Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Update on Johan

Last Friday I took another day's Emergency Leave. (still waiting to fill in the form) Johan woke up with a fever and did not want me to go anywhere far. Kept reassuring himself that I was around. Wanted me to call the "ustaz" that shooed his dreams away the other time.

So I took EL as I anticipated having to search hi and lo for this Ustaz . I remember he was in high demand the last time we saw him and he had to "squeeze" us in. As soon as possible we called him. Lo and behold, as our luck would have it, he was around our area. He was conducting an EXORCISM nearby - not so nearby though.

He was supposed to come before 12- ie before prayers. Husband came home (supposedly OT day) and stayed with us (also needed to fix the then broken car) . Ustaz turned up at 2.30. He said that he passed this house 3 times but he did not see it. And he said normally he always remember a house.

He talked to Jojo, and asked Johan where the "monsters" are. My son displayed his naughtiest behaviour- ie jumping around on the chair, and basically acting up like you'd expect if he is shy.

In the end he pointed to 2 spots, one under the stairs and the other near the tv area and by the sliding door no 2. The ustaz went over and read a few doas and then recited a few more verses. He then asked for salt which he threw at these spots.

He said to me "Your son is possessed"
NOLAH. just kidding! He said to me , "It's psychological, this. This house is a lot cleaner now than when I last visited it. There is nothing residential here but it may be that some spiritual beings passed through (Apa ingat public road ka) "

So I'm glad that it's nothing. And I'm glad that this ustaz is the kind who tells it like it is and not make up a ghost if there isn't any just to justify his angpow.

Now Johan is a bit better, still won't sleep until I read him the Quls, the Ayat Qursi etc (good lah hope he memorises them soon) but at least he does not run down from the stairs screaming in terror like he did last Thursday night.

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