Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!


Started off with a trip to the office to pick up the cable of my laptop...., before that picked up some flowers for the girls to give me later, as per Mak B's request. Then off to the hospital for dad to look at his post op patients (they were all doing well) and then to Angkasapuri to watch the live taping of Mak B's show. Half way through that, we were called to the centre of the stage for our children to give us the flowers- er...are you sure this was right Mak B?When she asked us to make sure the kids had flowers I did not know she meant for them to give them to us live on the show!! Are you sure it was not meant to be for the other kids which had huge pressies for their moms ? I'm sure I detected a look of disappointment from the welldressed moms on the stage.... Anyway Zu and me both went on and our kids came on to give us the flowers and apparently we were on telly (tried to ignore that fact that I had hastily slapped on make up and makcik hairstyle ..).
At the end of the show there was a male single father - zu had this idea of giving him a stalk of rose to not let him feel left out. Before you know it, all of our kids were giving him our roses- flowers! And the shameless man kept them all! Huh! Heh heh heh..well never mind lah.
After that we headed straight to the Mothers Day buffet at MARCHE' at the Curve...I thought it was kind of pricy but when we saw the FOOD!!! RM40 is definitely worth it. There was grills, there was salad (smoked salmon too) there were minestrone soup and mushroom soup with real mushroo, there were pizza , spaghetti, there were ginger rice and risotto and the desserts were divine. I was sooo stuffed there and waddled off the restaurant hours later. A clown entertained the kids, thank goodness. Save for Mimi- & Family, hope your mom is better Mimi, Mak long's family and Mazran, each family of the Adom clan was represented. We occupied a long table in one room and basically ignored everyone else and made as much noise as we liked heh heh heh! We saw this tv*3 presenter who was tall and something Mastura.. so sickening to see thin people when you are busy gorging your face with food. Finally said bye bye by about 4? Johan posed by the cow outside . We had a good time.

So good in fact that we went to bed at 8 pm. I still have not managed to see my dearest neighbours..welcome back DadofFour and thanks for the kurma..sorry ye tak sombong just completely washed out.

Today hubby is still feeling washed out...he may be unwell. Sara and Johan as well as Sophia is unwell too. I would take EL if not for the fact that I have a meeting!

To all mothers out there...HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!


Dad of Four said...

Happy belated mother's day to you....You had loads of fun!?!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yah, penat- meant to pop over but tak dapat..jam teruk nak pergi your house heh heh

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