Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Living Things and NonLiving Things

When I was in Standard 2 I had books - in my square briefcase of a school bag. It was checkered and was red and black No Barbie Hello Kitty for me and I don't remember my briefcase having wheels. My duit belanja was 40 sen and that bought me a piece of kueh and maybe a drink and sometimes a bowl of noodles. I had a best friend with whom I held hands while walking, I was of course the teacher's pet heh heh heh.

Now my kids have books, as well as CD Roms in their text books. They have expensive bags costing more than RM50 usually and wheels are standard. 40 sen would buy them maybe one piece of nugget. I think. They can't be the teacher's pet as there are about 45 of them in a class.

The CD Rom is a hit- even Johan plays with it. The one currently popular with the kids is the Science CD Rom- now Johan knows living and non living things. Living things grow and breathe, and non living things don't.

I was thinking about that - and I think certain materials qualify as a living thing even though they are not. Paper for example. I'm sure it can be called a living thing if you see how fast it grows in my house. It peeks from every corner. It piles up on the shelves. It is EVERYWHERE.

Collection of clothes- yup- grows. Like mad.

Broken electrical items - there are many low cost brands nowadays - but they tend to go bad very quickly (lucky if can last a year) - so I am slowly accumulating a collection of kettles, iron, toasters etc that don't work.

My children - growing at a speed you would not believe.

My shopping bill. Living, I tell you.

What else eh?


Anonymous said...

hey, come to think of it, it grows in my house too, lah... :)

fulltime mom

Dad of Four said...

I had that black & red checkered bag too...It was terribly kewl then!

Wah...that reminds me for another round of spring cleaning the drawers filled with papers!

Superwomanwannabe said...

oh haq..i rimas sekarang!! Banyak nya kertas buku etc etc ...tensen.

FloweRinTheDesert said...

so true! I can't wait to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in my house bila we all move to the new house! Start afresh... ;)

Superwomanwannabe said...

flowerin....its fun to start afresh- the thing was we took the old rubbish from the old house as well! heh heh!

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