Friday, June 08, 2007

The Children's Names

Dad of Four, forgive me for not following your instructions properly. I will make sure that that is done soon. But in the meantime your tag reminded me of how my children got named....


First pregnancy..follow all instructions to the letter (except the one from mom to eat my jamu) and thought I was pretty special now that I was going to join the Mom's Club. What to name her or him?? Of course, being so far away from parents at that time, we decided to name the baby ourselves...Nadine was the name of a character in Grace under Fire (remember that tv comedy?) - she was the red haired brassy best friend of Grace (the single mom) and I liked the name and her feistiness too. I found out later it means Hope and I thought- what a fitting name for our first born! We imagined that later when she'd grew up she'd have to explain to her friends that its pronounced NAYDEEN or NUHDEEN and NOT NAH DI NIII.. And true enough, this is what she is having to do with her teachers. Azalea is a very pretty flower which I liked so it was paired with her!

If it had been a boy? Believe it or not- Reuben!! (Hebrew for first son!) God is Great .

Mom wanted Nur fakrishah something something. .

Nadine has grown up everything we want her to be. The hope is now that I don't mess up her adolescence..!


I wanted the name Zahrah. Seriously. Or even Zara. Mom felt it was too old fashioned , so we opted for Sara. I wanted it without the h at the end. Rhianna was because she was born in Shrewsbury and it was a welsh name, meaning princess or was it nymph? something ethereal anyway..So I went into labour (all of 5 minutes of it, typical Sara) with the idea of a Sara Rhianna .Then mom wanted Jasmin. And it was either Sara Rhianna or Rhianna Jasmin . Actually after she was born I could not sleep all night because she was so DARK that neither names suited her and I was toying with other names like Nabila. But, hubby went to register her name as Sara Rhianna Yasmin, to please everyone. She is exactly her name, you know. Very sensitive and frail etc etc.


We knew we wanted Sophia, if it was (another) girl. As in Sophia Loren. We were kind of waiting for a boy that we were taken aback when God granted us this beautiful, fair and chubby baby (I missed my Friday episode of Friends to have her I remember and she was delivered by a very cool midwife) and both my parents were around then, thanks mom and dad. It took another week to find the other name for her..(must have 2 names ya know or else how is the child going to know if we are mad at her??) It was Sophia and not Sofia, again, another ice breaker between teachers and her. Apparently Sophia means wisdom. Apparently lah.


or now known as Dahlia S in her school. Sorry Dahlia. There was this Egyptian girl next door to us then named Dalia and I had liked the name so much. I also had this bossy little teacher called Miss Dahlia (or as she insisted we call her, day-lia) . Maybe I should not have thought about Miss Dahlia when I named my little Dahlia as she now is a little bossy miss too. Sheherazade..well, thanks be to H*EL*LO Magazine again (source of my names ) and also my loose tongue- just so HAPPENED to mentioned to hubby that I liked this fancy name (after the story teller in Arabian nights? Well Dahlia can sure spin a yarn!) .Aishah was my mother in law's idea. Hubby again did the same thing with Sara and included ALL THREE NAMES. Dahlia is of course, a flower.


It was of course going to be a muhammad for our (we thought then) first boy. (now only boy) . Sulaiman is one of my favourite names, That and Fuad. The father wanted Haris, or was it Faris. In the end he chose Johan, and now Johan is so chuffed to tell everyone that his name means champion in Malay.

Sigh..we thought our kids names will carry them everywhere - I really did not want the graduation ceremony wherever they are later (harvard and oxford we hope) get messed up because their names could not be pronounced by these ignorant mat sallehs. However on hindsight maybe I should have given them very strong Malaysian names so that they have a sense of patriotisme. Zulaikha or the Norsomething something that my mom wanted so much.

Names I wish I can use - HELENA. FUAD . FARID

See, we dont ever argue about names because when we argue, all of the names get chosen. Hahahahha......


fifi said...

Didn't realise Sara's full name is pretty similar to Farah's.. (Farah Yasmin), first time I found out about your children's full (literally) names.. pretty cool. Happy B'day to Dahlia in advance

bj said...

Helena - beautiful name. All the Helenas I know are pretty..

Fuad - No. All the Fuads I know have bad character!

Farid - strong name. Also good looking, like my current boss. All the Celcom gals are crazy over him,and his name is of course Farid. Hee... heee..

My next one will be Norlin. Actually, Zahrah IS a nice name, kan? That's my mum's name (Zaharah)

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