Monday, June 04, 2007

Redang Part 2

After a 10 minute drive by bus , we reached our hotel-Greeted by a young girl holding glasses of cold lime drink- terimakasey! Nak checked in , a rude shock- have to pay RM800 (which is refundable) ! Hallo, where do they think we'd run off to, this IS an island. Oh yes, you need money for everything here. Boat trips is RM40 per head. And you cannot travel any other way if you want to visit say another part of the island. Canlah, if you don't mind jungle trekking.

We had planned to go off to the beach immediately after checking in but it was so comfortable in the room that by the time we got out, with our floaties and our swimming suits, it was Maghrib!! A bit of a plonker ehwhat. Anyway we decided to makan terus and not knowing where else to go, headed for the buffet. It was a decent one although the food spread could be wider but what do you expect it was only RM55 per head (kira murah lah tu by the island's standard). Anyway my kids were very buffet savvy and had allready gone off to get their food before I managed to sit down. Jojo sat down in his bulky suit (ye lah nak swim kan) - later taken off and he enjoyed the rest of the buffet topless.

Everyone crashed early - we must have been more tired than we thought!

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