Friday, June 29, 2007

kids games

My girls are actually lucky lah..they have ready-made friends. Semalam riuhnya my house- it was almost 10 but it was still very noisy - they were playing "Mak Ayam & Musang" (or wolf and mother hen?) Since the day of Dahlia's report card Ive been telling them to speak MALAY at home which has led to hilariousresults such as:

Sara (at the dinner table) : You know, I have a friend who always say"Dude"
Sophia: Oh yeah? Is it like, hey, where are you going, old Dude??
Mummy: Oi! Cakap bahasa Melayu!!
Sophia: err...mana awak nak pergi, dude tua?

Hee hee

So anyway semalam punya game ni...4 of them are in a row and they are all "playing" suddenly one of them cried "INTERRUPTION!!" and then crossed her legs- I want to go toilet!

Mummy: Cakap Bahasa Melayu!!

Nadine: Ok lets go to the musang's house for toilet

Mummy: Oi!

..and so it goes.Basically the game involved them taking the toilet key from the wolf, and then losing it and then being chased by the musang. Terkikik-kikik mereka. I shake my head at the lack of practice in bahasa ibunda.

The kids also come home with so many variations of the "oh jus"(or rock paper scissors) games. A very popular one is "see see amerika" It goes- see see amerika amerika duit something something something, cocola duit, cocola ayoyo and involve putting down your hand as either rock, paper or scissors . Then if its the same, you wag your finger at each other and go "ayo yo" and if not, you slap the other person - or rather you pretend to slap them and then they would turn their head to the left and right.

Yesterday Sophia tried to teach a new version- baby lotion something something, dum dum dek, dum dum and then involve some baby crying. There is also that P- I-Z-Z-A -H-U -T , pIZA pIZZA HUT, ... rock paper scissors game ...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Topik Merapu

Semalam MC

Felt run down, and itchy decided to stay home and as usual feel as if I was playing truant. Heee.....

Anyway topik pagi ini

Do you want to be a millionaire?? Loads of ways these being one of them,etc etc. I for one, do NOT want to be a millionaire. Hundred thousandaire pun memadai lah. Pelik ke ni? Di sebabkan ...I think money corrupts. I want to be moderately well off, all my needs taken care of, ditto with the kids, and remain happy and disease free. I do not want loads of cash . Impian jadi jutawan tu, takdalah. Seriously. I am actually scared of loads of money. Husband disagrees. He thinks loads of money is good, as you can do a lot of good with it, buy your parents a bigger house etc. I think once you are indeed obscenely rich, it'll be tempting to , instead of building a hospital or school, you want to buy yourself a yacht tak pasal pasal pulak..hehehe..The fact that we admire Bill Gates and Syed Mokhtar so much for their philantrophy shows that they are the exception rather than the rule.

So far our family's been happy. Broke (by our standards) but happy, and no major drama . (so far).

Tamatlah topik merapu pagi ini.....terimakasey.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Doing the right thing.

There is something we want but it does not make sense to do it. But we really really really want to do it. Do you listen to your heart or do you listen to the words of the wiser and older (ok, I mean you mom). Heh heh heh.


Rushed this morning to "run and get Dahlia's report card" as I told Boss. 2 hours later baru balik..oi darling jom pindah Gurney lah. nearer office. Anyway. Dahlia's schoolteacher said "PLEASE help polish her BM!!! She speaks as if she has been attending international school etc etc etc.." ok ok I get the message. I pun nod my head submissively until I reached the office again and it struck me that hang on, YOU are the teacher. YOU teach my kid BM. Having said that we are now having a MARI CAKAP BAHASA MELAYU campaign in the house. Tomorrow I will tell the kids about it.

