Thursday, April 05, 2007


Last nite on the way to Arab, Dahlia and Sophia called. Dahlia said "mummy - there is a letter from the school for you". She read it out to me and it was very slow ...she had trouble with certain words like "mesyuarat" ..I could hear Sophia helping her along at the back (like "pohon lah Dahlia!") and shrieking everytime her sister mispronounce any words. Cehwah perasan..! heh heh heh..

While I would be correcting her and telling her that the letter is from her school telling us about the PIBG meeting etc, her dad took the phone from me and then said "Dahlia, it have to go to sleep early today." and then when Daya protested, he let her read on, and then he said "yeah dahlia, it means, you have to pack your school bags and then go to sleep".. hee hee hee he loves to tease the kids.

Anyway Sophia wants a tudung(scarf) to match her purple dress tomorrow- there is a party (maulidur rasul) and she can go in the morning. She thinks its only her that needs to buy new tudung . Her other 2 sisters will also want to look good and want similar new stuff.

Okkk byee waiting for hubby...he is merajukking as he has been told (by me) that he cannot now saunter into the office as he pleases...poor baby..and now WHO IS GOING TO PACK MY LAPTOP!!!!


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