Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Laaaast part, promise!

Tak abis lagi! Just to tell you the second day. Hmm what did we do..this was the day we were supposed to go back so cannot venture far. So we just lepak on the beach and wowzee. Tak yah go anywhere else. At first we were just playing in the middle area of the bay. Ok lah, we saw a couple of fish there as well. The water was about chest deep at its deepest. Then Nadine and I went to the rocks at the end of the teluk (ie the mouth of the U shape that was our teluk) and boy did we hit paydirt! All we had to do was stick our faces in and these fishes were actually inches away. What a surreal experience. I held out my hands and they swam between them.

After that, I sempat visit the spa..bukan apa, my right arm hurt ! So I opted for the May Special, the RM55 neck and shoulder massage. Only I paid RM10 extra as the lady did the back as well. Sedapp nye no wonder people love to go for massage! First you have to have a shower under the "rain" shower and then you come out and they get you to lie down while they voluntarily spend time and energy to urut your life out of you and making you feel better - the masseuse was from Bali and she told her life story to me with (I swear) very little prompting! Then it was time to go back ....we had to board the ferry by Of course, all the kids were again on top deck and mummy was snoring away blissfully downstairs in the aircond. At the jetty there were a lot of fish, and the kids started to share their buns with these (clever) fish. First the black and yellow striped fish came and then slowly we saw the garoupa surfacing from the deep was eerie as they are HUGE ok. Some idiot thought it would be funny to throw cigarette butts to them. Oi, the fish is cleverer than you ..orang tak pergi sekolah lah ni.

Arriving at KT the right is the market .We went to search for keropok lekor. Mak datuk banyaknye lalat....tapi sedap le. Have to stop and buy another batch as tak cukup (RM5 worth, tak cukup)

Ok that is it I promise on redang...jom pi !


shah said...



Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey brother

wat is your email address allready time you balik tell me in advance i will book seminggu just for you ok.

If my other brother in ireland reads this blog (he doesnt) this applies to you too,'k

MRSHUSiN said...

kak long!!! sounds like fun! looks like hu*sin& i have to go there now!
oh, found out another place u & fam can go in rawang. very nice too!

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