Oh yes I finally got to met DANIEL AKHLIF Dahlia's admirer. She has been telling me about this boy who is always disturbing her, and I got to see this fair kid do it , in front of me, first hand. Eh tak takut langsung dia, even though I'm Daya's mom. He was chasing her, following her, pulling her hair, etc etc! And when I asked "WHAT are you doing???" He said "saja kacau.." he likes to bother her. The teacher told me the same thing in a resigned voice. He likes my daughter as she is cute. I thought he was a special ADHD child but it turned out that he is the brightest in class- nombor 1. Before I went back I said to him "Oi, Im WATCHING you.." - eeps I hope his mom was not there.


tak jadi rupanya attend to Agong's mom- his other colleague did it. Apparently so banyak protocol by the time she was done, dah tengahari. He's coughing like mad now and I think he's coming down with something. He is adamant that he is ok. Because besok ada "long list" of cases to do and he's alone therefore he HAS to turn up. I think if the doc is unwell the patient would not appreciate him turning up is what I think. But see first lah how. I am insisting that he gets a lung xray to check out whether everything is ok or has 25 years of tar consumption affected him. Ya think??


Bu****r it the Streamyx is forever disconnecting on me. I have no idea why and it seems on my husband's laptop tak jadi pun. I think I'm entitled to at least ONE MONTH's rebate from TMNET lah. It's very annoying.

Soalan Hari ini

Apa itu chemistry. What makes a guy like a girl. Ok beside her b**Bs. hee hee hee. What if you are just friends but you really hit it off. But you are NOT each other's types at ALL. to go further or not- Adalah I kenal this orang with this masalah....alah soalan merapu.


We saw him today. At Starhill. Pakai suit lagi. Tulah tengah ponteng dari keje kot. He came out of a BMW - driver dia drove off and then he walked towards LV and then he started to call someone on the handset. We imagined the conversation went like this:

Datuk K: Yang I dah sampai ni, you kat mana??
Yang: I kat Michael Ong ni, jap lah!
Datuk K: Ah cepat lah, you kata you nak bag tadik, meh lah!

Heh heh heh. I got the email of her buying the USD10,000 or something LV bag and if I ever am that rich please God let me have more common sense and better taste than that BAG...heh heh heh..Of course this is sour grapes...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Agong's Mominlaw/Dahlia

Husband going to treat Agong's mom in law today. Erk....she was supposed to be under his colleague who has succumbed to this nasty conjunctivitis sakit so he has to do it. And he was up half the night doing entah apa entah dengan computer so he has slept v little - i know he is good but can't help feeling apprehensive..! What is the protocol I wonder. Husband very the tak kisah with protocol- he says he treats all patients the same way, regardless of who they are.At the end of the day your colon looks the same nomatter whether you have tansri tengku datok etc before.

Dahlia is very upset because she thought we were going to stay with her after sending her to school. That WAS the original plan but then since husband got to rush off, we are going later. I did volunteer to go by myself but husband also wants to run some other errands so we are going after he (hopefully quickly) attends to the patient. I hope the firm lets me off for a while. Dahlia is soo excited about her report card day that before 7 pun dah masuk kereta.

We picked up the others' report cards the other day- yeeeesh Sara's teacher was seriously non motivated. Maybe she was sick. Her voice was soooo tak semangat. I was very hyper compared to her. (or maybe I am hyper full stop??) Sophia's teacher, was better. And everyone of the teachers we saw says "oh, adek Nadine ye??" They all remember Nadine and think that she's doing well and boy this is going to be tough on the other sisters . Husband think we should pluck Sara out into another school. Entahlah.

Ok. bye for now.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Need Another Sunday[no pix]

Wow what a day. A.m:
Opah jemput datang breakfast. Juan you very rugie tak datang. My mom contributed to the nasi lemak - delicious as my mom is a very good cook (as are all her sisters actually). There was sambal sotong, laksam, ayam goreng fresh, ikan bilis, kacang, telur rebus, kangkong, and cucur pisang. Husband and Nadine and Sara went out jogging and came hone quarter to 9 - Mom had reminded us to be there early so a little panic ensued. We had sent some 11 year old fabric to the tailor for her to turn them to skirts and blouses. The blouses are floral and the skirts are of a checquered material. After about half a year of total silence from this tailor, Hubby told her to do it by this weekend or ELSE- this woman you have to give deadline if not she will take her time. How lah like that. You want to help small businesses but then they have terrible work attitudes.

