Thursday, May 24, 2007

And now..


Kids are having their fourth day of exams today. Not that you'd notice , from the way they are glued to their idiot box. I feel very bad as I was remote controlling them from office yesterday. What with Arab and all, came home at 11 and everyone was asleep. Total time spent with them yesterday: 1 hour in the morning. That's all. Of course now, Johan is up (within 5 mins of me leaving his side- he'd get up and yes he sleeps with me,as does dahlia and sophia). Dad will just land wherever. Husband does not want to continue to level 2 of Arab as he thinks Nadine is suffering from our neglect. Sigh..that is probably true.. Me too lah like that.

I have been thinking that Dahlia does not have any exams- OH tertipu rupanye...she is in a different school and just handed me her results for the last exam, so I would not expect that she has yet another test. Day before yesterday (when we came home at 7 instead of 10 ) - she told me that she has Ugama (religion) exam today. Eh?? Terperanjat lak.. And she's been having her exam since Monday- she didn't know herself. To avoid her mom's bebeling - ie lecturing, you know what she has been doing????? - she has been packing and bringing a full bag to school for the three days and she's acting as if she has no exam. My mom of course blames me for creating an atmosphere where the kids are scared of me- yaahaaahaaahaa- the kids , scared of me?


Yup parents are back. Lovely to see them the other day, although dad was going "panas lah mesia ni" heh heh and how many mosquitoes there are in my house. HMPHHHH Nyampahhhhhhh.....Wat to do....malaysia after all.. They had a great time. My brother treated them v well I think and in return they refrain from telling him he should get married to that 23 year old kid allready. My dad said his girlfriend, said 23 year old , is too young to get married - totally different stand than when I was 23 eh.

They told me of this doctor who has left Malaysia for good because he was unappreciated at home. And the Matsalleh really know how to reward you etc and he has gotten a permanent post .

Laa tak taulah. There is a lot that is not right in our country, I give you that but no country is perfect and why not try to change things from inside. No point moaning about it right. Like Hubby. He was saying that the problem with universities with medical centres is that, they are run by non doctors ! The administrators are more about costs and procedures . They are not interested ke, in furthering research ke. or making sure that the doctors don't leave (although thank you for the apparent raise!) (Hey, I can get a raise tak? Although I'm not a government servant, the way I work lately, I'm sure as hell SOMEBODY's servant! Hee hee). I was egging him to go confront the problem- write things down , put everything in writing. FTM has taught me that you should NOT BACK DOWN when there is a problem.

Although of course if he wants to "run" away to the UK for a year or 2...I can be persuaded.....heh heh heh


Kids are overjoyed at having their jaddun and jaddatun back (eh wah revise jap) - and not because of the aero mint etc that they brought (And JAFFA Cake!)
I was moaning to them of how the kids malas nak study and you know what they said!!! They said...: Takpale...let them enjoy school...

Eh WHAT?Are these the same people who said to me 100% is not good enough?? Or that education is everything? Now Sophia has to just enjoy studying?? Sigh..grandparents eh.

Okkkkk bye bye

FTM How are you btw. When are you going off.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today's rambling

Johan came up with a couple of gems lately...

no 1:
Mummy, when you snore like a pig, I get scared.

no 2:
(when I asked him to lie down with me and talk)
Hmm...between lying down with you and playing the computer...I think the computer is more fun.

Today his new word is "khawan"


Clearly, he has made a few.

Am listening to Hurt by Christina Aguilera- wish I can sing like her.
Arab test is tomorrow yikes!!! Am so going to fail ! Hubby not letting me study because he does not want to fail alone. Hee hee I can't imagine him failing, let me tell you his notes are far far too complicated for mere mortals like me - I bet he is going to score. No, I know who is going to score! That one sole chinese fella who is always being teased by the joker of the class. Colleague and I always say that for all that he is chinese, he's probably married to an Arab lady and will score- already we know that ustaz is doing his baris - baris for him
..eeeeh not fair! There is this young lady who gets ALL answer right. Hmph. Probably she is not working. Oh yes she did say she was not working. so she has all the time to revise ...(yeah my excuse )

Monday, May 21, 2007


yay! I saw Pak Lah opening the Pusat Anak Permata Negara! (on telly je lah...)

At last - an early childhood education programme endorsed by the Government. Isn't this what all parents are waiting for?

