Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Doing the right thing.

There is something we want but it does not make sense to do it. But we really really really want to do it. Do you listen to your heart or do you listen to the words of the wiser and older (ok, I mean you mom). Heh heh heh.


Rushed this morning to "run and get Dahlia's report card" as I told Boss. 2 hours later baru balik..oi darling jom pindah Gurney lah. nearer office. Anyway. Dahlia's schoolteacher said "PLEASE help polish her BM!!! She speaks as if she has been attending international school etc etc etc.." ok ok I get the message. I pun nod my head submissively until I reached the office again and it struck me that hang on, YOU are the teacher. YOU teach my kid BM. Having said that we are now having a MARI CAKAP BAHASA MELAYU campaign in the house. Tomorrow I will tell the kids about it.

Oh yes I finally got to met DANIEL AKHLIF Dahlia's admirer. She has been telling me about this boy who is always disturbing her, and I got to see this fair kid do it , in front of me, first hand. Eh tak takut langsung dia, even though I'm Daya's mom. He was chasing her, following her, pulling her hair, etc etc! And when I asked "WHAT are you doing???" He said "saja kacau.." he likes to bother her. The teacher told me the same thing in a resigned voice. He likes my daughter as she is cute. I thought he was a special ADHD child but it turned out that he is the brightest in class- nombor 1. Before I went back I said to him "Oi, Im WATCHING you.." - eeps I hope his mom was not there.


tak jadi rupanya attend to Agong's mom- his other colleague did it. Apparently so banyak protocol by the time she was done, dah tengahari. He's coughing like mad now and I think he's coming down with something. He is adamant that he is ok. Because besok ada "long list" of cases to do and he's alone therefore he HAS to turn up. I think if the doc is unwell the patient would not appreciate him turning up is what I think. But see first lah how. I am insisting that he gets a lung xray to check out whether everything is ok or has 25 years of tar consumption affected him. Ya think??


Bu****r it the Streamyx is forever disconnecting on me. I have no idea why and it seems on my husband's laptop tak jadi pun. I think I'm entitled to at least ONE MONTH's rebate from TMNET lah. It's very annoying.

Soalan Hari ini

Apa itu chemistry. What makes a guy like a girl. Ok beside her b**Bs. hee hee hee. What if you are just friends but you really hit it off. But you are NOT each other's types at ALL. to go further or not- Adalah I kenal this orang with this masalah....alah soalan merapu.


We saw him today. At Starhill. Pakai suit lagi. Tulah tengah ponteng dari keje kot. He came out of a BMW - driver dia drove off and then he walked towards LV and then he started to call someone on the handset. We imagined the conversation went like this:

Datuk K: Yang I dah sampai ni, you kat mana??
Yang: I kat Michael Ong ni, jap lah!
Datuk K: Ah cepat lah, you kata you nak bag tadik, meh lah!

Heh heh heh. I got the email of her buying the USD10,000 or something LV bag and if I ever am that rich please God let me have more common sense and better taste than that BAG...heh heh heh..Of course this is sour grapes...

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