Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kids dinner etiquette

The other day we went to Secre*t Rec*pe at KL Sentral , while waiting for hubby to land.
Me, Dahlia, Jojo and Sara as well as MIL.
Actually, only planned to wait in the car as hubby said he'll be arriving at 7.30 pm and we had timed it so that our arrival there was also at 7.30 p.m
When there was no sign of him at 8 pm I called Nadine at home to ask her to check the website of KLIA on the status of his arrival. Lo and behold- delay.
Now I know what the fuss was about with MAS delays.
Anyway since the lady at MAS hotline (now my best friend) confirmed that flight took off nearly 2 hours from scheduled, we decided to de-park ( or is that "un park") ie get outta the car, and go for makan.
Kids were ecstatic at the prospect of (a) makan luar at a restaurant and (b) telling Sophia and Nadine, who had thought we weren't going to be long and then had chosen not to come.
Anyway this post is to tell you, not about how I basically ignored my hubby in the first 3 minutes of his arrival (unplanned - I truly thought I was ok but when push came to shove I could not talk to him lah) BUT rather how my kids were at a restaurant.
The ideal post would be to tell you that they sat, perused the menu quietly, and when the meal came, ate neatly and from their own plate
The actual event? Everyone fought over the menu, until it became clear that everyone WILL get a menu of their own. NO one wanted to go to the KIDS menu, until I tell them that EVERYTHING in the other lists other than the chicken burger, spagbol and the fish and chips, are OFF LIMITS. Sara wanted fish and chips. Dahlia wanted spaghetti bolog and jojo did not know what he wanted and haaaahed and hawwweed over his choice until his mother told him either he ordered now or else she was going to order spag bol for him. He chose chicken burgers- It looked rather neat, tiny baps of burgers.
The waitress made a mistake of asking whether we wanted chicken burgers or beef. Further deliberation ensued..
Finally ate..Dahlia wanted a bit of Sara, Sara wanted a bit of Johan's and Johan did not want his, until Dahlia also wanted a bit and then Johan thought he'd better try it lah.
After they ate, I would like to say that they sat nicely and chatted amongst themselves. They sat, played with the ends of their baju, Johan got under the table and took great delight in surprising his sisters from behind their chair, Dahlia decided to go look at the cakes, Sara wanted the choc moist cake - etc etc . I cool je until Johan decided to put both arms in his shirt and pretended he was the no arm monster. Dahlia wanted the loo, and as soon as she came back , Johan wanted to go to the toilet and then it was Sara. Why cant they go together , is not something I can answer
And this scenery was what Dad came back to....


To do today:

1. Finish the paper to be presented this evening
2. Finish the agreements (1 down 6 more to do)
3. Finish the other agreements (none down)

Things not to do when you have loads of work

Surf the net

So ...byeeee

(ps jojo i hope you go to school today!! You are NOT sick!!)

Sunday, July 29, 2007




God is Great.

You know how worried I've been with me being unable to contact my husband and him not coming back when he said he would, and then staying up not being able to sleep in case he finally calls to tell us he was safe? And how glad I was to see him in the end and how he tells me I should not have worried as he was ok (i will blog about this later)

Well, he just had a taste of it hee hee hee.

Azriel's engagement

Yesterday my cousin MerapuMan and Aida's brother got engaged to Ema(Congratulations!!) . Hee hee sorry sedikit lambat. (standard lah) We had planned to meet at Simpang Pulai toll at 11.30a.m. Mak M also invited us for breakfast, and Abah wants to go to Manong to seehis long lost brother.

So how to juggle all- we promised Mak M we (parents in law and us) will be there at 7 am, then at 10a.m we would leave her house for North.

Hahahahahah- we ended up leaving the house at 10 am, supposedly to lead mak and abah to go to rumah Mak M. All of a sudden we lost them. I called my handphone which I have lent to them, and found out they decided that we were late and that they better go on their own. So off we went. Husband said why didn't they tell us of the change in plan? (I did not reply as it was too tempting hee hee)

We arrived , orang tengah makan.Aida sambut (thanks for helping with the kids) We tucked in too lah. Dendeng dia sedaaaaap rasa nak tapau je. My kids yang kureng makan pedas pun , tala je. Did not feel like I was at someone else's house at ALL as it was mainly our family je. Gelak pun besar besar.

The Wait at Ipoh Toll

Anyway after that we excused ourselves supposedly to wait for abah and mak at Ipoh toll, so that we can go to Manong together. We were there by 2 pm.

Until 4.30, no sign of them. Weather was so hot that we all got out and hung about outside the surau. The toll is not a resting place so does not have any distraction like stalls etc. Kids of course, had a fun time, main kejar kejar lah, giving Daya maths test. Siap lah solat zohor and asar. (even Johan- "daya, my father has 8 apples. I ate some. How many is left. Daya: How many did you eat? Jojo: 9. Hahahahahaha!!!)

The Irrepressible Kids

My kids, are ALWAYS talking. Kira volume always "ON". Sometimes it feels like I'm managing a school trip . I dozed off in the car with their chatting buzzing in my ear. They could not watch telly as the DVD car player decided that yes, the 2 hour trip is the right time for me to kong, and not work. So these kids improvised lah. Ada new game "Mamavella tatavella, mama girls papaboys" , ie with their hands . Ada another one involving them acting like arab sheiks Yang bestnye semua orang tahu - they all know how to play the game! What was the one Jojo was trying to get me to do- Cocola America cocola duit- entah la amende!! Kelakar tol. Then they played the "opposite" game which involved them saying things opposite to what they mean. That was nice, as they were complimenting each other - You are SOOO Beautiful, Nadine. Yes and YOu are very very clever, Sophia etc etc. They found this game hilarious somehow.