Hope Mak B and Uncle M have a safe drive home....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

There is no point to this Post

It's 10.20 pm. Kids are asleep. Finally. Cold and cough are GONE thank goodness. Everyone is back in fighting spirit until of course we remind them to study , then immediately they'd touch their necks to tell me that its still feverish. Tomorrow exam - Sara's BM exam tomorrow is going to be tough because even WE find it tough- what more a 10 year old girl who's still trying to string nice sentences together . Sara keeps on trying however tapi today she made me laugh (behind my hand of course) when , trying to write a karangan about her friend's broken knee, she wrote "kaki dia pecah"- (her leg was shattered). Hee hee hee. She knows its supposed to be "patah" . But still she is rather creative.Her essays may not meet the point but they are interesting. She's got to learn to be boring - that's what they need to pass heh heh heh.

Sigh. All coming back to me growing up years was rather uneventful apart from when I forged mom's signature on my report card at the age of 10 for failing maths. I was not fond of maths. at ALL. I found it irrelevant. Of course, tell this to the brain box maths lover I married and he'd laugh heh heh. His attitude to Maths or any other science based subject is like my Arab teacher's attitude to well- Arabic. So KACANG peanuts lah. Tsk itu pun tak tau ke? Whereas I don't excel in subjects I can't bull***t on heh heh heh- hence the law as a career choice.

At one time I wanted to be a writer.Seriously. I even managed to weave a whole romance fiction - involving a prince whose dad was the Lord Chief Justice then. Well, I wanted to do a typewriting course for 3 months but dad said no, do something else during your SPM break so write lah.Nak kerja, dia tak bagi. I even attended an interview at this hotel about a job in Japan. Rupanye nak hire as a GRO. Entah apa apa entah. What a lucky escape.

I was so bored at home, I wrote lah. I also visited the Lincoln resource centre at the USA embassy almost daily to just lepak there. I lepak at libraries, I was that boring. but not your average punye library ok. American, English, Japanese, also Indonesian embassy's library! I was fascinated with other people's culture. Anyway Ialso berkhayal and started to scribble out a tale of- what do you think....Fresh from all those vocabulary-enhancing MBs I was reading, it had to be a love story- of course. !

The setting was in England- and no research was done AT ALL . Hey my book wat . My suka hati lah kan if I want to put Essex under Nottingham county or Scotland about 2 hours from London ke...right? Now I am cringing at the countless geographical errors.

I had 2 girls (close friends) as the main characters. These friends are in Nottingham, where Raja N (who, you say?) was working as a lecturer , somehow. (in hindsight he WAS probably there- to scout for his future wife heh heh) - and then one of the girls caught his eye and they started to go out (hmm wonder which one) but had a lot of issues as she was not royal and plus she was just an undergrad lah. It was fun as I wrote about their dates and how she managed to find the perfect dress at a steal - hey I was only a teenager...and hardly original I know. The other friend also had a relationship- with a matsalleh- their issue was how to handle a relationship where the matsalleh cannot do anything other than hold hands . Tee hee! Not very steamy by today's standard I'm afraid!

I had a fun fun time weaving this whole fantasy story- of course the main heroine got married to her prince in the end, overcoming the royal mom's objections. The other girl got together with the matsalleh, and it was rather Cinderella (and friend) esque ending. Sigh...what was bizzarre was that I even told this entire story to the sister of the Prince's then girlfriend- she found it funny and also amazing that someone would waste her time like that - no lah she did not say that - she is too nice. But she did say she'd tell the sister ! Wouldn't it be too surreal if he heard about how he is the hero of some silly book? Now my silly story got borrowed and lost (I typed and filed it) during A Levels. As are all other 3 books I wrote. Kelakar betol now I think about it. One story was on a yacht. Zu and I had this idea that the most romantic thing in the world was to go on a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. Which was quickly dispelled after our first cruise from Dover to Calais- hee hee hee..all those rolling seas!

Mana ada prince charming.... but I did go to Nottingham (deliberate choice) and did meet my prince charming.

Anyway I abandoned this writing thing - and the whole literary world breathed a huge sigh of relief! (I should follow up on their lives eh- can you be romantic when life has to be lived? I think you can) Law school soon took up all the creativity. Who has any creativity left for fiction when you need all that imagination for your law essays? heh heh heh.