So anyway...A bit of chaos before we left for Opah's house as Husband had instructed the kids to change from what they were allready wearing , to the new clothes. Unfortunately Daya had taken this very literally and worn the very floral blouse TOGETHER with the very chequered skirt. When I pointed out that only a person who got dressed in the dark would wear them together she was very upset and insisted that no she would NOT change as she was already happy with what she had been wearing before and daddy then asked her to change and now she was not going to change ANY MORE.

Of course, in the end she changed, when her sisters appeared more er..sensibly dressed. My girls need more t shirts . And jeans . And skirts. Everything LAH!

Opah very frail lah...wheezing a bit. Happy to see us. Going to drop by tomorrow as don't want her to think that she has to bribe us with food before we see her. She is old. Husband tells me to go see her more often. I can't imagine the day I don't have my Opah. I stayed with her a LOT when I was Sophia's age. I was the Sophia then . ER, Yes I did open her fridge and got my Opah to cook me stuff as well. My favourite was telor goreng and kicap and kentang goreng. I remember loving the koleh of tea that Opah always had - it was always full. Now Sophia's favourite drink is tea too. How bizarre. I used to sleep there and the smell of freshly laundered linen and the feel of kekabu pillow was divine.

Anyway after we finished at Opah's house- off to Mak M and off to Uncle R's house in the "country"- wah , his house is so nice. The house is set in a huge piece of land- you have to climb to reach the house,and you climb the same distance, to reach the very top of the land. View is fantastic. Area will really boom soon so if I have extra moolah I will dump in buying the land there. Kids really enjoyed roaming the land. Main kutip kayu ...checked out the durian trees and the pulasan tree etc...and finally, having a bath with Uncle's big old style kolah. Thanks very much Mak M and Uncle R.


Shot to H and M's daughter's birthday, at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. Despite being stuffed to the core, managed to really enjoy the buffet! Clown was good. Apparently M's staff. Hubby disappeared with his friends , leaving me to loiter around the buffet area. My kids had fun...they ended up with presents ! And so many balloon animals, flowers etc . Basically they monopolised the clown as we were the very very last guests.


We had to drop by Uncle F and Auntie R's house. In fact hubby planned it so we visit by 5 but of course terlajak sampai 7 baru sampai there. Thank you Kiki and M for the pizza and generosity. Glad to see Uncle F looks well. He may have had a stroke but I'm sure he can tell you off with one look.

Now almost 1 am. Better sign off. Hope can post pix tomorrow. Phew I think need to fast lah...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kids and Misc

I have left my handphone at the office. I was charging it and just did not remember to take it. I told Sophia and she said "tsk, mummy, why didnt you tell your brain to remember to take it?" And I said "I forgotlah" and she said,"Didn't you walk to the lift and then suddenly think "eh, what about my handphone?"

Sheesh. Being lectured by my 8 year old pulak.

The other day my son said to me as I was walking out of the house in my suit."You do indeed look fat". Indeed , ok. So I grabbed a scarf to cover my wobbly bits.

My 5 year old - the critic.

Sis in law has given me this book on fruit flush. Basically it's a 3 day programme to flush your system etc etc. and promises to make you lose weight a bit la. I wanted hubby to also join but he said "kalau macam ni baik puasa je"

Semalam he was out at 8 . No kidding. The kids were all lined up to pray maghrib and the imam was dead to the world. Hee hee hee. The girls were complaining that Johan distracts them as Johan would , half way through the thing, turn to face them. And the other girls think its ok to glance left and right during prayer.

Anyways today is report card day. Going off to Nadine's school, have to split as there are 3 of them in the same school. Nadine has gone to UIA. Her joke is that she's sooo smart she has skipped secondary school langsung.

Altantuya- WHATever.

See ya in a min.


No, nothing to do with the ghosts in my place.

Just looked at my cousin's blog and there was a pic of him(?) posing and this woman was behind him looking at a camera. The woman had long straight hair and face was not clear but look youngish. Also was wearing white. I'm sure we all have seen pix of ghosts posing in pictures at some point or the other.

As it is morning and sunny I can afford to take the mickey so here goes:

1. Why did the ghost pose? Why must look at the camera one? And not terperanjat at being caught or what or even seen to peer menacingly over the guy's blissfully unaware form, but rather, posing.
2. Where did the ghost get such lovely hair? So soft.
3. Why are all ghosts in white? Is colour banned in ghost world?
4. How come all ghosts are women. Are there no male ghosts?
5. And if you have a chance to roam the afterlife, would you do it hanging around the 15th floor of some flat- what a loser.

