S' baby

A good friend of mine spent the weekend in hospital . Her 38 days old son went in for a usus terbelit. Or something like that. Projectile vomiting. The muscle of his usus got a bit too big for his poor insides - oh my GOD Did I learn NOTHING out of 14 years of marriage to a doctor???!!!!

Anyway...here's hoping she is out allready...and the (cute as a button) baby boy gets better soon. Went to see her (and not because of another friend's implied threat of bodily harm if I dont get there , ok! Hmph! (Hair tossing) ) - anyway and then played with the small baby and got a little bit broody- yeah yeah old news.

Strange though..everytime I talked to the baby, he closed his eyes. Obviously learning the skills of ignoring a woman allready hahahahahaha

Sorry ah mami....


Anonymous said…
aiyah.... i not so fierce, right?

ya ah, you not so fierce ah? hahahaha....

anyway..s and i have decided that we miss our steak sandwich how abt it ma'am??
Anonymous said…
anytime, no problem. you lah.... social butterfly, susah nak pin down for a tea/makan/dessert session.

fulltime mom
Anonymous said…
I miss the steak sandwich, but I miss going out with you guys more. Ok..I just lied ;)


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