Maybe one day I can have the luxury of being a "writer" - ala ala JR Rowlings eh? And my kids can join me. Who knows. But I can see it in Sara and Sophia.

MOM and DAD are flying back tomorrow- can't wait! Can't go and see asap as we have Arab- the second last lesson before my exam...hubby and I have to revise but no time. We make excuses just like our kids- nak minum lah, nak makan lah etc.

Before I end....Happy Birthday to Ibraheem and Umar ! Lovely party you had!
Also...Happy Birthday to Nishad!!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tuanku Zara


Caucasian features, nice walk , not too tall not too short, too thin (hope she can make HIM lose weight) - look nice together.

Not over analysing it, am I? Heh heh heh

Update- I was watching the video clip from, - is it me, or is it so different from the weddings of today? Firstly, there is no background MC or music or is that just due to bad editing on the NST or Bernama ppl? (ya know, for a national news agency, I must say that their quality can be improved- ada ke in one vid clip I heard some dialogue between the crew and one person actually melatah - the camera man kot!) .

The couple look a little bit unpengantinlike lah... to my eyes they look efficient , and is it because of their age? They look like they just want to get it over and done with - you don't get the impression that she is the demure bride - rather , as if it was an official function.She looks like she's always been his partner for ever, rather than introduced to us just over a week plus ago..! Now, I can't imagine her not being by his side! Was he ever single? Husband is her champion (ie dia jalan laju ek, ? - me. "Takdalah ok lah tu, she's very pretty- husband) Heh heh heh...I was reading this very hilarious post by (sorry , do I need permission to refer to it?) about how the writer was contemplating getting a chem eng degree and swimming cert before the wedding hee hee!

I can't lie, I would have loved it if the wedding was a huge one. We have not had a royal wedding for decades and he's making it PRIVATE?? Tsk how rude! I'm sure its not Zara's decision eh. Only 2 sultans ? What about the Johor sultan - even Siti N and Datuk K had more dignitaries ! And she was actually with a tiara at her nikah! And where is the live telecast? Instead we had to watch some bad singing as THAT was live telecast..I tell you a lot of people missed making some HUGE bucks from this, kan?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Daughter no 1 asked me abt changes in her.....


Raja Nazrin dah Kawin....


She is so pretty . And so intelligent. I read a comment somewhere that we are being "colonised" again by having a half mat salleh queen- aparah....she is more queenly I think than half the queens. And can she be considered a bangsawan?
She is so disgustingly thin. Green green green.

Tak jadi pi Kepala Batas this weekend. Decided to concentrate on kids' exams at home. And come to think of it, our own. Mak B very understanding- she's probably thinking- of COURSE lah!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


We are planning a trip to Terengganu - specifically Kuala Terengganu and Redang for the school hols. Originally supposed to leave from Saturday to Wednesday. But then there is a v good friend's wedding on Sunday so we can only leave on Monday am. And the trip to KT will have to take second place to the one to Redang- checked with Nadine (as Terengganu was to make up for her not going to her school trip the other day) - she's ok as she is excited abt going to Redang. Also coming is sis in law and family. We've been on one holiday together - Cameron Highland and came out not killing each other (except when it involve one of us being late) and I guess we should be ok this time around! I am really really looking forward to Redang but then here's the bummer....

The ferry from jetty to our hotel is going to set us back almost RM500!!! Husband said its too much just for a 45 mins trip (it is return though..I hope) .

So now sis in law and I are exploring how to get there cheaper....private boats? Forget about planes lah. Berja*ya Ai*r charges RM400 for return flight. Look mate I know you are the only airline tapi is there a real need to be that greedy?? There should be a fare for locals at least as RM400 per person- is not a small amount. Multiply by 7 and you can fly somewhere far actually on Air A*sia!

Any ideas would be welcomed...!

Happy Teacher's Day

Am sick.....have headache....someone is sitting in my head with a hammer...eyes red...tonsils swollen...moan moan moan....(but still have to blog eh)

Whole household is sick or has been sick. Started with Sophia I think. Coughing and fever. Dad took day off. I think it was because he felt under the weather as well - its a rare rare rare thing to get him to take a day off. It's not a good thing as far as the kids are concerned as they know he'd make them do their homework etc. Sophia said " is staying home...."

