Monday, April 09, 2007

Me in RTM

Aiseyyyyy no pics is boring lah

Wanted to say that Jojo was on telly yesterday afternoon. We took his video and submitted it into RTM and amazingly he was selected out of all the videos that RTM received (ie, one heh heh)..anyways..come on the show lahhhh Ive done enuff promoting it! :-)

Met Eddin Khoo, poet and writer and also now deeply interested in Kelantan and its culture. Shook the hand of Prof Ungku Aziz (wish I could act uncool enough to ask for a pic)..I'm sure the staff at RTM were wondering who WAS that mad woman.

It's interesting - the process of taping a live show is really quite mundane - although hats off to Mak B for being able to pull off asking her guest intelligent questions, listening to RTM staff talking in her ear, and look good at the same time ...!

Scary, having Prof Ungku Aziz over..he is thoroughly prepared...I would have just melted there and then into the chair, seing how much info he has brought over...

So now you an onion a day. Raw. Straight from Pak Ungku.

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