Friday, April 20, 2007

Mind over Matter only mah....

The spirit of Malaysia Boleh soon going to do me in.Need a break. hello are you???
I never turn away work. Never. Well...I don't think so lah. Why?It's not about the fee as Ive been like this for ever. It's my inexplicable need to win approval and please everyone. When I was a baby my mom dropped me , heh heh heh...(blame mom eh)
Anyway am POSITIVE I can do it! Yes! I can send those 10 docs TODAY! And yes Mr C, you CAN come and SIGN today! Noooo problem...and Of COURSE Mrs A, we can finalise the docs today jugak. Let me just get my clone on the line to deal with you, yah?
And Nadine, you cannot go to your friend's house unless she comes and get you. Sara, do NOT touch your tooth. Sophia, get off daddy's laptop and do your homework. Dahlia, I will sign your message book but you cannot have 40 bucks just for some stupid drawing book some vendor at your school is pushing - what the heck???That's not right surely!! Jojo..we WILL buy you another tin of mi*lo even if we just did so 2 days ago you guys INHALE MI*LO???? Heh heh heh/
It's not being a superwoman- it's being superstupid. And what the hell is this phone doing ringing when I am BLOGGING??So rude.
BUT! I think I CAN actually do it!!! (masih menipu diri tu)
Cannot wait for my salary...or husband's. Yes now I am vomiting my financial details all over the internet. TAK MALU NYA!!!! Ah lantakler.....Why are we feeling it this month (as per every other month? ) Could it be the barbecue for 40 people? or could it be the Arabic classes fees? or could it be the cost of raising 5 kids, 3 adults, 5 cats, 2 fish (now 1)and also sponsoring lavish lunches by MOI??
Although, that has stopped due to my friend resigning. No longer do I dine at Westin or Starhill..its been Maggi Mee this last 3 days, ok! Boy do I miss her heh heh heh..
One kitten has mysteriously disappeared overnite. Just like that??Who has kitten-nnaped the kitten??
Talking abt kidnap- what do you think of the Myanmar couple who kept the 4 year old kid for 2 weeks after finding him wandering the streets, having walked away from his dad at a mall - and they shaved his head off- and now returned him - a lot of ppl are against the parents for being so careless as to have lost the kid in the first place...I say, hey give them a break..its not easy ok taking your kids to the Mall..they tend not to want to stick by your side on account of them having eyes and wanting to see everything ok...some help from the community and other shoppers would be nice if you see my kids walking around aimlessly - just shout.(good chance the dad would be nearby, reading a mag)
ON THE OTHER HAND!!! What's this I hear abt the father leaving him outside while the father tries on a shirt in the changing room- is he MAD!!! The father should be HUNG and QUARTERED.


(Kids are fine- Sara has another wiggly tooth, So has Sophia, and Minah- could it be the unlimited candy the harrassed mom is allowing them to eat??(Kids, not maid la) ..Sara got highest in English. Nadine has prob with Science. Daya finishes her homework within 30 mins of reaching home. Nadine takes absolutely ages to have a shower. (like her dad.Coming long weekend -hubby mentioning that going back to Kluang. Sis In Law- how our PROSPER???)

Byee for now...


DocYana said...

i think the tom cat aka bapak kucing has been kitten-napping your kitties lah.....something about having the mummy cat free again to mate or something like that.....

i blame the national geographic for giving me a trivia like that...what help it will be in my work pun i tatau....hehe.

Dad of Four said...

SW - Sounds like happy feet plak ur 2nd para.

U know that i bring my kids along with me in to the toilet booth if i need to *oo/*ee? I make them face the door LOL. The confession of a paranoid dad!

Anonymous said...

do4 - that's an excellent thing to do. i would never let my kids get out of sight. my kids were in the stroller till at least 4 yo. I just didn't want them walking around. Kalau guna harness, org kata barbaric, so better to put them in stroller.

SW - you sound HARASSED!!!! Comelah to KK for OBW, I thk I*a & M*di are alaso coming along. At least there will be some people accompanying me under the BIG TREE while OH runs along to catch up with friends.

fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said...

HI Doc yana

U may be right you know....I see at least 2 tomcats ginger and one white...and the kittens are ginger and white..hmm suspiscious

Superwomanwannabe said...

DofFour- me too!!! me too!!!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...