Anyway back to in laws- hubby dah boring dah. He paced up and down, and he walked to the edge of the road looking for their car. Many times he called them- no answer. (eh macam familiar je hee hee) . So at half past 4 he said come lah we go to Manong direct. He also called his auntie to find out what time they left (at 12 it seems) and also his long lost uncle to find out if they are there (no, is the answer). He was calling everyone to find out where his mom and dad was.

Halfway there mak called - they had gone straight there it appears as they didnt think we would wait. Hubby was glad that she was safe, although grumbled (under breath) gak lah hee hee hee.


He took us via Kuala Kangsar, his old almamater. Showed off his imposing school to the kids. The girls said they want to go to a boarding school if it looks like that.

"You can't lah Sophia.You have to be smart" said Nadine

"And you have to be a boy" piped up Sara

"Eeeewwwwwwww!"reaction from Sophia and Dahlia.

They were impressed with the plaque saying "to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth" and "emperor hirohito" (??Ye ke I did nt get a good look at the plaque) . And Sophia tanya "emperor kusco takda?"

hee hee heee!! (Emperor Cusko is a character from Disney's Emperor's new groove)


It was a scene from Sheila Black's show- surprise surprise. Pak Long, dad's eldest brother. I have never met him believe it or not. They lived next to the Sungai Perak. I mean it. Belakang rumah is this LAKE like sungai. No rails like in KL, for my Opah's house is also backed by Sungei Klang (tu macam longkang rather than sungai)

I was humbled by their hospitality. Keluar kan nasi etc. We brought durian and rambutan. That is of course like bringing coal to Newcastle as they say. They had rambutan trees around their house. It was such a lovely, tranquil setting,with the river and the hills in the background.


After maghrib we left. Supposedly together but then dad sped off. They were heading to Sis in law's place for the night, on the way south to their home. So we sauntered at our own pace. Which , due to tiredness finally catching up with my husband, meant very very slow. We reached home at 2 a.m. I could not get him awake- and in the end I drove .

By 4 am we got an SMS from sister in law- where were they? Now husband cannot sleep . (wide awake after all that nap he took in the car). He said how to look for them, they could be anywhere on the road.

Tsk- takjadi apa lah. I told him to look up PLUS Ronda number.(Dah pandai lah, cari cari orang nie) and we called them to ask them to look for dad and mom's car- they said they will)


Mom and Dad are safe and with Mak B.


Friday, July 27, 2007

All is Well

latest update:

managed to talk to husband. Who is flying back today. To quote HP, "All is well".


What is it about KL roads that they instantly turn into parking lots when it rains? Where do all the extra cars come from? There should be the same number of cars when its dry as when its raining right? Or is our rain special, it can "expand" or increase the volume of the cars? Hehehehehe- in Malaysia anything can. Please don't tell me cars slow down when it rains because that is not entirely true. Laju lagi adalah. So many road bullies too.

Man when you drive in KL, you learn to just grit your teeth, push the nose of the van out, and cut off that presumptious toyota camry who is trying to get into your lane from the right ..

It was really really vicious out there yesterday (and to a lesser degree, today) . I swore like a sailor yesterday, as Malaysian drivers show absolutely no respect for lanes or lights come to think of it. We can give the Indian drivers a run for their money. The only thing missing would be the incessant honking that friendly drivers in India love. Ladies, men, old guys, young twerps, would simply ,pokerfaced-ly, and very the blur-faced ly, cut in front of you or trying to get into your way or worse, go on the hard shoulder etc , shamelessly over taking about 40 cars, then delay everyone by trying to get back into your lane. The cops would of course be missing most times. to top it all off, yesterday a tree fell on to the road and I heard the traffic report going "...and that tree is STILL there ..."

Well! Im not getting bullied by the road maniacs babey! Sigh....Its nice to find out that although 10 years ago one was too chicken to drive and had to be coached around the TESCO car park 24 times by one's other half, now one can wrestle in traffic with the best of them...hehehehehe

Update on the abovereferred to Other half.

As of now, no news. What I will do is I will ask at the hospital tomorrow exactly when this conference ends , as now his parents are also worried. My parents have called also. Not to mention how annoying I must seem to my friends! I do not know how the parents of say the Nuri crash etc can stand to wait for news. I do not need caffeine lah basically, to stay awake. I know my hubby is safe, he has to be to hear all the "leter-an" from us, heheheheehhehe...no lah. Insyallah. It's very important to leave details of where you are going with your loved ones , I now remind my kids. We were talking about their dad and Johan said he is a funny man. As in Ha Ha.

Rice cooker conked

On day mom in law announced arrival, my rice cooker conked. Light ada, but refused to cook . So how? Bought a new one. Thanks KitchenGuardian for your kind offer of lending us one but I'd better get a new one. Spending money takes my mind off the subject of you know what anyway.

Homework front

We are making progress... Sophia is slowly catching up with all the homework and Sara is fully (She says) updated too. (No sleeping until done- all of a sudden, they felt very very tired and had to go to bed NOW, ie before work is done. Ahaaa mommy sees through you lar)

Did not check anyone else- I am taking Dahlia's word that she has finished hers and really, Dahlia? ALL your exercise books are with the teachers? NOTHING for me to see? Hmmm,strange....? hee hee.

Jojo did not go to school again. Felt ill. Showed me also,his neck is warmish.. What's going on.....anyway tomorrow he promised me he'd go . I said "Well done Johan" and a moment later I heard him mumbling under his breath "there's a birthday party anyway" - OHO!!

Im not really worried (yet) about his development. He is five (1 in my mind) -

He would spell random letters and then ask me to pronounce and then when I happen to hit on a word eg MAMA etc, he'd crow to the others that he has spelt mama. Actually he can read a little - : PLAY, GAME, ENTER YOUR NAME, YES, NO, EXIT, START. He can also spell NICKELODEON. I tell you.

Nadine is preparing for her new UPSR subject, in Harry Porter. She reads it slowly and now is halfway however was told the ending by neighbour- hey Nadine, its day 5 since the book is bought , you are bound to know.