Then it was Johan. Did not take days off as he was ill while we were at work and was well by the next a.m. Must be the age . Sara is next, she started yesterday morning. And yes folks. Today it is Daya....We are fast running out of cough syrup and paracetamol. Husband asking me to rest at home. Can ah? Will the office think I'm skiving?

Anyways...notwithstanding all my little kids getting ill, yesterday was utter chaos in the a.m in our household.Reason being- teachers' day! No pressie had been bought !! Normally they don't give anything other than cards but then it occured to us that their school is full of rather well off kids who holiday abroad and give their teachers presents and it's terribly embarrassing for a kid to sit there alone when their friends are giving out these presents. We had just bought some books and due to lack of any other new stuff in the house , we just wrapped these books up and gave them that. Hope they like murder mystery .

Read about that girl who died after 8 hours at her PC straight - she was working at HP and had blogged about how she felt ill and how she is working so hard etc and 2 days after her last post she popped off and died! DVT- deep vein thrombosis. Kesiannye..she is only earning SGD 2 plus ..and she wants to bring her mom abroad. Let this be a lesson to's not worth it.

Ok..tara..Johan has come onto my lap now..He told his bus driver that he was very sick yesterday...he's missed the whole week's class.

Daya had a performance yesterday- she packed her dress, her shoes, etc all herself and did not appear to fret. I remember Sophia had to have her sisters helping her pack her bags last year until well into june.

Ok byeee

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!


Started off with a trip to the office to pick up the cable of my laptop...., before that picked up some flowers for the girls to give me later, as per Mak B's request. Then off to the hospital for dad to look at his post op patients (they were all doing well) and then to Angkasapuri to watch the live taping of Mak B's show. Half way through that, we were called to the centre of the stage for our children to give us the flowers- er...are you sure this was right Mak B?When she asked us to make sure the kids had flowers I did not know she meant for them to give them to us live on the show!! Are you sure it was not meant to be for the other kids which had huge pressies for their moms ? I'm sure I detected a look of disappointment from the welldressed moms on the stage.... Anyway Zu and me both went on and our kids came on to give us the flowers and apparently we were on telly (tried to ignore that fact that I had hastily slapped on make up and makcik hairstyle ..).
At the end of the show there was a male single father - zu had this idea of giving him a stalk of rose to not let him feel left out. Before you know it, all of our kids were giving him our roses- flowers! And the shameless man kept them all! Huh! Heh heh heh..well never mind lah.
After that we headed straight to the Mothers Day buffet at MARCHE' at the Curve...I thought it was kind of pricy but when we saw the FOOD!!! RM40 is definitely worth it. There was grills, there was salad (smoked salmon too) there were minestrone soup and mushroom soup with real mushroo, there were pizza , spaghetti, there were ginger rice and risotto and the desserts were divine. I was sooo stuffed there and waddled off the restaurant hours later. A clown entertained the kids, thank goodness. Save for Mimi- & Family, hope your mom is better Mimi, Mak long's family and Mazran, each family of the Adom clan was represented. We occupied a long table in one room and basically ignored everyone else and made as much noise as we liked heh heh heh! We saw this tv*3 presenter who was tall and something Mastura.. so sickening to see thin people when you are busy gorging your face with food. Finally said bye bye by about 4? Johan posed by the cow outside . We had a good time.

So good in fact that we went to bed at 8 pm. I still have not managed to see my dearest neighbours..welcome back DadofFour and thanks for the kurma..sorry ye tak sombong just completely washed out.

Today hubby is still feeling washed out...he may be unwell. Sara and Johan as well as Sophia is unwell too. I would take EL if not for the fact that I have a meeting!

To all mothers out there...HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello etc!

I left the laptop cable in the office. I can't do any work now. Managed to get internet access for husband's pc but then I cant access all MY work in my office server. The admin guy has very sweetly offered to come and open the office tomorrow am but I can't let him do that! Firstly I'd be troubling him and secondly I have a sneaky suspiscion that I did indeed pack it in but I left it in Arabmate's car!!! Then, I would have troubled him for nothing...I have smsed my other male and single colleague who I hope is not clubbing or somethign to please email the stuff to my gmail and he said ok but guess what- his streamyx is suddenly down!! Typical! Looks like I may have to call on admin guy after all- must be early though as have an rtm date!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY by the way to all mothers out there...including my own who is now in Ireland ...and my mother in law.. My daughters have been on a spending spree as far as their allowances would let them lah, so I have been given a fan , a snow ball thing that you can shake and the snow would come down, various cards etc. I suspect Daya gave me the fan so she can have it herself as she asked to "borrow" it immediately hehehehe..Plus she gave a card to say that she loves me she loves me she loves me she thinks my eyes are nice my mouth is neat my ears are cool adn can we meet? (where did she get that rhyme??)

