Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bye bye Baby

Husband has just left....

So stubborn.. I wanted to send him to the airport . Refused! Insisted on taking a cab, alone. I told him , at least let me follow lah. No lah, susahkan you je. I guess I have to be grateful for a very (over)considerate husband. Look at it this way - you don't fly away often so lets make a ceremony of it lah- but nooooo, its a quick peck on the cheek at the door and then off to the cab. Harrumph.

Ok ok before I go on I can hear my FTM friend going "AIYAHH!!!He's only going for a week ! " Ok ok ok...anyway my need to be "emo" and indulge in a bit of drama minggu ini is taken away by my supercool husband. If God had made my mate more like me, our lives would be a giant Hallmark card heh heh heh.

Before going, sooo grumpy. We went to One Utama (the new wing) for only the second time in our lives (the first was an ADOM clan 's Harry Porter fest) and got in the queue for Transformers. I bought 5 medium popcorn and 1 large and we waited for dad to come back with the tickets. Boy was he mad when he came back. Apparently there had been no tickets since half an hour ago and no one bothered to tell the waiting public!! No wonder lah. So there we were with our (expensive) popcorns and drinks and no movie to see. The popcorn gave me the runs btw.

Then we walked back to the car ...husband decided to pop into one of the shops looking for his shirt. Didn't tell me he'd be seriously shopping. I waited outside with the kids, then the kids went in, then they started to play - from where I was I could see Jo and Dahlia playing hide and seek under the clothes- I was almost hoarse calling them back. The saving grace was that there was only one exit and entrance and I was right in front of it so they can't go anywhere else. I called the father and asked, you ni lama ke..if lama I will take the kids elsewhere lah. He said..."No No I'm almost done! I'm paying now" ..

45 minutes later......a very annoyed husband emerged with 3 bags of shopping, annoyed at ME for being annoyed with him for making us wait for so long. to keep kids occupied I asked them to count how many pairs of black shoes, yellow shoes etc etc ...needless to say this did NOT work ..they'd rather go off into the shop on the excuse of "looking" for one of their sisters/brother.

Hee hee hee...and they say men can't shop. I married the exception. Me personally, cannot shop, if I have other things to do. I can multitask with the best of them, but shop and take care of the kids - not one of my top virtues.

Anyway guys, drop in if free as we are a single mother this week...macam pergi perang pulak, early today we stocked the fridge full (not because he's worried that I may not feed the kids but rather he knows I am so allergic to crowds and there is a real fear of me shopping at the local Lot 10 Isetan rather than brave Giant eleh princess nyeee aku ni) ..

Update on the kids' - Sara masih demam. Nadine masih batuk. Coughing. Sophia is upset that she is better and keep asking me to feel her neck for a temperature. You are WELL Sophia. Dahlia is also annoyed that she is the only one who has to go to school the entire of last week. Johan is now pestering me for the computer so I had better say goodbye...

Bye bye then..and to daddy..hope you get a chance to call us.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! You so cleverlah, can guess my reactions! Have a good week ahead, and hang in there....

fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said...

he he not like you one...everyone is btw sick over here including me

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