Thursday, May 24, 2007

And now..


Kids are having their fourth day of exams today. Not that you'd notice , from the way they are glued to their idiot box. I feel very bad as I was remote controlling them from office yesterday. What with Arab and all, came home at 11 and everyone was asleep. Total time spent with them yesterday: 1 hour in the morning. That's all. Of course now, Johan is up (within 5 mins of me leaving his side- he'd get up and yes he sleeps with me,as does dahlia and sophia). Dad will just land wherever. Husband does not want to continue to level 2 of Arab as he thinks Nadine is suffering from our neglect. Sigh..that is probably true.. Me too lah like that.

I have been thinking that Dahlia does not have any exams- OH tertipu rupanye...she is in a different school and just handed me her results for the last exam, so I would not expect that she has yet another test. Day before yesterday (when we came home at 7 instead of 10 ) - she told me that she has Ugama (religion) exam today. Eh?? Terperanjat lak.. And she's been having her exam since Monday- she didn't know herself. To avoid her mom's bebeling - ie lecturing, you know what she has been doing????? - she has been packing and bringing a full bag to school for the three days and she's acting as if she has no exam. My mom of course blames me for creating an atmosphere where the kids are scared of me- yaahaaahaaahaa- the kids , scared of me?


Yup parents are back. Lovely to see them the other day, although dad was going "panas lah mesia ni" heh heh and how many mosquitoes there are in my house. HMPHHHH Nyampahhhhhhh.....Wat to do....malaysia after all.. They had a great time. My brother treated them v well I think and in return they refrain from telling him he should get married to that 23 year old kid allready. My dad said his girlfriend, said 23 year old , is too young to get married - totally different stand than when I was 23 eh.

They told me of this doctor who has left Malaysia for good because he was unappreciated at home. And the Matsalleh really know how to reward you etc and he has gotten a permanent post .

Laa tak taulah. There is a lot that is not right in our country, I give you that but no country is perfect and why not try to change things from inside. No point moaning about it right. Like Hubby. He was saying that the problem with universities with medical centres is that, they are run by non doctors ! The administrators are more about costs and procedures . They are not interested ke, in furthering research ke. or making sure that the doctors don't leave (although thank you for the apparent raise!) (Hey, I can get a raise tak? Although I'm not a government servant, the way I work lately, I'm sure as hell SOMEBODY's servant! Hee hee). I was egging him to go confront the problem- write things down , put everything in writing. FTM has taught me that you should NOT BACK DOWN when there is a problem.

Although of course if he wants to "run" away to the UK for a year or 2...I can be persuaded.....heh heh heh


Kids are overjoyed at having their jaddun and jaddatun back (eh wah revise jap) - and not because of the aero mint etc that they brought (And JAFFA Cake!)
I was moaning to them of how the kids malas nak study and you know what they said!!! They said...: Takpale...let them enjoy school...

Eh WHAT?Are these the same people who said to me 100% is not good enough?? Or that education is everything? Now Sophia has to just enjoy studying?? Sigh..grandparents eh.

Okkkkk bye bye

FTM How are you btw. When are you going off.

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Anonymous said...

Am oklah, ma'am. We leave tomorrow night.... Nak call you, but have been swamped. Maybe will give you a tinkle later today.

Fulltime Mom

P/S I have not finish packing, in fact, I have not started packing our bags!!! How last minute can that be?

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