Hee hee the kids crack me up sometimes. Although trying to get them to sit still during their homework is soooooo impossible. Daya will be scratching her head lah, complaining of thirst lah, want to go poo lah, want to eat lah (that would be Sophia) and this is actually the same for all! If you yell at them they'll just look back at you silently and you get more frustrated! Need to get them to revise...exam coming...nadine ? in law allready expressing grave concerns...

HAving said that, we still take the kids out....went to see Spiderman 3 today, as guests of Mr WN of Yayasan Harapan, many underpriviledged kids were there . My kids enjoyed Spiderman although Johan and Daya got a bit restless during the talking talking scene- the ones where MJ and Spiderman talked etc etc. We all cried at the end when Harry died...oopss spoiler. And I thought that the movie crammed everything, comedy, romance, typical men are so selfcentred dialogue...although you can't fool me that Spidey did not like Stacy a little bit..and why not she is prettier and looks happier than MJ?

Anyway, thanks goes to Mak B and Uncle M who helped us get the tickets...! The kids really really enjoyed it and when there is some girl standing outside giving away free M&Ms..well that just is the icing on the cake isn't it!

Once back the kids had to do homework and extra wonder they looked glum then when I crashed (ngantuk and also day was hot) they all played like mad- I know as when I came to the living room there were blocks everywhere ...oh well ...daddy has to work harder lah to maintain our children nanti if they don't do well in their studies!

(Hope colleague manage to get his streamyx on)

Thursday, May 10, 2007


johan'd drawings....
trip to lot 10 - bought lipbalm 4 nadine today. She has been reminding me for ages.She has also been telling me to get myself a decent make up remover. Hence the trip to B-shop. sigh..this is what you get with daughters is it? They literally choose my clothes on some days. The other day Johan picked out a kebaya which I have not worn after husband made a remark that it does not flatter me. However the entire day I had compliments on the kebaya!

Oh yes. Once bought the lipbalm for Nadine, I can't NOT buy something for Sara, right so I got her another lipbalm (raspberry)

And the other 2 girls got strawberry shower gel so that they don't feel left out. ....Johan got a boyish shampoo thingy.

House like pusat tuition centre je tonite...made them all give me their books..Sophia siap nangis lagi before she gave me her books and she said she does not want me to be mad at her...turns out some missing homework . So I asked why? and nadine said it's because she gets up at 10 in the morning and have to rush to school at 12 so she only has 2 hours to get ready and also do her homework! 10 in the morning?? dear me....I have to wake her up earlier than that!

Dahlia does not want to revise...think she is ok allready. such big ego for such a small little pie. hee hee. She is the only one so far who is upset that other kids get higher marks than her. She got respectable marks I think in her Arab ..but good that she is a little bit competitve.

Johan has loads of homework! He is allready doing 7+5 is 12 etc and writing down all his jawi alphabet.

Sara and Nadine...needs tuition lah....need BM teacher. Have to call Zu's mom abt that.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Update on Johan

Last Friday I took another day's Emergency Leave. (still waiting to fill in the form) Johan woke up with a fever and did not want me to go anywhere far. Kept reassuring himself that I was around. Wanted me to call the "ustaz" that shooed his dreams away the other time.

So I took EL as I anticipated having to search hi and lo for this Ustaz . I remember he was in high demand the last time we saw him and he had to "squeeze" us in. As soon as possible we called him. Lo and behold, as our luck would have it, he was around our area. He was conducting an EXORCISM nearby - not so nearby though.

He was supposed to come before 12- ie before prayers. Husband came home (supposedly OT day) and stayed with us (also needed to fix the then broken car) . Ustaz turned up at 2.30. He said that he passed this house 3 times but he did not see it. And he said normally he always remember a house.

