Friday, April 06, 2007

Purple Scarves

It's quarter to 9 and we are still at home. Husband has a theory that the later you go the less cars there will be on the road- there used to be a time when we'd leave by half seven and if I was late he'd freak out but now he is sooo laidback about going to work early (except when he has theatre in which case everyone will get nagged to get ready by 7 or something). Our kids are really lucky as they do not have to wait for the truck-van-bus to go to school - which would normally come at half past 6. I remember when I was younger my landrover (dad was in the army) would come when it was barely light. We had to drive an hour from Sungai Besi camp to CBN in the middle of the city. My kids leave the house at 25 past 7, with minutes to spare before the prefects take their names down. (they are always late but it's a gamble whether the prefects would take their names down or not). I just heard that yesterday Nadine managed to get into her "class line" and not the "late line". Sara did too. There's a Late Line????Aiyoooo.

I've sent the kids off to the door , in their fancy bajukurung. Woke up at half past four - actually woken up by Sophia who asked "Have you done my scarf???" After making sure that I was actually up, she went back to sleep. Yikes! I was supposed to but I had fallen asleep. Daddy was supposed to go to Giant but he fell like a tonne of bricks too.
(amacam, ok tak)

Anyway at half past four (AM) there I was trying to figure out which uncut material in my storage could I sacrifice to make their (cause its not just Sophia- now it's Sara too) - scarves. Discovered a purple material that we had reserved for Daddy's bajumelayu for one Eid (never happened- we all wore blue)

Cut a couple of pieces and discovered they were too short- quickly hid them as I know husband will be after me for not MEASURING the pieces first before I cut them- tsk who has the time MAN! :-)

Finally got a piece I like and cut them into half, one for Sara and the other for Princess Sophia. Had to hem them and no way could I do them both in time. So woke up the supposedly nimble fingered surgeon to help me sew. Mumbling "this is your job" etc, he did eventually help me - his way is very proper- he got the ironing board out, the iron out, he was also mumbling that the triangular piece he got was not properly cut and was Senget...(I kept very quiet)
(nadine was big enuff to wear mine)
Short of the matter is- the tudung was done- and we improvised (some glue was also used for one side of Sophia's tudung- hope the teachers would not peer too closely- I did consider the stapler..) and I hope, the kids are happy.

Ok time to go to work...never manage to make it at 9 lah.


Dad of Four said...

They look perfect! One superwoman and a superdad!

Superwomanwannabe said...

haq- ok theory is very easy- after all its just a square..heh heh heh..practical- half blind mom and dad - had to resort to glue in the end!

Anonymous said...

so cute.... and i wish i could wake up at 4.30 to do something! :)


TRM said...

They look lovely - the 4 girls I mean, how fast they grow up. Cant believe you produced all these young women in waiting. So nice....makes we want to beranak and have loads of girls to take photo like this...

Superwomanwannabe said...

trm- strange thing is i cant believe that im a mother to all these little people myself!

but GO FOR IT !! I fully support you in my bid to get all my friends to procreate!!!

dijah said...

they're so cute in tudung!

BTW,I nominated you for "Hottest Mommy Blogger" but it won't appear until the next 24 hours.

Superwomanwannabe said...

dijah- thanks! I checked it out oledy!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

the mo i read ur blog, the mo convinced i am u ARE a superwoman indeed! ;)

Superwomanwannabe said...

hey there rin- thanks for visitng my blog- no lar- i would not be able to do the dora theme party like you , for example hee hee

we just keep on trying eh.

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