Heh heh heh. Hope I don't regret this post come midnite...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Al Lughatal Arabia

My Big Boss is taking Arab ..erk.

We scored ok lah in Arab, tak dalah memalukan company. Hubby got 93% (itu pun upset) and I got 85% while colleague got 89% . We have decided NOT to go to the second level as we now realised how hectic it was. You know it was like banging your head against the wall- it feels so good when you stop! I did not realise we were running around like headless chickens and I think work and family must have suffered. I was thinking of joining the second level after Nadine's UPSR . But now the Big Boss is joining, how? Do we HAVE to go now? Cant imagine him squeezing in that class. Tak posh lah.

Anyway if you guys are interested:

1. The brief course:

Lecturer: Ustaz Hj. Abd Rahman Bin Jamaan (019-3067315)
Location : Pusat Pengajian Asasi (Uiam), Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Each Saturday:
( Level 1 : 9:00 - 11:00 am )
( Level 2 : 2:00 - 4:00 Pm )
Fee : Rm350 Seorang
Term: 2 months ( 2 June 2007 - 4 August 2007 )


2. The longer course:

The next session starting on 18th June 2007
Courses are held at either UIA Gombak, UIA PJ, UIA Kuantan and UIA Nilai
8-10pm, Mondays and Wednesdays. (65 hours).
- Can pursue to Advanced Levels- fees of RM400-00 are inclusive of books and materials

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Daya's Birthday Party

Had a small do last Sunday for Daya. Husband cooked Laksa Johor. (I tukang potong! I keep reminding people) heh heh heh. Takramai datang - Mimi and Kiki, (thanks), Mak B and Uncle M, Mak Z and her friends, and Zu and family(guests wajib tu) and my brother and his family, and Opah Yot and Uncle Wahid and Opah Dah and Chik . Thank you to all who came, and Dahlia says thanks for the present.! And thanks for the cash!! (She knows darn it)

Zu,thank you for the cakes and :


It was good to see my brother who believe it or not , I see once a month if I'm lucky .
(Pol, if you are reading this,can I keep Yana in my house next cuti sekolah?)

My littlest nephew , Yusuf, uncannily resembles my next door neighbour's son, also called Yusuf. And DoF, hope your dad is better. I wanted to pop over but either you are out or you have guests. What to do....

The next day we all went to Mempaga, Pahang. Just over an hour drive through pleasant jungles . Finally reached the complex - in the middle of Felda settlement there are these modern foodcourt and houses- fantastic. It was hot GILER but Mak B pulled it off with her usual grace and style and I am not saying that because she's been my boss for the last 14 weeks. The episode of Permata was the last one...sad pulak rasa. No more going off to RTM and watching the taping, no more helping the hosts in my own meagre more rubbing shoulders with royalty (!)

Ok. Am still having this Monday blues..and its Tuesday! Why ah? Anyway chin up and work on. Kids are with their daddy, taken to the dentists. I remember my horror at going to the dentists and marvel at kids nowadays- they actually nag me to take them to the dentist!! Are they MY Kids???

Pix later..ok?

Friday, June 15, 2007


Aren't you glad it's a Friday...?

Am listening to "You'll be safe here" by RiverMaya...theme song for Heroes. Am trying to understand what the plot is. Someone is a cheerleader. Someone is a baaaaad guy. Someone else is a dual personality . I have not followed my other fave show, Grey's Anatomy. Mc Dreamy is together with Meredith Whiny. I think.

Hmm could do with another visit to Redang.

Johan chose my baju today. So that he won't be upset that I was going to work I said you can choose my outfit today Jojo! He sat in front of the wardrobe and pondered...he chose a very glittering baju but cannot lah kan! So he had to choose another.

Dahlia now has taken to brush her head against me macam cat pulak. Macam macam. I have not seen them properly for at least a day as semalam crashed kat sofa at 8 pm. Nadine has 90 days or something for UPSR and semalam she had to finish 2 workbooks. Finish the entire book ok.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Dahlia turned seven!! Happy Birthday Dahlia!!

