Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today's rambling

Johan came up with a couple of gems lately...

no 1:
Mummy, when you snore like a pig, I get scared.

no 2:
(when I asked him to lie down with me and talk)
Hmm...between lying down with you and playing the computer...I think the computer is more fun.

Today his new word is "khawan"


Clearly, he has made a few.

Am listening to Hurt by Christina Aguilera- wish I can sing like her.
Arab test is tomorrow yikes!!! Am so going to fail ! Hubby not letting me study because he does not want to fail alone. Hee hee I can't imagine him failing, let me tell you his notes are far far too complicated for mere mortals like me - I bet he is going to score. No, I know who is going to score! That one sole chinese fella who is always being teased by the joker of the class. Colleague and I always say that for all that he is chinese, he's probably married to an Arab lady and will score- already we know that ustaz is doing his baris - baris for him
..eeeeh not fair! There is this young lady who gets ALL answer right. Hmph. Probably she is not working. Oh yes she did say she was not working. so she has all the time to revise ...(yeah my excuse )


maverix said...

"when you snore like a pig, i get scared"

Okay, I know as a first-timer to your blog I should probably not be so rude but that sentence is just too TOO funny!!!

Kids DO say the darndest things :)

Anonymous said...

Ma'am... good luck for the exams, also to your OH.


Superwomanwannabe said...

sorry...exam today.. not yesterday....

24.5.07..but thanks for the wish

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

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