All is Well

latest update:

managed to talk to husband. Who is flying back today. To quote HP, "All is well".


Thanks Haq and Yani and Bad and LIza and mom and dad and mak and abah who listened to me blabbing and worrying. And to you bj too.
Anonymous said…
Glad there is a happy ending. ...

Dad of Four said…
Wah..sempat selit HP....Semalam you wished you could read his mind like Voldy can; now HP! LOL
Anonymous said…
Hehehe..... Good for you. At least can stop worrying.

I've experienced that before. Tak paham why the other half always has this attitude "No hews is good news.." . Anyway, glad all is well..
Dadof Four

Actually I was thinking to quote "Avada Kedavra" but kesian pulak hahahaha

FTM- you said it man.


WHAT IS IT ABOUT THEM??? That is exactly right! He is very perplexed that I should fuss when he knows that he was fine all the time!!! Men!!!

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