We got her a Baby Bibble yang amat takda point except to open his eyes when you press his tummy and make adorable noises. She loved it of course. Rained so many kisses on me.

Sophia thinks Justin Timberlake is a "hottie" . The power of astro. eh. Told her not to talk like that. she is only 8.

Nadine got 5 As in her trial.She can stay in her class. Apparently, if she gets less than 5, she will be demoted to another class for 4As and1Bs. And to another if she gets 3 As. etc etc. Well, we shall see how she does in the real exam. If only you get marks over how well you can sing. Or act. Sure dapat berbelas A . Heh heh heh.

Blue Wednesday

Well, Wednesday, aged me about 25 years. So now I am officially 60 years old. Heh heh heh.

Geram nyeeee I kat someone ni.

She was so rude this morning to me!! Over the phone lak tu!!! Over something which, I believe, can be justified. However she said to me, it is not acceptable . etc etc. I was left gaping for words as I am not used to someone talking to me like she was a fish wife. No class and totally patronising,. Oh if it was my own firm I have a few choice words to tell her. But there is so many things at stake. So we swallow our pride. For we are service providers . However I am far prettier than you.

You know the way the government servants - all the makcik makcik kat belakang court counter or land office counter or any other counters etc?? They used to be rather mean kan, and quite abrubt with you. Well this woman is from that school. Sebijik kurang hajar. I rasa, the issue was not that big a deal and certainly did not warrant the words she used. If marah or upset, cannot be professional ah? Must be membebel or what? Typical me, I am still stewing and wish wish wish I can do what my superiors advised, to be cool and shrug it off. Gerrammm tau when someone who can't find her way out of a paper bag , talks down to you. And me , kenapa I had to keep quiet????


Oh well. I will try to forget this. Maybe she will need to see my husband professionally one day. Then we'll see . Yaahaaah haaah haaah haaah.

You know. I read that you have the power to control how you feel. So I have chosen to let this woman upset me. So now I have to choose to let this anger go. Well. that will happen the minute I can choose to let the air out of her tyres. Hee hee hee.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Monday

So Monday was a day which aged me about 5 years.

We stayed at KL Hilton on Sunday. A new society for gastro intestinal diseases was being launched and due to me being marrried to the vp and treasurer, we got a free room. Also because everyone was concerned that they (read, us) not be late to the launching which would start at 8 am the next day.

KL Hilton- what can I say . Its luxury to the max, While KL was grappling with floods , we were oblivious to it. Kids and I were enjoying the view from the 19th floor from the floor to ceiling window, the kids were taking turn in the at least 2 and half feet deep bath tub- tak lak ukur but macam jacuzzi rather than a normal bath tub. And the rain shower- wah nak satu!! After the said treasurer and vp checked us in, he unceremoniously disappeared to operate on a patient and later, finished speech for the next morning. I only saw him at 5 in the morning, when he just got in. It was so luxurious that we overslept, the kids missed school, the vp and treasurer got calls from frantic colleagues as to where he is since the Health Minister was about to turn up in half an hour, etc etc. I took the kids home, got lost , got stuck in the jam, mega mega peak hour traffic, no petrol in car, panic panic, checked in to office,joined them again for lunch. Hubby ada dinner etc for the said society.
Sophia was the girl who gave the saguhati to the Minister. She stayed with her daddy and was looked after by Mak B and Uncle M who graciously turned up to what must have been a dry morning! Thanks for taking her home, Mak B and Uncle M. She was observing this chinese magician, then turned to me and seriously told me, mummy, do you know that some people say "fai" for five?SHhhh

The Princess and the Pauper?

Met a Princess last Sunday. She was a guest on Mak B's show.

She is so elegant. And so regal. I watched her sit, and talk and conducted herself. Grace, personified. When she sat, both feet were firmly on the ground, hands demurely folded in her lap. No shaking legs, no crossed legs even, no leaning left or right. UpRIGHT, ok. For one hour. She's so well trained that even if she was sleep walking she'd be elegant and graceful. Compared to her , everyone seemed clumsy! Thrilled to bits as we sat next to each other comparing parental notes - me, comparing how I raise my kids, with the richest woman in Malaysia. Ha ha ha. Me, next to the princess. Hee hee hee.

