Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tuanku Zara


Caucasian features, nice walk , not too tall not too short, too thin (hope she can make HIM lose weight) - look nice together.

Not over analysing it, am I? Heh heh heh

Update- I was watching the video clip from, - is it me, or is it so different from the weddings of today? Firstly, there is no background MC or music or is that just due to bad editing on the NST or Bernama ppl? (ya know, for a national news agency, I must say that their quality can be improved- ada ke in one vid clip I heard some dialogue between the crew and one person actually melatah - the camera man kot!) .

The couple look a little bit unpengantinlike lah... to my eyes they look efficient , and is it because of their age? They look like they just want to get it over and done with - you don't get the impression that she is the demure bride - rather , as if it was an official function.She looks like she's always been his partner for ever, rather than introduced to us just over a week plus ago..! Now, I can't imagine her not being by his side! Was he ever single? Husband is her champion (ie dia jalan laju ek, ? - me. "Takdalah ok lah tu, she's very pretty- husband) Heh heh heh...I was reading this very hilarious post by (sorry , do I need permission to refer to it?) about how the writer was contemplating getting a chem eng degree and swimming cert before the wedding hee hee!

I can't lie, I would have loved it if the wedding was a huge one. We have not had a royal wedding for decades and he's making it PRIVATE?? Tsk how rude! I'm sure its not Zara's decision eh. Only 2 sultans ? What about the Johor sultan - even Siti N and Datuk K had more dignitaries ! And she was actually with a tiara at her nikah! And where is the live telecast? Instead we had to watch some bad singing as THAT was live telecast..I tell you a lot of people missed making some HUGE bucks from this, kan?

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