Its now 1.45 and my other neighbour just came in. what does he do and why does he come in at this time every blinking night? And yet they tell us that they have not moved in yet. As in,pls dont tegur us , we have not officially moved in. They do their own thing . We, stare from behind curtains.

Ok ok better go to bed- I have to (still) send the kids tomorrow am. MIL has her appointment at GH.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Level 3 - Worry

Now, I'm seriously worried.

Durian cake

How to work ..

wondering whether the flight is today, tomorrow . etc etc.

anyway, am stuffing face with a delishhhhhhous durian cake from Secret Reci*pe. Three layers of sponge cake, with dreamy durian cream in between

Yummmm divine....

Where oh Where

MIL is coming tonite! Hope hubby comes back.

Hubby is missing in action!

[previous rant deleted- see new reaction below]

Oh well , I'm sure he is safe and sound and drinking a mochalatte somewhere, and we'll see him when the cab drops him at the house.

I totally kewl wife.

Homework Blues

Semalam cornyness kan. Today boringness. Adake tak call call...issh ish ish sampai hati tol. Lak tu , switch off handphone. Not lah I had the time to call him...(more than 25 times, I mean hehehehehehe). Eh CALL LAH!!!

Semalam I was TIGERWOMAN. (as N said, "Redirected Anger" ) Kesian bebudak cause I took it out on them, shamelessly . I told them, "I'm tired, I went through the jam for 2 hours, and I DON't want to hear that you have forgotten your homework when you have allready been home since 1 pm, and if you have- do your homework NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" . Man, it felt good to yell - sigh... Sorry ye Neighbour Im sure you heard, Just don't call teledera ok.

Mana tak marah. 2 of my kids, do not like homework. I thought it was just ms x (sparing her feelings as she reads this blog) I found her books full of incomplete work, which she did not complete, fair enough , because she'd been ill, because the teacher erased the board before she can copy (OI Teacher, heard of the photocopier?? Y lah you go and write on the board is this an exercise in handwriting?) anyway..so mom advised me not to nag ms x anymore, just to monitor her. So I told them, no TV until 4 and make sure your homework is done before you do anything remotely resembling fun.

What do I find when I get home - all the kids lounging about watching a story about a woman who has a soft spot for an uncivilised ape man (tarzan) and Sophia playing computer games. When I asked dah habis homework or not?? All said "aaaa, er, let me check, er takda, eh, ada, eh I forgot about that one" etc but STILL sat in front of the telly. So I yelled lah. Terperanjat depa. Semua bertempiaran.

As I was concentrating on ms X , I did not check on Sophia . Yesterday I did- she had a lot of homework pending. She did not understand the questions. Waaaaahhhhhhhhrghhhhhhhhhh.

You know, I'm not so mad at them as I am with the teachers- my children did not finish the homework because they did not understand them. Teachers don't create an environment where kids can ask and honestly, teachers are too busy with their other duties to handle kids not understanding and parents really have to play a more active part than ever. I'm mad at me and hubby too for not attending to them. Looks like it has to be DAILY attendance and checking books. Drills galore awaits them from today- my house is going to look like a tution centre. DadofFour I think you are right not to take ASTRO.

Ok kids if you are on the computer now and on line - GETOFF THE PC AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK NOWWWWW

(garang kan)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ramblings ..

Hello there, Saya single mother hari ni, husband pi Jakarta ada conference. Macam pi ChowKit ek? Left at 4 p.m with a colleague. Last I checked with him, he has no clue what conference and which hotel. I wonder where he is in Jakarta. and whether he can buy me some telekungs. My mom probably would like some fancy telekung to give to new daughter in law to be. (see Im coming around to the idea).


Cornyness aside, I do think I'm extremely lucky as hubby is extremely considerate. Ok ok so he tends to forget to call or forget to sms and he has a very funny idea of time and keeping it, but he did go and make sure the fridge was full of stuff, and the car was full of fuel (hey I CAN fill up the petrol btw) and there is enough money in the bank(VERRRY important) before he went off. And he did go with me to buy my shoes (and kept showing me more shoes he liked !- He's a worse shopper than me- takes forever to choose, have to see so many items before he choose one, instead of perusing quickly, finding what you like and then outta there, like me) So, whatever his shortcomings (not that there are many) he is one good husband. And today I miss him as he usually sends the kids to school. The girls were late by 10 mins today.

Ok end of cornyness..


Guess what - I've downloaded the PDF copy of HP 7. Some person who has a lot of free time, bothered to upload this. The distasteful part of it is that this was done prior to the official release (but I found it only yesterday)- so now I can re-read this book again and again - er I mean after office hours lah


Bought everyone fresh erasers, sharpeners, pencils and glue again yesterday. Kesian lah., they were using stubby pencils etc. They eat their sharpeners what. Dahlia was so happy as she can now give her friend one eraser. Eh? Rupanye, her friend Yasmin (the crook) has been nagging her to give her an eraser. Dahlia said she has told Yasmin to go buy her own but Yasmin said no. I could not give her any advice as her sisters were busy telling her what to say to this Yasmin. ALong the lines of you crook go buy your own. She said Yasmin said she is "kodokut". I tell her, so what - tell her, Yes I am kodokut.

Johan told me last night that I am stinky. So he would not sleep next to me, and he said (exact words) "Perhaps you should take a bath". Hee..I discovered why I was deemed stinky later. Cat smell. He wanted to play computer games and needed my help and I said "but I'm stinky Johan" and he said "ok then..you can stand at that place and then tell me from there.." . My son. How to have ego like that.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Weekend , I Have...

