Saturday, April 07, 2007

Greyina the Puyu fish (sorry now its called Grimy)

Apart from five kids, 3 kittens, 2 toddlerkittens (is there such a thing??), a mommy cat and the occassional monkeys, the maid also has to look after the fish in the aquarium.

Previously we used to have loads of colourful fish, including a couple of fat bulbous goldfish. Then, funny creepy things happened in the house and a friend gave me a couple of puyu fish, which apparently is to demons and evil presence what garlic is to draculas- knowing how hubby would have turned these fish loose at the local stream I immediately told him that they were Sophia's birthday present...I am counting on daddy not having the heart to turn out Sophia's fish. He said its "shirik" ie a sin against God as I am believing in something else other than Allah swt having the power to ward off evil. I tell him even demons must not like SOME things right? So what's wrong with having stuff they don't like around? It's a fine line..I know.

So now Sophia has 2 fish- then one died (under veeeeerrrryyyy funny circumstances) and there's been just the one for a while. She called it Grey-ina.

The aquarium became slowly empty - this is not due to demonic forces but rather mommy overfeeding the fish - all of it save for Greyina, died. In front of the kids I am of course equally perplexed at this sudden death- but Daya cheerfully announced that she saw mummy put in LOADS of fish food and then they DIED..damn it.

So Greyina (today she has changed its name to Grimy) , has been solo for a while. And for the last week- has been hungry too. Apparently fish food do not take kindly to being shaken vigourously in their container- they tend to crumble into powder. So today we decided to buy.....


The other fish are apparently PUYUfish compatible...they won't eat each other.I was informed by newly knowledgable husband that goldfish would be bullied by Greyina/Grimy, whereas talapia fish would just be eaten by her.

the Aquarium looks decent again now....

Tata...going to Zu's dad's tahlil

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