Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day

Am sick.....have headache....someone is sitting in my head with a hammer...eyes red...tonsils swollen...moan moan moan....(but still have to blog eh)

Whole household is sick or has been sick. Started with Sophia I think. Coughing and fever. Dad took day off. I think it was because he felt under the weather as well - its a rare rare rare thing to get him to take a day off. It's not a good thing as far as the kids are concerned as they know he'd make them do their homework etc. Sophia said " is staying home...."

Then it was Johan. Did not take days off as he was ill while we were at work and was well by the next a.m. Must be the age . Sara is next, she started yesterday morning. And yes folks. Today it is Daya....We are fast running out of cough syrup and paracetamol. Husband asking me to rest at home. Can ah? Will the office think I'm skiving?

Anyways...notwithstanding all my little kids getting ill, yesterday was utter chaos in the a.m in our household.Reason being- teachers' day! No pressie had been bought !! Normally they don't give anything other than cards but then it occured to us that their school is full of rather well off kids who holiday abroad and give their teachers presents and it's terribly embarrassing for a kid to sit there alone when their friends are giving out these presents. We had just bought some books and due to lack of any other new stuff in the house , we just wrapped these books up and gave them that. Hope they like murder mystery .

Read about that girl who died after 8 hours at her PC straight - she was working at HP and had blogged about how she felt ill and how she is working so hard etc and 2 days after her last post she popped off and died! DVT- deep vein thrombosis. Kesiannye..she is only earning SGD 2 plus ..and she wants to bring her mom abroad. Let this be a lesson to's not worth it.

Ok..tara..Johan has come onto my lap now..He told his bus driver that he was very sick yesterday...he's missed the whole week's class.

Daya had a performance yesterday- she packed her dress, her shoes, etc all herself and did not appear to fret. I remember Sophia had to have her sisters helping her pack her bags last year until well into june.

Ok byeee


Dad of Four said...

Get Well Soon!

Superwomanwannabe said...

thanks- whole household had recovered - cough everyone wants to go to ib and umar's do!

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