Friday, April 06, 2007

You get to meet so many types of people in my line of work....not all nice and sunny and cheery unfortunately.

Today, one borrower came with this woman, and a small brat - er toddler. He must be 50 if he was a day (ok I will go and check his IC) I invited her to go into the meeting room - I said she and her father can come to the meeting room . She said:

THATS MY HUSBAND(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

oOOOOPSSSSS!! Anyway the son who was about a year and a half...took revenge on his mother's behalf by colouring our light grey carpet with the BLACK marker!!! Ok, my story will be that I went out for a while and when I came back in the scribbles were allready there ok????

THEN!! There is this Borrower who has written to the client, the Bank, complaining of this and that - all commercial and financial complaints (in true CYA fashion, she says) - atrocious English !!!!!! and he has copied the letter to the PM's office, the Bank Negara Malaysia's governnor, the queen of England & the dalai lama (i bet he'd do it too if he wasn't too cheap to get the stamps). And the best thing was, the day before he did that, he called ME to ask if the Bank was right to do what they did (yes it was allready covered in the docs) and if so he is so mad, can we represent them in an action against the BANK. The Bank, our client. The one we get work from. He wants us to sue them. Are you MAD man??????

They all write to the PM you know. And Bank Negara Malaysia- every single letter will get a response so if you are particularly lonely and need some attention , please write to BNM hee hee. Of course, some cases are genuine and the Banks do MUCK UP. In this case, it was nothing to do with legal at all! (actually can I write to Zety? I've always wanted to grow old like her- so STYLo maaaannnnn- look at the pearlsssss....)

Sigh.. its fun this job....and then I think of my kids - and johan refusing to take food when I have taken a bite from it saying- its got SALIVA on it!!!!! And I tell them- eh. I gave BIRTH to you ok, my saliva is OK.

OOOOPPPS People are leaving the office allready- is it 6 allready?????? I have to finish stuff I would normally do when I am not BLOGGING!!! (Ok-ok bye bye)


Dad of Four said...

Very clourful indeed aren't they..the borrowers!

Superwomanwannabe said...

naaah its not as colourful as all that...but these things keep life from being boring!

FloweRinTheDesert said...

hahaha...u hvta be careful nowadays, bnyk pompuan muda kawin org tua old enuf to be their fathers! one of my daughter's classmates (who r mostly 6yo) father is my father's age if not older! they must've some kind of charm these old men to be able to attract pretty young women. ;)

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