Scenes from Bagan Lalang aka Sepang Goldcoast

mannyaak lomantik tak..
Kids pottering about in the sea (or , edge of sea)- (or, rather, the edge of the sea when the tide is out)Nice attempt at photography by Dr Hubby.The subject matter is nature and steel.
Sophia with a horse in a farm(naaaah, just at Bagan Lalang resort).
The kiddies half playing-half being scared of the mare/colt/anak kuda. Auntie Zu getting upclose and personal with the horse (hee hee) ...
The beach which used to be white. Still nice, but note the construction on the horizon- that's supposed to be the chalets.

Eeeyucks..some part of the beach felt like quicksand.
Kids playing in the sea. Really. They WERE going to play further but then they saw 2 jellyfishes.

BTW I was shown up to be the city gal that I am . As usual when I am near or at the sea, I would wander off alone for a while (not a long while as there were the kiddies) - I was looking down and was fascinated at this elusive fish which would swim and suddenly hop out of the water, and had bulging eyes! My trail took me to this other picnicking family and I remarked that this fish was jumping- like this: "Ikan ni melompat kan (this fish hops doesn't it)?" (as in, what a wonderful discovery this is!) and they said "tu belacak...(that's belacak!)
" followed by "you dari mana? (where are you from?) " as in..."where are you from as Everyone this side of the universe knows that this fish is not HOPPING FISH but belacak."

So that was belacak...and here's a pic- AND !!! it seems if you swallow it whole, it does things viagra does.


Dad of Four said…
I like the sunset pic.
dijah said…
you have sooo nice pictures!
I like it especially the sunset!
MRSHUSiN said…
kak long, patutnya kan, the sunset pic tu, u & epi hold hands lah... more lomantik maaaa...
but nice pics btw!
izreen fara said…
itu mudskipper laaaaaaa kak long...
izan- we ARE holding hands ...tapi tak berapa lomantik sebab nadine amik gambar hee hee

izreen-w e missed u yesterdaylar!

Dijah- tak macam u lah....u lagi terror
romatic kalau kiss kiss, paling-paling kepit-kepit, ni dok jauh sebatu, but the pictures were gorgeous.
aloo kitchen guardian..

that is why WE are not expecting a new arrival hee hee hee!
dijah said…
superwomanwannabe-i'm not that terror.

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