He talked to Jojo, and asked Johan where the "monsters" are. My son displayed his naughtiest behaviour- ie jumping around on the chair, and basically acting up like you'd expect if he is shy.

In the end he pointed to 2 spots, one under the stairs and the other near the tv area and by the sliding door no 2. The ustaz went over and read a few doas and then recited a few more verses. He then asked for salt which he threw at these spots.

He said to me "Your son is possessed"
NOLAH. just kidding! He said to me , "It's psychological, this. This house is a lot cleaner now than when I last visited it. There is nothing residential here but it may be that some spiritual beings passed through (Apa ingat public road ka) "

So I'm glad that it's nothing. And I'm glad that this ustaz is the kind who tells it like it is and not make up a ghost if there isn't any just to justify his angpow.

Now Johan is a bit better, still won't sleep until I read him the Quls, the Ayat Qursi etc (good lah hope he memorises them soon) but at least he does not run down from the stairs screaming in terror like he did last Thursday night.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wedding of the Year?

The Prince Charming is finally getting married!! Read about it here.

Well! About time too eh? She must be the Dav*dson's of the Az*man Davidson's daughter..she's 20 years younger than him..paper tak lak sensasikan ?? Good lah, I have the highest respect for the parents, always so dignified and elegant....Although wonder what they think of the daughter in law to be...she is not royalty, so further... "Diluted" lah the Perak royal line..if ada anak...(he is only 50 wat) who is next after Prince Charming?

He's quite a catch I think, a phD holder, graduate from Harvard lagi, if only the things I hear about him are completely false he'd be perfect for any mom in law to be heh heh heh.

Congratulations on your impending nuptials Prince Charming!

PS to Adek..ooooh pi Spain bawak mami and daddy and bawak AWEK yeeee!!!

Happy 40th Big Man

Husband turned 40 last Saturday....

We marked it by spending the weekend in .......


Hey not bad...this is the hotel we found . On impulse we reserved a room (alahaai daddy's big day what) Everyone loves a hotel stay! (As long as its not over 2 days and I don't have to do work)..Apparently the last room in the hotel as the entire place has been taken up by MAB's HR Family Day. What an endorsement - these people hold MAS ok..and they chose MORIB to spend their weekend out of all the destinations world wide....

The kids love the pool- even I had a go!

The room was adequate considering there were seven of us! Some of us nearly fell off the bed....And most of us woke up sniffling as the aircond was too too cold.

On the immediate agenda was of course the BEACH. Nothing like the east coast but still ok..(mummy was watching from the car while watching First Love - K Drama!)

Birthday Boy. Having breakfast at the coffee house- over looking the golf course.

What he wishes his wife would let him do on his birthday , perhaps?? Heh heh heh..

Monday, May 07, 2007

Opah Tam- please go and visit

Visited my Grandmother's sister. She had a kneelevel amputation last year, went into ICU,came out, and now resting at home with one of her daughter who cares full time for her

Poor Opah. She feels hungry at night, but is forbidden to eat rice by her daughter/carer. Who does it out of love and concern that her diabetes will rocket upwards.Who my husband instructed to do a blood sugar test and discovered my Opah Tam is close to becoming hypo and need food. And my husband gave the ALL OK to some rice and totally rubbished the "bread is better than rice" idea. Auntie Min can now give Opah some rice at night and feel good about it.

This whole thing is actually quite upsetting.

WHY!!! Didn't the hospital sit down with the carer and the patient, and figure out the diet for Opah? Why must teka - teka one??

WHY??? can't Opah get regular follow up? As in , weekly??

Anyway to all my cousins cousins tolong go and VISIT opah Tam...she is really really lonely in the day time. Sounds pathetic and if she was not sick she would definitely get up from her wheel chair and KILL me, but hope she will get more visitors (she insists I bring the brood next time)

Sorry jangan saman malu "pah...

S' baby

A good friend of mine spent the weekend in hospital . Her 38 days old son went in for a usus terbelit. Or something like that. Projectile vomiting. The muscle of his usus got a bit too big for his poor insides - oh my GOD Did I learn NOTHING out of 14 years of marriage to a doctor???!!!!'s hoping she is out allready...and the (cute as a button) baby boy gets better soon. Went to see her (and not because of another friend's implied threat of bodily harm if I dont get there , ok! Hmph! (Hair tossing) ) - anyway and then played with the small baby and got a little bit broody- yeah yeah old news.