1. I have gotten my Harry Porter BOOK 7!!

Thanks to Sis in law ZU, I found out that Carre4 and Tasko were all of sudden entering the price war and basically like Harry Porter, were too good lah for the other shops, Kino included.. If I wanted the free book, I could queue at Kino from 2am, if not, then I could wait for Carre4 to open its doors at 7 and buy it at a (still expensive lah but a heck of a lot cheaper than RM100) price. As it was about half past FIVE in the morning when I got up, I abandoned all thoughts of queuing at Kino and rushed to catch the Carre4's event instead. Nagged poor husband to drive me there as it was barely light, sprinted out of the car as soon as he parked, raced with this chinese guy to the queue, then, wait in line behind 70 or so people ( or so it seemed then) including this woman with a 6 month old BABY, who got more and more excited as the time to start selling approached! (the Baby and not the mommy) Ni mesti masa pregnant baca HP je,ek? (By the way-She's a step mother of 3 grown up kids, her husband is in oil and gas, he works at XYZ company and their eldest has just gone to Uni XYZ - oh! And she lives in Section XX!) So anyway got the book, got mystery gift - water tumbler for the kids to lose again in school (they always do)-THANKS HUSBAND- he said he actually does not care for HP , he was just doing it as he loved me (awwwww- come on really, you want a golf game next week, right?)

2. I have...FINISHED IT

Through a movie, mom's meeting aka last minute tahlil, IKEA trip, etc. I have finished it yay yay. Wah best ler... Unsangkarable! Macam nie lah. JRRowling pleased everyone except if you really really like R, F, D, ME,S etc who all died.... (S was the one I cannot understand but I guess had to be done). It was a clever (or if you are not a fan, a rather merepek) way of ending it. Oh I can see the movie now.

3. I have ..gone to see Transformers

Dad of Four, your son was an angel, was my son's buddy for life, jalan semua hold hands and then main so nice. and he was so cheerful through the MC d meal and the wayang. Sorry tak da popcorn, habis believe it or not, although they didnt tell me they were not replenishing the popcorn until I get to the counter , and 10 mins have passed since I joined the line. SERVICE in Malaysia is terrible! (generalising again). I got junkfood though. Anyway the movie was ..er...meant to be watched in the cinema, and also, was good but I had a lot of questions (like, if they need the cube so much why didn't the autobots take it away when they finally had it instead of letting the boy take it and give it to the army and what WAS the need for the army and you expect me to believe that that HOT girl who hardly talked to the geek (although he's a cute geeK) now is next to him for all time? And parents never carik or what?) Anyway I had fun with the noise and the action and the special effects! Oh yeah, I discovered that the cinema version had blanked out a word used in the DVD. Quite a shock when I put the DVD on (thanks Chik) for parents in the car . Hope they didn't catch it.

4. I have gone to IKEA.

Took parents, and kids to IKEA. What can I say, So crowded lah !!! Remind me again why I need that particular pencil holder thingy? Always tempted by the stuff in IKEA. Kat UK Ikea is like fit for students but over here cannot afford lah its not cheap. Spent a long time at the cafe. Visited the prayer room for Maghrib and discovered that tak cukup kain for the telekung, Only have tops and not kain- how odd! Hubby wants a RM600 shaggy carpet.

ALSO. I have had a chat with brother no3 about his impending engagement. Family meeting (which started late) decided that we are going around eight and there were some debate whether the men or women should be carrying the dulang hantaran etc. Since he reads this (he says) Let me assure you that I AM happy that you are finally settling down. really! Tu yang susah pi confess dalam blog tau. Anyway my uncles all excited and despite my idea of meeting at some point, (shot down ) we are all meeting at mom's place and I bet, another little kenduri. We love gettogethers, we do.

Ok that is enough for the weekend. See ya tomorrow.

(on the kids' front- Johan has just now finished an "AKO gemilang" picture- amende tu you say? Jalur gemilang...)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Merapuuuueee

Ooooh kenyangnyeee...

"Stuffed" is the word. Colleague belanja makan Japanese, Inagiku Tykoh. Thanks ma'am. . For RM24 you get a huge slab of grilled salmon, and a biggish prawn. Also , together with the usual egg thingy, miso soup, sayur and my favourite- GARLIC flakes - Wish I have DadofFour's talent of describing food . We had teppanyaki seafood- Hmmm...My breath must stink by now. Tapi tak leh resist lah.

Nadine dah pergi Kem Ibadah. She's staying the night at school. This camp is to ensure that we get all spiritual help we can. The school cannot be faulted that way. If she does not get 5A I'm sure Nadine will feel that she has let the school down. As for me, if I see that she works so hard and yet she manages less than 5A, hey Im not upset . She is not going to boarding school anyway.

The thing about the kem ibadah is...we have bought tickets to see Transformers at 2 tomorrow. She finishes at 5 pm. So her dad said, tunggu kat canteen, just tell the teacher, I have to go I have a family function. What do you think Nadine said.

She said..No. She does not want to ponteng her kem ibadah or go early. The school pun dah scare the kids by saying that if students don't come, it will affect their UPSR. Eh? Camne tu? I told her UPSR is a nationwide thing lah and the teachers cannot control the results. Hubby macam nak gaduh against the school and only calmed down when I said...cikgu pun kena sacrifice their Saturdays as well.....so everyone has to take part lah...Ok lah. But Nadine gets a day out on Sunday..nak pi mana ye? Hmm maybe IKEA?

Anyway I wonder if the non malays also have similar camps- motivational camps etc. fair lah kan. Oh by the way what do you think about Malaysia being a secular state debate? I don't know but what I DO know is I wish that president of the Bar woman, Ambiga, would stop issuing press statements purporting to be the Bar Council's views (her views and her committee views) on race and religion, BEFORE she puts the whole press statement to vote or at least get the views of the lawyers in Malaysia. I don't appreciate having words put in my mouth thanks!! Last I check we are a democracy kan.

Oh well. Better stop yakking. Have things to do. Brain sluggish at the mo. Just an irrelevant point ..Re: Nuri. The correct translation of "bersabar" is so lah not "BE PATIENT". Aparah. Mat saleh baca sure tak paham, these people died and the PM says be patient?? Be patient while waiting for....what? But what is the right translation then? Be calm? Be resigned? Be strong? Last last..be patient. (macam tunggu bas).

