Monday, April 09, 2007

A Fish Called Greyina

1. Greyina is a big bully. She/he is chasing the other 2 fish around the tank. Sorry. She is chasing the lampam fish, who panics at the slightest turn. Seriously chasing ok, ie tail to tail. The other one, the jelawat, Greyina does try to sondol or nudge (or possibly, headbutt?) but the jelawat prefers to just stand (or swim?) stock still behind the plant. As a result Greyina has gone "off" the jelawat as it is not fighting back. But the lampam fish- poor thing, its eyes such as they are, are coming out of its sockets.

2. Tried to complain to sleeping hubby. Well, he was sleeping then (hey, he did say he has to get up to do his work...) - Now Greyina has got both of us cautiously approaching the tank. You think fish is stupid? Try doing this. Everytime I come close to the tank, Greyina the blardie puyu would go to one corner and pretend that all its interested in is really, its own reflection. But turn my back for one second and I'd hear the thrashing in the water - Greyina's chasing the lampam again. I swear it was going to bite the lampam. I'm squealing "Get it out! Get it out!" - the poor poor fish!!! Get it out with what?

3. So now, I'm waking the maid up (I'm a real sweetheart when I'm terrified) anyway - where the heck is that net to pick the fish up with ? Maid can't remember and went back to bed. I decided to use the pail and the scoop. Which I handed over to hubby. And he sportingly tried to get the lampam out. Until it jumped and thrashed around the scoop and proved so maddeningly hard to corner without a net. So we gave up. I added a bucketful of water and told Greyina sternly not to bother the Lampam. Amazingly...they are behaving! Or could it be because we were then still staring at them? (while half watching the rather fascinating Grey's Anatomy?)

The PUYU is not stupid, no sirreee..everytime it spied an opening it thinks it can jump out of , it would try, ok. I know cause I've seen it first hand, it would actually "back up" and jump out. (or try to) ...This assumes fish understands the concept of space, distance, cause and effect and a whole load of stuff that I'd rather not think a PUYU would understand.

Sigh..maybe I SHOULD turn the crever puyu out into the river...
Hubby is now doing his work..(see my selfishness has a purpose..:-))

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