Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pukul 3 pagi...

Hi was your mid week weekend.

We went back south to touch base with mom and dad in laws. BIL and SIL no 2 and the kids' "BFF" were also there. I think the kids had a good time too, with 2 of my daughters "fighting" over who gets to be Camillia's BBF. One went "you cannot spend too much time with her ok?" and " I want some time alone with her to talk, ok"..macam soap opera plak kan??

I enjoyed playing with makbam Tina again - she is soo cute! MIL of course went overboard with the cooking but then you know that is one of the best part of going back to what is, since 13 years ago, my home. They are definitely not cold people. Or aloof. Or petty. Laksa Johor, daging masak kurma, SIL's sambal udang, ayam goreng Mak B, ikan masak asam (wajeeeb tu). Father in law looked healthy and diligent abt his medication. Mazran dropped by with wife and Fahim , now 10 months...he's at that age when he will stare longingly at whatever u are eating ...hee hee hee. Gave him a bit of mashed rice...smacked his lips he did! And now Fahim has a walker ..can race with Nadya heh heh heh!

Semalam we went to the pool (Jangan play play ok, Kluang has an olympic size pool!) crowded. Giant pun crowded. I bet everyone was from KL! Hee hee. No more the dead town , Kluang (was it ever?)

Horrific accident though at one point. a car turned turtle, and another car facing it, had its front all caved in and crushed. The people were still in that turtled car- thought of stopping but we didn't when we saw the ambulance there. It was raining and I'm sure speed was the factor! On the way back to KL just now we saw another accident - a huge lorry and a Perdana- very serious and expect to read about it tomorrow. The casualties were already gone by the time we got there.

We watched MUKHSIN and SHAITAN!! Mukhsin- wah I was entertained! Memangle the family that the girl belong to is a bit unorthodox- and what WERE they doing there ya? But the girl-boy friendship was real.The dialogues were very not -KL lingo (takda guacakap lu etc or even Fuyoo) - "Kumpul lemak" and "Bermalam bijik mata" - are they muarism?? Mom in law said she is familiar with them (not sure about the bijik mata tho')

Watched Mukhsin and enjoyed it for what it is. Just hope matsaleh or others don't expect people who live in the middle of bendang or paddyfields to be like Jason and Sharifah Amani ha ha ha! must already know what it was about , before you start watching it. Pelik but ok lah as an effort to get away from the I cinta you you tak cinta I storyline.

Today also watched "Tentang Bulan"- another movie abt kids' friendships etc . Eh kids aged 12 can have crushes on each other ah? So real one. Best ending...the tomboy came back looking gorgeous and the guy she had a crush on tergamamming looking at her..

Eh dahle..sambung esok...ngantuk...tata...

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