Thursday, May 10, 2007


johan'd drawings....
trip to lot 10 - bought lipbalm 4 nadine today. She has been reminding me for ages.She has also been telling me to get myself a decent make up remover. Hence the trip to B-shop. sigh..this is what you get with daughters is it? They literally choose my clothes on some days. The other day Johan picked out a kebaya which I have not worn after husband made a remark that it does not flatter me. However the entire day I had compliments on the kebaya!

Oh yes. Once bought the lipbalm for Nadine, I can't NOT buy something for Sara, right so I got her another lipbalm (raspberry)

And the other 2 girls got strawberry shower gel so that they don't feel left out. ....Johan got a boyish shampoo thingy.

House like pusat tuition centre je tonite...made them all give me their books..Sophia siap nangis lagi before she gave me her books and she said she does not want me to be mad at her...turns out some missing homework . So I asked why? and nadine said it's because she gets up at 10 in the morning and have to rush to school at 12 so she only has 2 hours to get ready and also do her homework! 10 in the morning?? dear me....I have to wake her up earlier than that!

Dahlia does not want to revise...think she is ok allready. such big ego for such a small little pie. hee hee. She is the only one so far who is upset that other kids get higher marks than her. She got respectable marks I think in her Arab ..but good that she is a little bit competitve.

Johan has loads of homework! He is allready doing 7+5 is 12 etc and writing down all his jawi alphabet.

Sara and Nadine...needs tuition lah....need BM teacher. Have to call Zu's mom abt that.


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