Friday, June 29, 2007

kids games

My girls are actually lucky lah..they have ready-made friends. Semalam riuhnya my house- it was almost 10 but it was still very noisy - they were playing "Mak Ayam & Musang" (or wolf and mother hen?) Since the day of Dahlia's report card Ive been telling them to speak MALAY at home which has led to hilariousresults such as:

Sara (at the dinner table) : You know, I have a friend who always say"Dude"
Sophia: Oh yeah? Is it like, hey, where are you going, old Dude??
Mummy: Oi! Cakap bahasa Melayu!!
Sophia: err...mana awak nak pergi, dude tua?

Hee hee

So anyway semalam punya game ni...4 of them are in a row and they are all "playing" suddenly one of them cried "INTERRUPTION!!" and then crossed her legs- I want to go toilet!

Mummy: Cakap Bahasa Melayu!!

Nadine: Ok lets go to the musang's house for toilet

Mummy: Oi!

..and so it goes.Basically the game involved them taking the toilet key from the wolf, and then losing it and then being chased by the musang. Terkikik-kikik mereka. I shake my head at the lack of practice in bahasa ibunda.

The kids also come home with so many variations of the "oh jus"(or rock paper scissors) games. A very popular one is "see see amerika" It goes- see see amerika amerika duit something something something, cocola duit, cocola ayoyo and involve putting down your hand as either rock, paper or scissors . Then if its the same, you wag your finger at each other and go "ayo yo" and if not, you slap the other person - or rather you pretend to slap them and then they would turn their head to the left and right.

Yesterday Sophia tried to teach a new version- baby lotion something something, dum dum dek, dum dum and then involve some baby crying. There is also that P- I-Z-Z-A -H-U -T , pIZA pIZZA HUT, ... rock paper scissors game ...

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tiara324542 said...

Very,very funny mummy! :)

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