Anyway, that was the highlight of my month so far. Yes it did cross my mind to ask how was the Wedding, and where did They go for a honeymoon. But I didnt. But BOY did I WANT TO! Heh heh heh...!

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Children's Names

Dad of Four, forgive me for not following your instructions properly. I will make sure that that is done soon. But in the meantime your tag reminded me of how my children got named....


First pregnancy..follow all instructions to the letter (except the one from mom to eat my jamu) and thought I was pretty special now that I was going to join the Mom's Club. What to name her or him?? Of course, being so far away from parents at that time, we decided to name the baby ourselves...Nadine was the name of a character in Grace under Fire (remember that tv comedy?) - she was the red haired brassy best friend of Grace (the single mom) and I liked the name and her feistiness too. I found out later it means Hope and I thought- what a fitting name for our first born! We imagined that later when she'd grew up she'd have to explain to her friends that its pronounced NAYDEEN or NUHDEEN and NOT NAH DI NIII.. And true enough, this is what she is having to do with her teachers. Azalea is a very pretty flower which I liked so it was paired with her!

If it had been a boy? Believe it or not- Reuben!! (Hebrew for first son!) God is Great .

Mom wanted Nur fakrishah something something. .

Nadine has grown up everything we want her to be. The hope is now that I don't mess up her adolescence..!


I wanted the name Zahrah. Seriously. Or even Zara. Mom felt it was too old fashioned , so we opted for Sara. I wanted it without the h at the end. Rhianna was because she was born in Shrewsbury and it was a welsh name, meaning princess or was it nymph? something ethereal anyway..So I went into labour (all of 5 minutes of it, typical Sara) with the idea of a Sara Rhianna .Then mom wanted Jasmin. And it was either Sara Rhianna or Rhianna Jasmin . Actually after she was born I could not sleep all night because she was so DARK that neither names suited her and I was toying with other names like Nabila. But, hubby went to register her name as Sara Rhianna Yasmin, to please everyone. She is exactly her name, you know. Very sensitive and frail etc etc.


We knew we wanted Sophia, if it was (another) girl. As in Sophia Loren. We were kind of waiting for a boy that we were taken aback when God granted us this beautiful, fair and chubby baby (I missed my Friday episode of Friends to have her I remember and she was delivered by a very cool midwife) and both my parents were around then, thanks mom and dad. It took another week to find the other name for her..(must have 2 names ya know or else how is the child going to know if we are mad at her??) It was Sophia and not Sofia, again, another ice breaker between teachers and her. Apparently Sophia means wisdom. Apparently lah.


or now known as Dahlia S in her school. Sorry Dahlia. There was this Egyptian girl next door to us then named Dalia and I had liked the name so much. I also had this bossy little teacher called Miss Dahlia (or as she insisted we call her, day-lia) . Maybe I should not have thought about Miss Dahlia when I named my little Dahlia as she now is a little bossy miss too. Sheherazade..well, thanks be to H*EL*LO Magazine again (source of my names ) and also my loose tongue- just so HAPPENED to mentioned to hubby that I liked this fancy name (after the story teller in Arabian nights? Well Dahlia can sure spin a yarn!) .Aishah was my mother in law's idea. Hubby again did the same thing with Sara and included ALL THREE NAMES. Dahlia is of course, a flower.


It was of course going to be a muhammad for our (we thought then) first boy. (now only boy) . Sulaiman is one of my favourite names, That and Fuad. The father wanted Haris, or was it Faris. In the end he chose Johan, and now Johan is so chuffed to tell everyone that his name means champion in Malay.

Sigh..we thought our kids names will carry them everywhere - I really did not want the graduation ceremony wherever they are later (harvard and oxford we hope) get messed up because their names could not be pronounced by these ignorant mat sallehs. However on hindsight maybe I should have given them very strong Malaysian names so that they have a sense of patriotisme. Zulaikha or the Norsomething something that my mom wanted so much.

Names I wish I can use - HELENA. FUAD . FARID

See, we dont ever argue about names because when we argue, all of the names get chosen. Hahahahha......

