Saturday, April 14, 2007

[byj]April Snow- Review

What would you do when you find out that your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend:

1. Has been involved in a major car accident

2. is critical and lying in hospital; and

3. anytime can "jalan"

You would run to the hospital and camp there for as long as it takes to wait for her/him to get better (or not). Right?

Then, what would you do when you discover later that, said partner was having an affair and the fella she/he was doing it with , (hereinafter referred to as "Fella" ) is also in the hospital, lying critical , etc etc.

Don't know abt you , but I'd probably be sorely tempted to finish the job for God.

You hope they get better , because you love them as your spouse/partner , then you remember that he/she has been cheating on you, with the Fella who is also lying in the hospital, then you wanna kill them.

As if that is not hard enough to deal with , you start to sympathise and empathise with your partner's Fella (it was difficult to explain to my husband) and before you know it- wham you are having an affair of your own! With the fella's wife!

Say you are the Fella's wife. You now fall in LOVE with his girlfriend's husband. Ok, ok, so he looks good. And he has long legs. And I am not obsessed, Nadine. Anyway I digress. You fall in love and go for long walks and have long silences (pre-requisite to falling in love in Korea hahahahah) next to this guy. Hmm...what would you be feeling? Guilt? You are as bad as the Fella. At the same time, satisfaction as you take your revenge ? Ok , so the person whose nose you really want to rub YOUR affair in, is STILL lying comatose at the hospital. (ie the Fella) but still.

THEN!!!! Your husband dies, and the girl he was cheating on you with , survives ,and not only that, regains consciousness. To top it all, your new boyfriend, aka the husband to the girl your Fella was cheating on you with, goes back to her. How rude! She even has him pushing her wheelchair for her! And peeling apples! Hmpph!! It just is NOT on,mate!

So now, you've been abandoned /cheated to TWICE. But this second time around, you can't really complain as he IS her husband. He probably is going back to her out of HIS guilt eh. Can't be for her looks , that's for sure (meowww!)..

You are all feeling confused- you love this guy, he's someone else's husband (again the topic of forbidden love)- at the same time you hate this guy, he can woo you, listen to you crying, tolerate your utter lack of conversational skills, but then now the slightest sign that his wife is better, he leaves you. Men. And after you chose spending the nite with him rather than be with your husband (who later dies, just to make you feel doubly horrible and guilty- seriously men are so selfish heh heh) (The next morning , the doc told the wife that her husband had died at 2.23 am - that was already maybe 10? Whaaa?? I would like to be called at 2.20 ok.)

April Snow is many things but one thing it is not, it is not a happy sirreee. It deals with a lot of difficult feelings - and due to it being shown on terrestrial channel- I can't help feeling that they have cut a lot of scenes to make room for the OBSCENE volume of ADVERTISEMENT that was shown (I'm sure tomorrow I will have an uncontrollable urge to buy a particular brand of diapers or special enf**lac milk) - I really felt like I was missing some degree of the depth of emotion, the despair the bleakness. Without enough time and background story to connect you to the characters, (and with CONSTANT interruption , during which I even had time to call my parents in IRELAND) all that is left is bleakness and you do feel like shaking them sometimes. (By the way mom wants to tell me she and dad went to Rome last week- sigh so nice...)

In the end, they did not get together...(I think) goes on as before

But! The scenery was nice, and my kids who sat with me to watch the movie (only for a while - they are now asleep) said they wanted to see snow. And that the movie reminded them of their mummy's loose mouth in promising them that they'd get to go to England next year. (start saving RM30 grand, Daddy)

As for me, I suspect I'm never going to be able to see snow again without thinking of sad love stories.

(but I don't mind experimenting with that theory)


bj said...

Strange... we were just talking about you last night over dinner. Well, we were discussing Winter Sonata... that's why your name popped up. Anyway, I have the April Snow VCD if you want. I only watched a bit of it, I found it verrrrrryyyy slowwwwwww... (yawn...) I'll give it to u the next time we meet.

Hey, btw, Happy Belated Birthday!! Sorry, lupa...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi j

yah I found it a bit slow too..maybe we dont understand the language ke?? Anyway how are you??

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...