Sunday, June 03, 2007

Redang- Part 1- the Trip!


We had planned to leave KL at 2 am in the morning of Monday, after a wedding. We had left the kids at Mak Z's place as the wedding was held 5 minutes away from their place- thank you very much Mak Z and Uncle Y and LANA and HELMY for helping to entertain them! By the time we got back from the wedding (extended due to us meeting old friends) the kids were all fast asleep. As I had some last minute work to do, we shamelessly invited ourselves to sleep over there as well. I did some last minute work, and Hubby fell asleep downstairs. By the time work was done, it was 6 am and we sneaked out of the house. Lana got up to say bye bye - we did not want to wake anyone else!

The Trip:

..Was LONG, ok. No joke. From KL, take the Lebuhraya Pantai Timur which would take you to Kuantan (last stop). Toll paid was roughly RM17. From there you would pass Kemaman, Kerteh ( where my children oohed and aaahed over the flaming towers of Petronas) . The weather was beach weather all the way ie HOT and SCORCHING. Stopped for the loo etc several times. Sara siap mandi kat one of the stops. We had a stop for a drink where a baby monkey was kept as a pet (and chained!) and the kids were thrilled to play with this baby monkey. I wanted to go to the loo but the loo was of the hole in the ground type which was still ok, except it was blocked and was pretty disgusting. Moral of this : Go at the reststops . Office called to say that doomsday had arrived. Worry worry worry. No sense worrying as both phones had died. (Apparently someone had very rudely shouted at my poor clerk.)

Approaching Terengganu

I remember now why I wanted to move us to this state. Its lovely!! The sea, the breeze, the fishing boats, the lack of traffic! In Terengganu I took over the driving as husband (who had, we must say, 5 hours of sleep compared to none from moi) , was tired. There is a new highway now to Terengganu and its big- probably to accomodate the fact that vehicles would try to overtake each other and more often have to squeeze in at the last minute. Hairy jugak. We finally arrived at about 3.(Hubby got up and said I was slow..excuuuuuuse me!) . So many lorries!

Now in Kuala Terengganu (KT) , we headed towards SHAHBANDAR JETTY. Cleverly, we had NO IDEA where it was except it was in KT, research done obviously. I mean it was only KT, how hard was it to find right? Pretty hard if you have only 2 mins to spare before the ferry leaves. Just to jadik kan ceritakan... We had almost resigned ourselves to 2 days in KT if we missed the ferry.We accosted this family at the traffic lights to ask where the heck Jeti Shahbandar is. the answer was- go straight! Of course, there was no mention of the roundabout lah kan. So Amazing Race. Happily , we made it. The ferry was typically Malaysian and was late, thank goodness.

The Ferry

Costing about RM100 return per head. Kids cost RM50 per head. You need to register first at the ferry counter giving your names and ages etc and you don't actually pay until you check out of the hotel in Redang. Then you have to pay about RM5 per head for entry into the Marine Park- its basically fees for maintenance. You can choose to either park within the gated compound of the ferry area for RM10 per nite or you can go to the open car park . Although the guy assured us that it'd be safe to go to the open car park which was after all just next to the ferry area, Hubby was not sufficiently assured and we shelled out the RM20 for 2 nights of parking. The ferry trip was uneventful and not rocky at all. They even gave us a bottle of mineral water! (generous or what eh) and put on Spiderman3 (dah kuar DVD ke??).Anyways...I am sorry to say that I slept through the trip (both ways!) and the next thing I knew we arrived. (spiderman tak habis lagi) Hubby and kids were of course, on the top deck with the wind blowing in their hair. Good thing I was asleep as I would have freaked out about them falling into the sea.

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