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Laaaast part, promise!

Tak abis lagi! Just to tell you the second day. Hmm what did we do..this was the day we were supposed to go back so cannot venture far. So we just lepak on the beach and wowzee. Tak yah go anywhere else. At first we were just playing in the middle area of the bay. Ok lah, we saw a couple of fish there as well. The water was about chest deep at its deepest. Then Nadine and I went to the rocks at the end of the teluk (ie the mouth of the U shape that was our teluk) and boy did we hit paydirt! All we had to do was stick our faces in and these fishes were actually inches away. What a surreal experience. I held out my hands and they swam between them.

After that, I sempat visit the spa..bukan apa, my right arm hurt ! So I opted for the May Special, the RM55 neck and shoulder massage. Only I paid RM10 extra as the lady did the back as well. Sedapp nye no wonder people love to go for massage! First you have to have a shower under the "rain" shower and then you come out and they get you to lie down while they voluntarily spend time and energy to urut your life out of you and making you feel better - the masseuse was from Bali and she told her life story to me with (I swear) very little prompting! Then it was time to go back ....we had to board the ferry by Of course, all the kids were again on top deck and mummy was snoring away blissfully downstairs in the aircond. At the jetty there were a lot of fish, and the kids started to share their buns with these (clever) fish. First the black and yellow striped fish came and then slowly we saw the garoupa surfacing from the deep was eerie as they are HUGE ok. Some idiot thought it would be funny to throw cigarette butts to them. Oi, the fish is cleverer than you ..orang tak pergi sekolah lah ni.

Arriving at KT the right is the market .We went to search for keropok lekor. Mak datuk banyaknye lalat....tapi sedap le. Have to stop and buy another batch as tak cukup (RM5 worth, tak cukup)

Ok that is it I promise on redang...jom pi !

Monday, June 04, 2007

Redang - Part 3- Marine Park!

BTW did I tell you they promoted me at work?

At 9 sharp in the morning (ie 9.30), we assembled by the beach stall to collect our snorkelling gear , for our trip to the Marine Park. It was RM30 per head, and this includes snorkelling gear, boat trip and er..that's it. Oh yes, life jackets. Breakfast was a local nasi lemak from nearby restaurant - hubby trekked there early a.m (RM3 for nasi lemak). The hotel cafe- RM17 for nasi lemak.

Left by bus to catch the boat and after about 5 minutes (dokek jo) - we were at the Marine Park. So many heads bobbing up and down allready!

Giler best!!! We only had to put our head down and there were fishes swimming before our eyes. Sand was so soft and white. Water was warm and calm. Breeze in your hair...hmm nak pi balik !Fish were very friendly. Came very close. Nadine siap lari lagi, as she was surprised by a huge garoupa. We saw red and black fish, yellow and black striped fish, ikan bawals and sardine fishes , injection fish as my kids call them and many others.Noticed that they would surround you if you give them bread. Aiyah. what fish eat bread tell me?? Action nye. Hubby pretended to have bread and his fingers were nearly bitten off. (ok exaggerate)..
Tak berani venture further than a few feet - not so used to having the life jacket on- it tugs on you kan? There was a boundary out of which we cannot venture- I think its to ensure that we don't get hit by the passing boats. The coral were dead there though..what a pity. But what do you expect lah with so many visitors?

Redang Part 2

After a 10 minute drive by bus , we reached our hotel-Greeted by a young girl holding glasses of cold lime drink- terimakasey! Nak checked in , a rude shock- have to pay RM800 (which is refundable) ! Hallo, where do they think we'd run off to, this IS an island. Oh yes, you need money for everything here. Boat trips is RM40 per head. And you cannot travel any other way if you want to visit say another part of the island. Canlah, if you don't mind jungle trekking.

We had planned to go off to the beach immediately after checking in but it was so comfortable in the room that by the time we got out, with our floaties and our swimming suits, it was Maghrib!! A bit of a plonker ehwhat. Anyway we decided to makan terus and not knowing where else to go, headed for the buffet. It was a decent one although the food spread could be wider but what do you expect it was only RM55 per head (kira murah lah tu by the island's standard). Anyway my kids were very buffet savvy and had allready gone off to get their food before I managed to sit down. Jojo sat down in his bulky suit (ye lah nak swim kan) - later taken off and he enjoyed the rest of the buffet topless.

