Monday, June 04, 2007

Redang - Part 3- Marine Park!

BTW did I tell you they promoted me at work?

At 9 sharp in the morning (ie 9.30), we assembled by the beach stall to collect our snorkelling gear , for our trip to the Marine Park. It was RM30 per head, and this includes snorkelling gear, boat trip and er..that's it. Oh yes, life jackets. Breakfast was a local nasi lemak from nearby restaurant - hubby trekked there early a.m (RM3 for nasi lemak). The hotel cafe- RM17 for nasi lemak.

Left by bus to catch the boat and after about 5 minutes (dokek jo) - we were at the Marine Park. So many heads bobbing up and down allready!

Giler best!!! We only had to put our head down and there were fishes swimming before our eyes. Sand was so soft and white. Water was warm and calm. Breeze in your hair...hmm nak pi balik !Fish were very friendly. Came very close. Nadine siap lari lagi, as she was surprised by a huge garoupa. We saw red and black fish, yellow and black striped fish, ikan bawals and sardine fishes , injection fish as my kids call them and many others.Noticed that they would surround you if you give them bread. Aiyah. what fish eat bread tell me?? Action nye. Hubby pretended to have bread and his fingers were nearly bitten off. (ok exaggerate)..
Tak berani venture further than a few feet - not so used to having the life jacket on- it tugs on you kan? There was a boundary out of which we cannot venture- I think its to ensure that we don't get hit by the passing boats. The coral were dead there though..what a pity. But what do you expect lah with so many visitors?


dijah said...

Cool.Last time I went snorkelling was at Pulau Tioman,2002.

Lan0stZz said...

adoiiii i should have tagged along!!!!!! soooooo best baca your trip~

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice... Tapi, the long drive and also the ferry ride is not my cup of tea. Glad you guys had a good time. Will see you on Sat!

fulltime mom

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