Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Agong's Mominlaw/Dahlia

Husband going to treat Agong's mom in law today. Erk....she was supposed to be under his colleague who has succumbed to this nasty conjunctivitis sakit so he has to do it. And he was up half the night doing entah apa entah dengan computer so he has slept v little - i know he is good but can't help feeling apprehensive..! What is the protocol I wonder. Husband very the tak kisah with protocol- he says he treats all patients the same way, regardless of who they are.At the end of the day your colon looks the same nomatter whether you have tansri tengku datok etc before.

Dahlia is very upset because she thought we were going to stay with her after sending her to school. That WAS the original plan but then since husband got to rush off, we are going later. I did volunteer to go by myself but husband also wants to run some other errands so we are going after he (hopefully quickly) attends to the patient. I hope the firm lets me off for a while. Dahlia is soo excited about her report card day that before 7 pun dah masuk kereta.

We picked up the others' report cards the other day- yeeeesh Sara's teacher was seriously non motivated. Maybe she was sick. Her voice was soooo tak semangat. I was very hyper compared to her. (or maybe I am hyper full stop??) Sophia's teacher, was better. And everyone of the teachers we saw says "oh, adek Nadine ye??" They all remember Nadine and think that she's doing well and boy this is going to be tough on the other sisters . Husband think we should pluck Sara out into another school. Entahlah.

Ok. bye for now.

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