Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Monday

So Monday was a day which aged me about 5 years.

We stayed at KL Hilton on Sunday. A new society for gastro intestinal diseases was being launched and due to me being marrried to the vp and treasurer, we got a free room. Also because everyone was concerned that they (read, us) not be late to the launching which would start at 8 am the next day.

KL Hilton- what can I say . Its luxury to the max, While KL was grappling with floods , we were oblivious to it. Kids and I were enjoying the view from the 19th floor from the floor to ceiling window, the kids were taking turn in the at least 2 and half feet deep bath tub- tak lak ukur but macam jacuzzi rather than a normal bath tub. And the rain shower- wah nak satu!! After the said treasurer and vp checked us in, he unceremoniously disappeared to operate on a patient and later, finished speech for the next morning. I only saw him at 5 in the morning, when he just got in. It was so luxurious that we overslept, the kids missed school, the vp and treasurer got calls from frantic colleagues as to where he is since the Health Minister was about to turn up in half an hour, etc etc. I took the kids home, got lost , got stuck in the jam, mega mega peak hour traffic, no petrol in car, panic panic, checked in to office,joined them again for lunch. Hubby ada dinner etc for the said society.
Sophia was the girl who gave the saguhati to the Minister. She stayed with her daddy and was looked after by Mak B and Uncle M who graciously turned up to what must have been a dry morning! Thanks for taking her home, Mak B and Uncle M. She was observing this chinese magician, then turned to me and seriously told me, mummy, do you know that some people say "fai" for five?SHhhh

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