Everyone crashed early - we must have been more tired than we thought!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Redang- Part 1- the Trip!


We had planned to leave KL at 2 am in the morning of Monday, after a wedding. We had left the kids at Mak Z's place as the wedding was held 5 minutes away from their place- thank you very much Mak Z and Uncle Y and LANA and HELMY for helping to entertain them! By the time we got back from the wedding (extended due to us meeting old friends) the kids were all fast asleep. As I had some last minute work to do, we shamelessly invited ourselves to sleep over there as well. I did some last minute work, and Hubby fell asleep downstairs. By the time work was done, it was 6 am and we sneaked out of the house. Lana got up to say bye bye - we did not want to wake anyone else!

The Trip:

..Was LONG, ok. No joke. From KL, take the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur which would take you to Kuantan (last stop). Toll paid was roughly RM17. From there you would pass Kemaman, Kerteh ( where my children oohed and aaahed over the flaming towers of Petronas) . The weather was beach weather all the way ie HOT and SCORCHING. Stopped for the loo etc several times. Sara siap mandi kat one of the stops. We had a stop for a drink where a baby monkey was kept as a pet (and chained!) and the kids were thrilled to play with this baby monkey. I wanted to go to the loo but the loo was of the hole in the ground type which was still ok, except it was blocked and was pretty disgusting. Moral of this : Go at the reststops . Office called to say that doomsday had arrived. Worry worry worry. No sense worrying as both phones had died. (Apparently someone had very rudely shouted at my poor clerk.)

Approaching Terengganu

I remember now why I wanted to move us to this state. Its lovely!! The sea, the breeze, the fishing boats, the lack of traffic! In Terengganu I took over the driving as husband (who had, we must say, 5 hours of sleep compared to none from moi) , was tired. There is a new highway now to Terengganu and its big- probably to accomodate the fact that vehicles would try to overtake each other and more often have to squeeze in at the last minute. Hairy jugak. We finally arrived at about 3.(Hubby got up and said I was slow..excuuuuuuse me!) . So many lorries!

Now in Kuala Terengganu (KT) , we headed towards SHAHBANDAR JETTY. Cleverly, we had NO IDEA where it was except it was in KT, research done obviously. I mean it was only KT, how hard was it to find right? Pretty hard if you have only 2 mins to spare before the ferry leaves. Just to jadik kan ceritakan... We had almost resigned ourselves to 2 days in KT if we missed the ferry.We accosted this family at the traffic lights to ask where the heck Jeti Shahbandar is. the answer was- go straight! Of course, there was no mention of the roundabout lah kan. So Amazing Race. Happily , we made it. The ferry was typically Malaysian and was late, thank goodness.

The Ferry

Costing about RM100 return per head. Kids cost RM50 per head. You need to register first at the ferry counter giving your names and ages etc and you don't actually pay until you check out of the hotel in Redang. Then you have to pay about RM5 per head for entry into the Marine Park- its basically fees for maintenance. You can choose to either park within the gated compound of the ferry area for RM10 per nite or you can go to the open car park . Although the guy assured us that it'd be safe to go to the open car park which was after all just next to the ferry area, Hubby was not sufficiently assured and we shelled out the RM20 for 2 nights of parking. The ferry trip was uneventful and not rocky at all. They even gave us a bottle of mineral water! (generous or what eh) and put on Spiderman3 (dah kuar DVD ke??).Anyways...I am sorry to say that I slept through the trip (both ways!) and the next thing I knew we arrived. (spiderman tak habis lagi) Hubby and kids were of course, on the top deck with the wind blowing in their hair. Good thing I was asleep as I would have freaked out about them falling into the sea.

Friday, June 01, 2007


Hey hey hey!

Guess where we were last weekend?

Redang was sublime. Very clear waters. You can see your toes wriggling. And so warm! The warm sea lapping against your skin ..I felt like being in a warm

bath. Resort was excellent- the only reason to join the Berjaya Vacation Club.

Will post later!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...