Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Court !

Today I had to go to our spanking new court! Have to assist a colleague in presenting one matter for me. So nervous that I slept at 2 am . This morning dad came over to get the girls for me.Pukul 6.50 dah pet pet kat depan - the girls, yang selama ni manja, yang selalunye pukul 7.20 baru nak pakai kasut (school starts at 7.25) - terkejar kejar ler. Sara pun lupe nak kiss mummy . Anyway I had to go early straight to court - after ber-drama sikit dengan jojo who refused to let me go. finally left and amazingly sampai 10 past 8.

Hmmmppph I should not have rushed lah, My colleague gelak je dengar I dah sampai. Sebabnye...its too early. She arrived pun dekat pukul 9kot. So in the meantime I pun hang around and baca doa doa melembut kan hati judge heh heh. And also people many style nak pakai black and white ni.

The place is HUGE!!! Having said that there are only 2 lifts - how come? Berpuluh lah orang tunggu for one lift. Finally we went into our court. Then the lawyers trickled in.... Melayu perempuan kita je lah. The judge obviously jam dia dah pecah because lambat nyeee nak start...anyways I was told that this is normal- NORMAL?? Heee macamana you all tahan haaaaa..tunggu so long. And no one was working on their laptop or anything, just sit around and wait. So we chit chat lah.

Anyways after 30 mins of yakking my colleague asked me where my coat was. What coat. I was wearing black baju kurung. What coat you need??? Panic. Then noticed everyone ada black coat. Hai, Where to get coat. Girls there semuanya kurussssss belaka....Found this one Indian lady who look like I can squeeze into her jacket so I accosted her, and she very nicely agreed to lend me her coat. Anyway my other colleague also was around in the building and she also came up to lend me her coat. But she is a quarter of my size so that's a bit of a laugh lah.

But since I made her come out of court and postpone her matter - doink (sorry Aida- borrow your word) - I pun try lah...on the way nak try tu, ternampak this room called the "BAR ROOM" where they actually rent out robes, and white shirts and most importantly, COATS! RM5 lah but hey who cares. You know when everyone is wearing red and you are in white- you feel like everyone is looking at you when they are probably not- well until I got that jacket on, that was the case lah. RM5 pun RM 5 lar....

After about 1 hour and a half of waiting (felt like it), finally got called in and within afew seconds,she granted whatever it was we wanted. I was nodding left right and centre. tak relevant pun nak nod. Then, out of there. Phew!!

Yang nak jadi ceritanye..I met my A level mate lah! As in my bunkmate, roommate, story mate, tolong beli rokok mate, marah and then sayang, you know that one, competitive pun ada... The one when you see her again you hope you look 150% your best, and that she doesn't see that you are driving around in a battered van..heh heh heh heh..that kind of friend.. hee hee - (she did not see my battered van as I made sure she left first hee hee)- It was very nice to have bumped into her again- 20 years old friendship. Gee I hoped I had remembered to comb my hair..She invited us over to her house...can I lose weight in 4 days?

Oh day today. Dad not connectable or reachable. So tonite kena call againlah. Tshirt busuk dah takda bau daddy hanya bau busuk je..hee hee

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