Friday, June 15, 2007


Aren't you glad it's a Friday...?

Am listening to "You'll be safe here" by RiverMaya...theme song for Heroes. Am trying to understand what the plot is. Someone is a cheerleader. Someone is a baaaaad guy. Someone else is a dual personality . I have not followed my other fave show, Grey's Anatomy. Mc Dreamy is together with Meredith Whiny. I think.

Hmm could do with another visit to Redang.

Johan chose my baju today. So that he won't be upset that I was going to work I said you can choose my outfit today Jojo! He sat in front of the wardrobe and pondered...he chose a very glittering baju but cannot lah kan! So he had to choose another.

Dahlia now has taken to brush her head against me macam cat pulak. Macam macam. I have not seen them properly for at least a day as semalam crashed kat sofa at 8 pm. Nadine has 90 days or something for UPSR and semalam she had to finish 2 workbooks. Finish the entire book ok.

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