Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Wings of a Butterfly

Did I mention that Nadine has entered a story telling competition? She has been telling us this and the above is the title of her story- its actually an Amazonian folk lore about a girl who got lost in the forest and is brought back to her family by a butterfly who taught her to ..to....to what ah? Tak habis baca lah.. Ah I know, to respect the environment. My daughter, the eco warrior.

OF course, we only panic YESTERDAY MORNING as Nadine has to wear a costume - she decided to come as a butterfly. Nada was done by 9.4.2007. and the competitition was THIS MORNING.

We decided then that hubby would go straight home after work to sort out the butterfly costumes. I would be the one going to Arab class. So I left with officemate , and funnily enough today the example (given by the book ) is all about this tabibun and fXX (doctor and hubby's name) ...hee hee one example was to fill in f-un blank kaslanu (f is a lazy......blank) and the answer given by the ustaz was "f is a lazy student "..and he joked - that is why he is not here today .. Then he quickly said sorry , he's probably on call or something. I simply nodded, as no way could I tell him (either in Arabic or in Malay) that my doctor husband is at home doing his daughter's butterfly wings.

So I went home at 11.30 thinking that everything is sorted. He told me he bought a pair of fairy wings in the end - when I came back I saw that they were so SMALL! I can't let my daugther have this small itsy bitsy wing! I was grumbling that I had left this to him, can't he sort it out blablabla (I had no control over what was coming out of my mouth actually, it felt good to just grumble - maybe I was tired) Anyway it was ok as he did not hear a single word- he had fallen asleep on the couch- sitting down, ok.

I spent the next few hours scouring the house for materials to make a bigger wing. In the end I sacrificed some files made out of manila cardboard , so that I can make a bigger butterfly wing. and covered it with my very sparkly green scarf, (bye bye scarf) and then I stuck on the pink itsy bitsy fairy wings. Ok lar..Then I made a headband and cut off a couple of stems from the plastic flowers (leftover from plastic flowers we bought to make Mak B's grass skirt for her Hawaiian theme party- different story) - and got her an antenna. (Never mind that the antenna has leaves at each end)

Ok lah - I think she was considerably happier with her wings this morning than last nite when her dad showed her.. Susah nye the kids now...macam macam

Today ada exam you know- the kids are having their PKBS 2- ie major exam . Not that they look bothered. Sara definitely has to do better but she just is not stressed about it. Of the 5, I think only Nadine and Dahlia look like they actually care about their school work, Sophia and Sara are just gliding along and probably passing all the way if they take after their dad. If they take after their mom they are DOOMED ha hahahahaha...

Today I'm a bit busy - yah yah I am blogging during office hours...ok ok..one has to take abreak some time doesn't one. But busy enough not to be able to check out my usual haunts..(ie byjetc etc etc)

BTW the LAMPAM FISH HAS DIED...killed by the evil puyu.. tulah...should have taken it out ....

Ta for now.


Dad of Four said...

How did the comp go?

Superwomanwannabe said...

she did not win...the one who won dah experienced dah..and sure practised baban punyeeee

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