Ada lagi. Its the "BENEFIT OF DOUBT" and not "BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT" - and documents are NOT "BINDED" , they are "BOUND" .

Sorry, tengah tengok documents ni. I am now binded to go to work. Taataaaa

HAve a good weekend, guys..

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nuri Yang Tua

Takziah to the families of the helicopter crew yang crashed...

40 year old Nuri you, and apparently our Government says they are still ok. Ye lah tu kot, as I have no idea what is 40 years in Nuri terms. Like cats, 7 years old tu very very old kan. Or, as sis in law tells me, people pun ada "real age" - older or younger than your birth age. Im sure with the fitness level I have now, I am actually 103. He he he. But back to the Nuri..is 40 years ok to be flying around macam helicopter anak dara? Nuri is also another name for Kakak Tua right? enough said.

Anyway I read that 4 of them were in the helicopter and 2 were flung out. How come tak eject macam dalam tv tu. Takkan takda parachute kot? My friend who has been on a helicopter to an oil rig said that her experience on that day , memang tak da parachute.

Whaaaat the ?? I memang advocate parachute ni. Siapa siapa nak jv with me to supply parachutes to people who work in highrise buidings, pls call me. I also think that all highrise apartments/offices etc should have a pole kat luar, ala ala bomba..what say you. Kalau ada fire ke., or 911 situation ke, apa nak heran, just slide out and down lah. What is this rubbish of jumping out of the building.

I TELL YOU!!! Simple onlie?? Elect me as president allready. hehehehehe

Anyway ...I feel really really sorry for the early demise of the crew members. Semoga Allah mencucurkan rahmat atas roh mereka....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Monday Blues on a Wednesday

What a hot day today is.

We had steamboat at Coca. Not bad except the foochook and the fish ball tasted a bit funny so we called the lady in charge and she went into the kitchen and after a loooooong time, she came back with the chef in tow and explained that the supplier is new that is why the taste is different. And she agreed to take the price off the bill.

Sophia called at about 11, asking me if we have a lightbulb, a wire and 2 batteries. Huh?? It seems that she has to bring them for science, except she cannot remember whether it was today or friday. I pun berleter lah and in the end I said to just get Kak Minah the wonder maid to help. Or call your friend.

It had to happen on the day Dad is in OT. And me car less. And opah not around. I wonder what she did in the end, Sometimes it's better to let them kena marah but shian lah...

This Saturday whole of my mom and dad's family coming over for a discussion on going over to my sister in law to be's house (better get used to it) -of course it is going to be "proper" , mom said she'd be catering (I insisted as I don't want her to worry) but then so and so auntie will be cooking this, so and so auntie will be cooking that, and can I bring x dish also (or rather, can I ask my maid to cook this dish) . Eh catering camne ni? hee hee. Sorry ye Adom clan, nak jemput you all but then maybe not the time yet? Karang wedding we make it a HUGE bash ok. Aku book karaoke. Tak dulik.

Ok better go and do work. Uncle Yaya, we are all thinking of you right now and hope your surgery goes well. We will see you soon. The surgeon is the best we know.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mummy oh mummy

I tengah online bergaduh sayang dengan my mom ni

Hee hee I don't know lah my darling mom and I nie..tak reti bercommunicate kot...ada je nak argue hee hee.

Issue nye:

My brother is getting engaged next month-My parents dah suka dah 150%. Dah pi Ireland dah. Dah siap bawak the girl holiday ok!Spain or where. And my dad! Siap simpan gambar dalam handset siap...! and notebook presentation haritu kat my opah!!

Well I have been feeling very very put out these last few weeks. I know mengada ngada kan...but Immediate reaction - beta murka. Siapa kah ini saya tak kenal? Brother tak cerita dengan panjang lebar dan tak mintak approval pun? Hee heee- macam spoilt kid kan. I have no idea why -maybe I rasa dia pendatang ? cis! Siapa kah this interloper?? Semua orang dah suka?? But I told my mom Im cool lah, relax lah. Ok lah tu, adek I nak kawin.. best apa. Apa lagi nak tunggu , dah 30 pun. Budak tu nak masuk Year 4 .I pun suruh dia pinang. (But I didnt think I would not get to meet her (with my brother) first ) Kalau tak mak I risau and she risau over the slightest thing. Lagi pun I know Im being irrational and terribly selfish.

So here I am being positive and supportive. My mom is a very organised person. She has decided on what she wants, who is going to the girls' side nanti. Engagement tak leh jemput ke rumah. Anyway so as not to make me, the only sister and bla bla bla , semput , she tries to ask my opinion lah. So cute ,really. She takut I kecil hati so she asks me . but when I give my opinion that is not the same, she will say that my brother wants it this way, or my dad wants it that way etc etc. So now I ye kan je lah and tak give my (contradicting) opinion. My husband also thinks she is right. My mom pulak tadi marah , why am I going "ya ya ya" all the time. I pun naik marah, why is my husband not supporting me. Hee hee hee

I just pray that I don't hurt my most beloved mother's feelings throughout all this.Ok lahj tu ..

Khairie Pak Uda and the Order of the Phoenix


Tadi lari jap dengan suami nak pi tengok wayang. he wanted Transformers (jeng jeng, more than meets the eye...) but then I want the kids to come along too so we decided to watch something which would not be so popular with the kids tonite and then buy them transformers for this weekend. BTW sis in law mentioned going to see it too so want to go together?

Anyway decided to watch Khairi Pokda..Harry Porter. Ok lah but tak seseronok buku ..I know that sounds so lame and always people say that but its true. It feels like they are trying to throw everything in. You dont get to delve too deep into why Harry was so tense and confused, how hurt he was that his friends did not contact him, how he felt lonely, how mad he was over Cho, instead he came across as a bit of a plonker, who is always angry all thetime and really, not that cute. I was just thinking, this kid is soo lucky as at the age of 16 he got to act with Gary Oldman and my favourite man (outside of Korea) which is Alan Rickman! He is soooo good. Is it me or is that Hermione very one dimensional?

