Saturday, April 14, 2007

Arabic Class

Husband and I are now classmates.

The Arabic class is going ok...except we'll be critising each other in the car.

I told him I think he is very kiasu..he asked questions on stuff which are not even taught yet.

He said why did I ask the teacher questions I allready know the answer to?

I told him its because I was explaining to my husband the concept that's's not to tell the teacher its to tell you, darling! Heh heh

Discovered that husband is really diligent, taking so many notes down.

He discovered that I play in class heh heh - always talking to the girl next to me .

He'd pick me up, and then we go to class, and after that we'd have KFC or A&W, then home to see the kids

It's like a date, la...

Arabic class is ok- its hard lah. My mouth gets tired after pursuing it to make the sounds. There is this one guy there who has taken the class before and is a bit of a know it all, then there is the auntie who always say that she is very slow and apologising all the time. The ustaz loves to pick on me and my friend as we are the slow ones -but we are not bad, really. I have discovered that the Arabs love doctors - the book is full of doctors as examples, that the Arab language is sexist - the kitchen, spoon, and pot are all "female" words (but, husband pointed out, so are words like "car" and "university"-so we women have to be intelligent as well as be fantastic chefs heh heh) - and so far the careers covered in the book given to us do not include lawyers - loads of doctors (tabibun) , businessman(tajirun) and engineers (muhandisun!) and LOADS of teachers (mudarisun) and student (talibun)

So if you see any Arabs who wants to know where the new doctor/engineer/teacher is and where he comes from, you can point them to us. heh heh heh..

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