Monday, May 07, 2007

Opah Tam- please go and visit

Visited my Grandmother's sister. She had a kneelevel amputation last year, went into ICU,came out, and now resting at home with one of her daughter who cares full time for her

Poor Opah. She feels hungry at night, but is forbidden to eat rice by her daughter/carer. Who does it out of love and concern that her diabetes will rocket upwards.Who my husband instructed to do a blood sugar test and discovered my Opah Tam is close to becoming hypo and need food. And my husband gave the ALL OK to some rice and totally rubbished the "bread is better than rice" idea. Auntie Min can now give Opah some rice at night and feel good about it.

This whole thing is actually quite upsetting.

WHY!!! Didn't the hospital sit down with the carer and the patient, and figure out the diet for Opah? Why must teka - teka one??

WHY??? can't Opah get regular follow up? As in , weekly??

Anyway to all my cousins cousins tolong go and VISIT opah Tam...she is really really lonely in the day time. Sounds pathetic and if she was not sick she would definitely get up from her wheel chair and KILL me, but hope she will get more visitors (she insists I bring the brood next time)

Sorry jangan saman malu "pah...

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