Having said that I love the books and am more than half seriously considering going to queue in front of Kino's doors this Saturday at 2 am. (door open at half past 5) - all for a free book.

You have to read the bookslah.

Husband was a bit restless towards the end. Ada mamat ni duduk sebelah dengan makwe...I lagi restless tengok depa heheheheheheh

This Sunday am or Friday pm, Transformers, Jom?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thanks Haq for the opportunity to do good while at the same time expose 27 more trivia about myself which I am sure will be fascinating to no other person heh heh heh. How I wish some of my friends have blogs so I can tag them too...hee hee

The rules:-
1.Please leave a comment on
Idham's blog to inform him that you have done the tag
2.If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many bloggers as you like.
3.You will then leave a comment in their blogs to let them know they have been tagged. And to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing rm127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage".Then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry.The meme is about completing at least seventeen out of the following twenty seven sentences.*These can be copied and pasted to your entry*

Ready set go!! Ada 27 ok :

1. A person is only as good as ...his Iman

2. Friendship is always ... precious and rare.

3. To love is to..experience the most beautiful feeling ever

4. Money makes me...reach for my Bills to pay list (LOL)

5. I miss ... being less than 50kg

6. My way of saying I care is by ... nagging you to death about what ever is bugging you

7. I try to spread love and happiness by... trying to solve everyone's problems

.8. Pick the flowers when... its yours to pick (hey in Lake District ada story about some melayu students picking daffodils by the roadside and being told off by the locals)

9. To love someone is to... respect the individual and ready to listen

10. Beauty is... different things at different stages of life

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most was... being such a rebel . I had a bag packed ready to run away.

12. When I was twenty one, I remember.. I threw a birthday party for myself , ee tak malu. Jenal gave me a big potted plant which lasted until I had to leave the UK for good (a good 8 years that)

13. I am most happy when ... I am with my family.

14. Nothing makes me happier than ... having my husband home.

15. If I can change one thing, I will change... my memory- I'm so forgetful!Also my procrastination habits..

16. If smiles were... cash...then I... would be rich

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could... castrate rapists? wipe out "commissions" ? Accept our differences? Have better manners?

18. If you want to ...have Malaysia be good at sports ...then you have to ... privatise it!!!

19. Money is not everything but..hahahahahahahahahaha banks and credit cards sure act like it is!.

20. The most touching moment I have experienced is... the moment I became a wife...bestnye..Now I have someone to nag when the lighbulb blows heh heh (btw the lightbulb needs fixing dear)

21. I smile when...I listen to ERA FM

22. When I am happy, I...SING!(ok try to sing).

23. If only I don't have to ...worry about cash then... I would stay home with the kids (and my 2 maids, cook, gardener and driver)

24. The best thing I did yesterday was... chatting wiht my neighbour at LAST!

25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, "Accept yourself -" . Or maybe "how to see a tree without cutting it down"

26. One thing I must do before I die is... go for Haj. Build a mosque . A school. Donate generously.

27. Doing this meme, I feel like ... So much to achieve. So little time

Im tagging:


Syabas on being an Idiot.

2 days ago, Syabas cut off my water supply.

And now I am waging war.

As soon as I get a moment. I've cooled down a bit.

What happened was apparently there is an amount owing of RM130, of which RM85 is due and there is a bill (I later discover, on top of the cabinet next to the fridge) which says please pay before 19th or else we will cut off your water. However the contractor for syabas responsible for the cutting of water pipes etc must have wanted their commission money or something because on 10th they cut my water off

I have FIVE kids in the house. What monsters are they? Yes no one is disputing the debt due. However,what Syabas did dah lawan tokey- kalah Along! Dahlah they are a monopoly-we have to take their service - we have no other water provider.. eeee...jahat nyeeeee...malafide and bad intention. Water is a basic necessity . To charge for it is evil in the first place, to allow water leakages to go unchecked is abominable, but to withdraw water over RM130- what do you call this- utterly ridiculous!

Im now mad all over again.
1. No other water provider- they are abusing their power
2. Water is so important you should exhaust all ways to recover your measly RM130 before you cut off service.Nie, normal post je- at least kasilah registered post letter-- eh orang sheboklah!!
4/ If the samseng who is being paid off by Syabas can come over to cut the water they can jolly well come and give us advance warning
5. Charging me RM50 to reconnect is DESPICABLE

Can I say again that Syabas acted just like an AHLONG and completely INHUMANE and I am definitely hopping mad now. Takda Otak ke orang orang nie?

I called them - of course the usual rubbish about being their system , cannot do anything about it etc etc. I don't WANT to complain in their system. sure kena buang punye. I want to make a BIG FUSS!!!! I tell them this is ILLEGAL (There is indeed case law on it ok) and I should SUE Them!! (ye lah, its all recorded kan) ...I might as well talk to the wind...the operators are toothless and useless...

I want to complain to the papers- I want them to CHANGE THEIR POLICY!!! GO after the big crooks not the poor helpless consumers with kids nak go use the toilet etc etc!!! I want to raise awareness on their tactics. My colleague lagi best- while she was out at work., Syabas came in and dug out her metre- ruined her garden, ruined her drains and ruined her neighbour's plants


Any ideas people??? Is there ANY way I can stop them??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Court !

Today I had to go to our spanking new court! Have to assist a colleague in presenting one matter for me. So nervous that I slept at 2 am . This morning dad came over to get the girls for me.Pukul 6.50 dah pet pet kat depan - the girls, yang selama ni manja, yang selalunye pukul 7.20 baru nak pakai kasut (school starts at 7.25) - terkejar kejar ler. Sara pun lupe nak kiss mummy . Anyway I had to go early straight to court - after ber-drama sikit dengan jojo who refused to let me go. finally left and amazingly sampai 10 past 8.

