Thursday, May 03, 2007


Am now with Johan. He does not want to go to sleep. He says that he is scared to sleep. Sigh. Old episode again? Kid making it up? This morning before I left for work he said he dreamt of a evil ponti...and she is in another building. Tonite he confessed that he actually dreamt that she was in our house and that he only said that she was in a different building so as not to scare me. !!! Actually just now I was not spooked but er...5 to 12 and stormy outside, I am slowly getting there. He said that he has not been having bad dreams for a long time but now he's getting them again. Since coming back from MIL's house??

Typically dad and everyone else fell asleep since 10. Lots of help there. He absolutely refuses to go to sleep and I am soooo sleepy myself. Thanks to Kitchen Guardian neighbour, we had the use of her car. Thank you!!! We sent the children to school via cab today thanks to our trusty Serena misbehavin again. I tell you, chuck the car down the river..but on the other hand it has been very useful..

So anyway with my youngest...the thing that is the spookiest is that he sounds very rational about it. He wants to see the first "ustaz". He's got daddy convinced even.

Ok I hope he will soon fall asleep.

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