Monday, June 25, 2007

Need Another Sunday[no pix]

Wow what a day. A.m:
Opah jemput datang breakfast. Juan you very rugie tak datang. My mom contributed to the nasi lemak - delicious as my mom is a very good cook (as are all her sisters actually). There was sambal sotong, laksam, ayam goreng fresh, ikan bilis, kacang, telur rebus, kangkong, and cucur pisang. Husband and Nadine and Sara went out jogging and came hone quarter to 9 - Mom had reminded us to be there early so a little panic ensued. We had sent some 11 year old fabric to the tailor for her to turn them to skirts and blouses. The blouses are floral and the skirts are of a checquered material. After about half a year of total silence from this tailor, Hubby told her to do it by this weekend or ELSE- this woman you have to give deadline if not she will take her time. How lah like that. You want to help small businesses but then they have terrible work attitudes.

So anyway...A bit of chaos before we left for Opah's house as Husband had instructed the kids to change from what they were allready wearing , to the new clothes. Unfortunately Daya had taken this very literally and worn the very floral blouse TOGETHER with the very chequered skirt. When I pointed out that only a person who got dressed in the dark would wear them together she was very upset and insisted that no she would NOT change as she was already happy with what she had been wearing before and daddy then asked her to change and now she was not going to change ANY MORE.

Of course, in the end she changed, when her sisters appeared more er..sensibly dressed. My girls need more t shirts . And jeans . And skirts. Everything LAH!

Opah very frail lah...wheezing a bit. Happy to see us. Going to drop by tomorrow as don't want her to think that she has to bribe us with food before we see her. She is old. Husband tells me to go see her more often. I can't imagine the day I don't have my Opah. I stayed with her a LOT when I was Sophia's age. I was the Sophia then . ER, Yes I did open her fridge and got my Opah to cook me stuff as well. My favourite was telor goreng and kicap and kentang goreng. I remember loving the koleh of tea that Opah always had - it was always full. Now Sophia's favourite drink is tea too. How bizarre. I used to sleep there and the smell of freshly laundered linen and the feel of kekabu pillow was divine.

Anyway after we finished at Opah's house- off to Mak M and off to Uncle R's house in the "country"- wah , his house is so nice. The house is set in a huge piece of land- you have to climb to reach the house,and you climb the same distance, to reach the very top of the land. View is fantastic. Area will really boom soon so if I have extra moolah I will dump in buying the land there. Kids really enjoyed roaming the land. Main kutip kayu ...checked out the durian trees and the pulasan tree etc...and finally, having a bath with Uncle's big old style kolah. Thanks very much Mak M and Uncle R.


Shot to H and M's daughter's birthday, at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. Despite being stuffed to the core, managed to really enjoy the buffet! Clown was good. Apparently M's staff. Hubby disappeared with his friends , leaving me to loiter around the buffet area. My kids had fun...they ended up with presents ! And so many balloon animals, flowers etc . Basically they monopolised the clown as we were the very very last guests.


We had to drop by Uncle F and Auntie R's house. In fact hubby planned it so we visit by 5 but of course terlajak sampai 7 baru sampai there. Thank you Kiki and M for the pizza and generosity. Glad to see Uncle F looks well. He may have had a stroke but I'm sure he can tell you off with one look.

Now almost 1 am. Better sign off. Hope can post pix tomorrow. Phew I think need to fast lah...

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