Hmmmppph I should not have rushed lah, My colleague gelak je dengar I dah sampai. Sebabnye...its too early. She arrived pun dekat pukul 9kot. So in the meantime I pun hang around and baca doa doa melembut kan hati judge heh heh. And also people watching...so many style nak pakai black and white ni.

The place is HUGE!!! Having said that there are only 2 lifts - how come? Berpuluh lah orang tunggu for one lift. Finally we went into our court. Then the lawyers trickled in.... Melayu perempuan kita je lah. The judge obviously jam dia dah pecah because lambat nyeee nak start...anyways I was told that this is normal- NORMAL?? Heee macamana you all tahan haaaaa..tunggu so long. And no one was working on their laptop or anything, just sit around and wait. So we chit chat lah.

Anyways after 30 mins of yakking my colleague asked me where my coat was. What coat. I was wearing black baju kurung. What coat you need??? Panic. Then noticed everyone ada black coat. Hai, Where to get coat. Girls there semuanya kurussssss belaka....Found this one Indian lady who look like I can squeeze into her jacket so I accosted her, and she very nicely agreed to lend me her coat. Anyway my other colleague also was around in the building and she also came up to lend me her coat. But she is a quarter of my size so that's a bit of a laugh lah.

But since I made her come out of court and postpone her matter - doink (sorry Aida- borrow your word) - I pun try lah...on the way nak try tu, ternampak this room called the "BAR ROOM" where they actually rent out robes, and white shirts and most importantly, COATS! RM5 lah but hey who cares. You know when everyone is wearing red and you are in white- you feel like everyone is looking at you when they are probably not- well until I got that jacket on, that was the case lah. RM5 pun RM 5 lar....

After about 1 hour and a half of waiting (felt like it), finally got called in and within afew seconds,she granted whatever it was we wanted. I was nodding left right and centre. tak relevant pun nak nod. Then, out of there. Phew!!

Yang nak jadi ceritanye..I met my A level mate lah! As in my bunkmate, roommate, story mate, tolong beli rokok mate, marah and then sayang, you know that one, competitive pun ada... The one when you see her again you hope you look 150% your best, and that she doesn't see that you are driving around in a battered van..heh heh heh heh..that kind of friend.. hee hee - (she did not see my battered van as I made sure she left first hee hee)- It was very nice to have bumped into her again- 20 years old friendship. Gee I hoped I had remembered to comb my hair..She invited us over to her house...can I lose weight in 4 days?

Oh well..itulah...my day today. Dad not connectable or reachable. So tonite kena call againlah. Tshirt busuk dah takda bau daddy hanya bau busuk je..hee hee

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Pune Update:

Husband is deeply impressed by the quality of the surgeons over there and the hospitals. Nadine and the gang may well be sent to India for their medical education (ie before they become artists etc). I quote "its World Class" .

On a personal level- Husband managed to cause an electrical disaster early in the morning. He requested for an iron and then it short circuited and burnt his (only) tie and pants as well as tripping the room's power. I think he should make a fuss with the hotel.

Johan said "Daddy doesn't miss us" because daddy did not call. I told him daddy is busy lah. Then he said "But when he is in his room he can call us?" hmm then I told him "very expensive lah". So this morning we called and I passed the phone to Johan and after he said "hello" , he lowered the phone and whispered to me "I don't know what to saylah!" heh heh heh

Went to the clinic yesterday. Dahlia's whole forehead is slightly swollen . I thought her nose was broken, it was also swollen. Some boy threw a rock/something to her face, while they were horsing around. Teacher did not tell me. Oh that reminds me that I need to tell the school about this. Apa ni. Happily the victim appears alert and happy.

Wish I can be witty these days..my posts are beginning to sound so boring and dreary..what the kids did., what the kids say...bla bla bla

Monday, July 09, 2007

Its Paracetamol Land in my house.

Johan has succumbed to the fever. So have I so I know what it feels like- an intense headache which makes moving painful, and then stomach upset (i've had to run at least 4 times this last hour) and coughing. Maid is now in the coughing stage. She did also complained of the headache. The headache got so bad that I had to go to bed at half eight yesterday.Johan is really hot and is on paracetamol every 4 hours. I don't know if I should take EL or MC AGAIN tomorrow - see how it goes. I just don't like to do it.

Sara is ok but coughing...mom has forbidden me to send her to school tomorrow which makes her ponteng days up to a week. The way mom worries you'd think I dont' take care of my babies. That's what grandparents do I guess. MOm said brother no 3 is getting engaged this August and I don't even know her. I know, it's not ABOUT me. And parents are happy with her (and her pedigree) . But eldest sister have not met potential sister in law - how? Anyway its a done deal, parents are going. They have only been dating for a year and a half, and not getting married until end of next year.

Next month full of engagements. Goodlah. The second layer of my cousins have grown up...

Ok lah- update from Pune- our Man has arrived. Via sms I know this. Which hotel - wait for next smslah. We are sleeping with his teeshirt - eeeyiuuuu...


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bye bye Baby

Husband has just left....

So stubborn.. I wanted to send him to the airport . Refused! Insisted on taking a cab, alone. I told him , at least let me follow lah. No lah, susahkan you je. I guess I have to be grateful for a very (over)considerate husband. Look at it this way - you don't fly away often so lets make a ceremony of it lah- but nooooo, its a quick peck on the cheek at the door and then off to the cab. Harrumph.

Ok ok before I go on I can hear my FTM friend going "AIYAHH!!!He's only going for a week ! " Ok ok ok...anyway my need to be "emo" and indulge in a bit of drama minggu ini is taken away by my supercool husband. If God had made my mate more like me, our lives would be a giant Hallmark card heh heh heh.

