Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wedding of the Year?

The Prince Charming is finally getting married!! Read about it here.

Well! About time too eh? She must be the Dav*dson's of the Az*man Davidson's daughter..she's 20 years younger than him..paper tak lak sensasikan ?? Good lah, I have the highest respect for the parents, always so dignified and elegant....Although wonder what they think of the daughter in law to be...she is not royalty, so further... "Diluted" lah the Perak royal line..if ada anak...(he is only 50 wat)....eh who is next after Prince Charming?

He's quite a catch I think, a phD holder, graduate from Harvard lagi, if only the things I hear about him are completely false he'd be perfect for any mom in law to be heh heh heh.

Congratulations on your impending nuptials Prince Charming!

PS to Adek..ooooh pi Spain bawak mami and daddy and bawak AWEK yeeee!!!

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