malash sikit. To make matters worse, KetuaDarjah Nadine heard the pallava and told Sara off for being angry with Sophia. Sigh...semua ini mengecilkan hati Sara..she even said she felt that everyone was against her and that she wanted to RUN AWAY!!!!!
Imagine the scene around the dining table- 2 girls sobbing, of the type with heaving shoulders, and one daughter defiant (that would be the eldest) that she had not done anything wrong.

I made Sara write whatever grievance she had down, and told her to write everything she feels in the same book everyday, so that I can look at it. And I told her she has to TELL the others how she feels, rather than keep it in, and then , cry. Nadine said she did not know that Sara had asked for a glass of water from Sophia- I told Nadine not to be so bossy. To Sophia I told her to help her sister more....

The Princess.

Sigh...Fhening...having girls - and they are not even in their teens yet!!!!!!
But don't get me wrong- most times they are happy kids..they don't notice their parents sometimes, they are so engrossed in their own games. Nadine is a good leader and would get her sisters and brother involved in cluedo or playacting and everyone is sporting enough to join...
Most times its laughter but when the tears come- phew! I need all the negotiating skills man.....
Daddy would just YELL at them...worse!

Let's hope we can ride their adolescent years without any hitches.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Scenes from Bagan Lalang aka Sepang Goldcoast

mannyaak lomantik tak..
Kids pottering about in the sea (or , edge of sea)- (or, rather, the edge of the sea when the tide is out)Nice attempt at photography by Dr Hubby.The subject matter is nature and steel.
Sophia with a horse in a farm(naaaah, just at Bagan Lalang resort).
The kiddies half playing-half being scared of the mare/colt/anak kuda. Auntie Zu getting upclose and personal with the horse (hee hee) ...
The beach which used to be white. Still nice, but note the construction on the horizon- that's supposed to be the chalets.

Eeeyucks..some part of the beach felt like quicksand.
Kids playing in the sea. Really. They WERE going to play further but then they saw 2 jellyfishes.

BTW I was shown up to be the city gal that I am . As usual when I am near or at the sea, I would wander off alone for a while (not a long while as there were the kiddies) - I was looking down and was fascinated at this elusive fish which would swim and suddenly hop out of the water, and had bulging eyes! My trail took me to this other picnicking family and I remarked that this fish was jumping- like this: "Ikan ni melompat kan (this fish hops doesn't it)?" (as in, what a wonderful discovery this is!) and they said "tu belacak...(that's belacak!)
" followed by "you dari mana? (where are you from?) " as in..."where are you from as Everyone this side of the universe knows that this fish is not HOPPING FISH but belacak."

So that was belacak...and here's a pic- AND !!! it seems if you swallow it whole, it does things viagra does.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...