Sunday, May 20, 2007

There is no point to this Post

It's 10.20 pm. Kids are asleep. Finally. Cold and cough are GONE thank goodness. Everyone is back in fighting spirit until of course we remind them to study , then immediately they'd touch their necks to tell me that its still feverish. Tomorrow exam - Sara's BM exam tomorrow is going to be tough because even WE find it tough- what more a 10 year old girl who's still trying to string nice sentences together . Sara keeps on trying however tapi today she made me laugh (behind my hand of course) when , trying to write a karangan about her friend's broken knee, she wrote "kaki dia pecah"- (her leg was shattered). Hee hee hee. She knows its supposed to be "patah" . But still she is rather creative.Her essays may not meet the point but they are interesting. She's got to learn to be boring - that's what they need to pass heh heh heh.

Sigh. All coming back to me growing up years was rather uneventful apart from when I forged mom's signature on my report card at the age of 10 for failing maths. I was not fond of maths. at ALL. I found it irrelevant. Of course, tell this to the brain box maths lover I married and he'd laugh heh heh. His attitude to Maths or any other science based subject is like my Arab teacher's attitude to well- Arabic. So KACANG peanuts lah. Tsk itu pun tak tau ke? Whereas I don't excel in subjects I can't bull***t on heh heh heh- hence the law as a career choice.

At one time I wanted to be a writer.Seriously. I even managed to weave a whole romance fiction - involving a prince whose dad was the Lord Chief Justice then. Well, I wanted to do a typewriting course for 3 months but dad said no, do something else during your SPM break so write lah.Nak kerja, dia tak bagi. I even attended an interview at this hotel about a job in Japan. Rupanye nak hire as a GRO. Entah apa apa entah. What a lucky escape.

I was so bored at home, I wrote lah. I also visited the Lincoln resource centre at the USA embassy almost daily to just lepak there. I lepak at libraries, I was that boring. but not your average punye library ok. American, English, Japanese, also Indonesian embassy's library! I was fascinated with other people's culture. Anyway Ialso berkhayal and started to scribble out a tale of- what do you think....Fresh from all those vocabulary-enhancing MBs I was reading, it had to be a love story- of course. !

The setting was in England- and no research was done AT ALL . Hey my book wat . My suka hati lah kan if I want to put Essex under Nottingham county or Scotland about 2 hours from London ke...right? Now I am cringing at the countless geographical errors.

I had 2 girls (close friends) as the main characters. These friends are in Nottingham, where Raja N (who, you say?) was working as a lecturer , somehow. (in hindsight he WAS probably there- to scout for his future wife heh heh) - and then one of the girls caught his eye and they started to go out (hmm wonder which one) but had a lot of issues as she was not royal and plus she was just an undergrad lah. It was fun as I wrote about their dates and how she managed to find the perfect dress at a steal - hey I was only a teenager...and hardly original I know. The other friend also had a relationship- with a matsalleh- their issue was how to handle a relationship where the matsalleh cannot do anything other than hold hands . Tee hee! Not very steamy by today's standard I'm afraid!

I had a fun fun time weaving this whole fantasy story- of course the main heroine got married to her prince in the end, overcoming the royal mom's objections. The other girl got together with the matsalleh, and it was rather Cinderella (and friend) esque ending. Sigh...what was bizzarre was that I even told this entire story to the sister of the Prince's then girlfriend- she found it funny and also amazing that someone would waste her time like that - no lah she did not say that - she is too nice. But she did say she'd tell the sister ! Wouldn't it be too surreal if he heard about how he is the hero of some silly book? Now my silly story got borrowed and lost (I typed and filed it) during A Levels. As are all other 3 books I wrote. Kelakar betol now I think about it. One story was on a yacht. Zu and I had this idea that the most romantic thing in the world was to go on a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. Which was quickly dispelled after our first cruise from Dover to Calais- hee hee hee..all those rolling seas!

Mana ada prince charming.... but I did go to Nottingham (deliberate choice) and did meet my prince charming.

Anyway I abandoned this writing thing - and the whole literary world breathed a huge sigh of relief! (I should follow up on their lives eh- can you be romantic when life has to be lived? I think you can) Law school soon took up all the creativity. Who has any creativity left for fiction when you need all that imagination for your law essays? heh heh heh.

Maybe one day I can have the luxury of being a "writer" - ala ala JR Rowlings eh? And my kids can join me. Who knows. But I can see it in Sara and Sophia.

MOM and DAD are flying back tomorrow- can't wait! Can't go and see asap as we have Arab- the second last lesson before my exam...hubby and I have to revise but no time. We make excuses just like our kids- nak minum lah, nak makan lah etc.

Before I end....Happy Birthday to Ibraheem and Umar ! Lovely party you had!
Also...Happy Birthday to Nishad!!


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Dad of Four said...

Thanks for coming..We all had fun! Hope I didn't overdose your kids with junk food....What else to expect from parties! And thanks for the sabres....!

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