Monday, April 30, 2007

Changing trends

Very interesting article on Times online today..

Says about women who stay at home and therefore displacing nurseries as the child's carer, and I quote " The ideal of a woman juggling a full-time career with the demands of motherhood is going out of fashion as a new era of flexible parenting rights takes root."

Apparently, at least a million parents have taken up their “right to request” part-time work instead of leaving their babies to return to the work-place full-time after it was introduced four years ago. The trend is expected to develop as mothers take advantage of their new right to a year’s maternity leave.

Bestnyeee..kat UK you can have a right to request part time work..over here I am not sure if it'll be well received..I think parents of school going kids will also appreciate that! We are not that advanced but we are starting towards more active child caring by parents...such as the nurseries at work idea...when will we see that, I wonder.

Just a thought ..

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