No, nothing to do with the ghosts in my place.

Just looked at my cousin's blog and there was a pic of him(?) posing and this woman was behind him looking at a camera. The woman had long straight hair and face was not clear but look youngish. Also was wearing white. I'm sure we all have seen pix of ghosts posing in pictures at some point or the other.

As it is morning and sunny I can afford to take the mickey so here goes:

1. Why did the ghost pose? Why must look at the camera one? And not terperanjat at being caught or what or even seen to peer menacingly over the guy's blissfully unaware form, but rather, posing.
2. Where did the ghost get such lovely hair? So soft.
3. Why are all ghosts in white? Is colour banned in ghost world?
4. How come all ghosts are women. Are there no male ghosts?
5. And if you have a chance to roam the afterlife, would you do it hanging around the 15th floor of some flat- what a loser.

Heh heh heh. Hope I don't regret this post come midnite...


Azwan said…
that is not me la
Sorry along blur- i went to re read again

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