Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello etc!

I left the laptop cable in the office. I can't do any work now. Managed to get internet access for husband's pc but then I cant access all MY work in my office server. The admin guy has very sweetly offered to come and open the office tomorrow am but I can't let him do that! Firstly I'd be troubling him and secondly I have a sneaky suspiscion that I did indeed pack it in but I left it in Arabmate's car!!! Then, I would have troubled him for nothing...I have smsed my other male and single colleague who I hope is not clubbing or somethign to please email the stuff to my gmail and he said ok but guess what- his streamyx is suddenly down!! Typical! Looks like I may have to call on admin guy after all- must be early though as have an rtm date!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY by the way to all mothers out there...including my own who is now in Ireland ...and my mother in law.. My daughters have been on a spending spree as far as their allowances would let them lah, so I have been given a fan , a snow ball thing that you can shake and the snow would come down, various cards etc. I suspect Daya gave me the fan so she can have it herself as she asked to "borrow" it immediately hehehehe..Plus she gave a card to say that she loves me she loves me she loves me she thinks my eyes are nice my mouth is neat my ears are cool adn can we meet? (where did she get that rhyme??)

Hee hee the kids crack me up sometimes. Although trying to get them to sit still during their homework is soooooo impossible. Daya will be scratching her head lah, complaining of thirst lah, want to go poo lah, want to eat lah (that would be Sophia) and this is actually the same for all! If you yell at them they'll just look back at you silently and you get more frustrated! Need to get them to revise...exam coming...nadine ? in law allready expressing grave concerns...

HAving said that, we still take the kids out....went to see Spiderman 3 today, as guests of Mr WN of Yayasan Harapan, many underpriviledged kids were there . My kids enjoyed Spiderman although Johan and Daya got a bit restless during the talking talking scene- the ones where MJ and Spiderman talked etc etc. We all cried at the end when Harry died...oopss spoiler. And I thought that the movie crammed everything, comedy, romance, typical men are so selfcentred dialogue...although you can't fool me that Spidey did not like Stacy a little bit..and why not she is prettier and looks happier than MJ?

Anyway, thanks goes to Mak B and Uncle M who helped us get the tickets...! The kids really really enjoyed it and when there is some girl standing outside giving away free M&Ms..well that just is the icing on the cake isn't it!

Once back the kids had to do homework and extra wonder they looked glum then when I crashed (ngantuk and also day was hot) they all played like mad- I know as when I came to the living room there were blocks everywhere ...oh well ...daddy has to work harder lah to maintain our children nanti if they don't do well in their studies!

(Hope colleague manage to get his streamyx on)

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