Before going, sooo grumpy. We went to One Utama (the new wing) for only the second time in our lives (the first was an ADOM clan 's Harry Porter fest) and got in the queue for Transformers. I bought 5 medium popcorn and 1 large and we waited for dad to come back with the tickets. Boy was he mad when he came back. Apparently there had been no tickets since half an hour ago and no one bothered to tell the waiting public!! No wonder lah. So there we were with our (expensive) popcorns and drinks and no movie to see. The popcorn gave me the runs btw.

Then we walked back to the car ...husband decided to pop into one of the shops looking for his shirt. Didn't tell me he'd be seriously shopping. I waited outside with the kids, then the kids went in, then they started to play - from where I was I could see Jo and Dahlia playing hide and seek under the clothes- I was almost hoarse calling them back. The saving grace was that there was only one exit and entrance and I was right in front of it so they can't go anywhere else. I called the father and asked, you ni lama ke..if lama I will take the kids elsewhere lah. He said..."No No I'm almost done! I'm paying now" ..

45 minutes later......a very annoyed husband emerged with 3 bags of shopping, annoyed at ME for being annoyed with him for making us wait for so long. to keep kids occupied I asked them to count how many pairs of black shoes, yellow shoes etc etc ...needless to say this did NOT work ..they'd rather go off into the shop on the excuse of "looking" for one of their sisters/brother.

Hee hee hee...and they say men can't shop. I married the exception. Me personally, cannot shop, if I have other things to do. I can multitask with the best of them, but shop and take care of the kids - not one of my top virtues.

Anyway guys, drop in if free as we are a single mother this week...macam pergi perang pulak, early today we stocked the fridge full (not because he's worried that I may not feed the kids but rather he knows I am so allergic to crowds and there is a real fear of me shopping at the local Lot 10 Isetan rather than brave Giant ...eh eleh princess nyeee aku ni) ..

Update on the kids' - Sara masih demam. Nadine masih batuk. Coughing. Sophia is upset that she is better and keep asking me to feel her neck for a temperature. You are WELL Sophia. Dahlia is also annoyed that she is the only one who has to go to school the entire of last week. Johan is now pestering me for the computer so I had better say goodbye...

Bye bye then..and to daddy..hope you get a chance to call us.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The week that was

The week that was....

Parents in law came over....

Made nasi tomato which looked as if I was let loose in a tomato vineyard and took all of the tomatoes and dumped it in...mom in law made another (lighterlooking) tomato rice the next day...if I was not so thick skinned I would mind. It says something when both mom and mom in law ask me to call the maid so that they can teach her the recipe...Ok ok cooking is not my strength ..

Kids fell ill one by one..

First Sara (teacher called from school to report that my daughter was sobbing as she was ill and can we PLEASE go get her) - rushed home to find she was already sent home by her normal van and she was indeed sobbing as she felt miserable. Eh Eleh...apa hal lak.. my daughter...Hope Sara will eventually be stronger emotionally...

Semalam Sophia pulak demam.

Husband going to India this Sunday...for a week.

To be continued...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hi there so how was your weekend?

We just came back from a work related pep talk thingy over the weekend. It was fun ! Got to meet everyone in the company over three branches and nice to put a face to the name. The repressed diplomat in me (or rather the frustrated datinwannabe me) had to talk to everyone...ala ala aku pulak jadi hos . Why ah if you put me in aroom with strangers I would have the strongest compulsion to interview everyone?? I am fighting that , and am taking medication for it heh heh heh.

Singapore was just soo temptingly near. And the kids love JB. So big! So cantik ! SO many sales! So close to Singapore! But husband deliberately left his passport so that was not an issue. (ADA KE?? Kejammm...) After the seminar , there was a dinner to which only the staff was invited. Husband planned to take kids to see his brother while I pi makan makan. I had reminded him to call ahead incase the brother went somewhere - never got round to it and true enough...brother went back to see Mak. Hahahahaha...Nasib baik Big Boss tibatiba jemput the whole family to the dinner. I took the invite seriously as he said it twice so in a panic, we went to CITYSQUARE to get the girls dresses. After round round , takda yang dressy (ye lah, we went to FOS , Padini etc) until we came across this laaaast shop. Slightly on the pricey side but nice . They LOVED it!!! They chose the most girly white, spanish madames dresses yang boleh twirl twirl. Ngada ngada tol..dress yang ada sale tak ndak . Heee. As we had just the half an hour to shop (for them, ok) they changed immediately and then we went to the hairaccessories shop and for the first time in their lives they got butterfly clips in their hair (and there is no wedding) - dah pandai melaram dah anak dara I ok..no more tshirt and jeans now...even kaklong nak cardigan cute yang kecik ala ala shawl . Kaklong takda size so kaklong dapat hair clips je lah...the 2 girls in the SIMLA shop buat kan their hair.

Mummy?? Mummy balik, basuh rambut sendiri, and then half dry and then turun pi dinner. rambut tak kering betul pun. Senang. Halfway thru dinner the kids ngantuk so dad took them up. Sophia started to drink at least 3 cups of tea, johan nak makan the gula packets, and dahlia said loudly "this is booooring". Hee bawak kids I tell you. I stayed thru what was really an entertaining night and I'm not saying that because they picked up the accommodation tab hee hee hee.

Singgah Kluang jap...met mom dad and said brother in law and his family. Hee hee majan and anne pun ada with a thinner fahim...ye lah dia dah almost one year old. MY GOD how time flies!!! Mom made home made pizza (4 pizzas), nasi, ikan masak asam, sambal sotong. daging kicap, ayam goreng and then ROJAK some more..The original superwoman. I enjoyed the seniority of being kaklong and left the washing up to my other 2 sisters in laws muawahahahahaha!!! (evil laugh)..Ahaaaa sorang tu morerajin than the other.. hee heee hee.

Sorry to all who tried to get in touch as the phones DIED again...time to throw it to the sharks...(trade in ler)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...