Strange though..everytime I talked to the baby, he closed his eyes. Obviously learning the skills of ignoring a woman allready hahahahahaha

Sorry ah mami....


18 mins more to meeting at office.

I kept missing it..I'd be happily googling - er - doing work, when someone would pop their head in and tell me - HEY TAK PI MEETING Ke????

So today I am watching the clock.

But meeting after meeting the boss has yet to announce the one thing we all want to hear....when bonus boss?????

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Am now with Johan. He does not want to go to sleep. He says that he is scared to sleep. Sigh. Old episode again? Kid making it up? This morning before I left for work he said he dreamt of a evil ponti...and she is in another building. Tonite he confessed that he actually dreamt that she was in our house and that he only said that she was in a different building so as not to scare me. !!! Actually just now I was not spooked but er...5 to 12 and stormy outside, I am slowly getting there. He said that he has not been having bad dreams for a long time but now he's getting them again. Since coming back from MIL's house??

Typically dad and everyone else fell asleep since 10. Lots of help there. He absolutely refuses to go to sleep and I am soooo sleepy myself. Thanks to Kitchen Guardian neighbour, we had the use of her car. Thank you!!! We sent the children to school via cab today thanks to our trusty Serena misbehavin again. I tell you, chuck the car down the river..but on the other hand it has been very useful..

So anyway with my youngest...the thing that is the spookiest is that he sounds very rational about it. He wants to see the first "ustaz". He's got daddy convinced even.

Ok I hope he will soon fall asleep.

Pukul 3 pagi...

Hi was your mid week weekend.

We went back south to touch base with mom and dad in laws. BIL and SIL no 2 and the kids' "BFF" were also there. I think the kids had a good time too, with 2 of my daughters "fighting" over who gets to be Camillia's BBF. One went "you cannot spend too much time with her ok?" and " I want some time alone with her to talk, ok"..macam soap opera plak kan??

I enjoyed playing with makbam Tina again - she is soo cute! MIL of course went overboard with the cooking but then you know that is one of the best part of going back to what is, since 13 years ago, my home. They are definitely not cold people. Or aloof. Or petty. Laksa Johor, daging masak kurma, SIL's sambal udang, ayam goreng Mak B, ikan masak asam (wajeeeb tu). Father in law looked healthy and diligent abt his medication. Mazran dropped by with wife and Fahim , now 10 months...he's at that age when he will stare longingly at whatever u are eating ...hee hee hee. Gave him a bit of mashed rice...smacked his lips he did! And now Fahim has a walker ..can race with Nadya heh heh heh!

Semalam we went to the pool (Jangan play play ok, Kluang has an olympic size pool!) crowded. Giant pun crowded. I bet everyone was from KL! Hee hee. No more the dead town , Kluang (was it ever?)

Horrific accident though at one point. a car turned turtle, and another car facing it, had its front all caved in and crushed. The people were still in that turtled car- thought of stopping but we didn't when we saw the ambulance there. It was raining and I'm sure speed was the factor! On the way back to KL just now we saw another accident - a huge lorry and a Perdana- very serious and expect to read about it tomorrow. The casualties were already gone by the time we got there.

We watched MUKHSIN and SHAITAN!! Mukhsin- wah I was entertained! Memangle the family that the girl belong to is a bit unorthodox- and what WERE they doing there ya? But the girl-boy friendship was real.The dialogues were very not -KL lingo (takda guacakap lu etc or even Fuyoo) - "Kumpul lemak" and "Bermalam bijik mata" - are they muarism?? Mom in law said she is familiar with them (not sure about the bijik mata tho')

Watched Mukhsin and enjoyed it for what it is. Just hope matsaleh or others don't expect people who live in the middle of bendang or paddyfields to be like Jason and Sharifah Amani ha ha ha! must already know what it was about , before you start watching it. Pelik but ok lah as an effort to get away from the I cinta you you tak cinta I storyline.

Today also watched "Tentang Bulan"- another movie abt kids' friendships etc . Eh kids aged 12 can have crushes on each other ah? So real one. Best ending...the tomboy came back looking gorgeous and the guy she had a crush on tergamamming looking at her..

Eh dahle..sambung esok...ngantuk...tata...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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