Sunday, July 29, 2007




God is Great.

You know how worried I've been with me being unable to contact my husband and him not coming back when he said he would, and then staying up not being able to sleep in case he finally calls to tell us he was safe? And how glad I was to see him in the end and how he tells me I should not have worried as he was ok (i will blog about this later)

Well, he just had a taste of it hee hee hee.

Azriel's engagement

Yesterday my cousin MerapuMan and Aida's brother got engaged to Ema(Congratulations!!) . Hee hee sorry sedikit lambat. (standard lah) We had planned to meet at Simpang Pulai toll at 11.30a.m. Mak M also invited us for breakfast, and Abah wants to go to Manong to seehis long lost brother.

So how to juggle all- we promised Mak M we (parents in law and us) will be there at 7 am, then at 10a.m we would leave her house for North.

Hahahahahah- we ended up leaving the house at 10 am, supposedly to lead mak and abah to go to rumah Mak M. All of a sudden we lost them. I called my handphone which I have lent to them, and found out they decided that we were late and that they better go on their own. So off we went. Husband said why didn't they tell us of the change in plan? (I did not reply as it was too tempting hee hee)

We arrived , orang tengah makan.Aida sambut (thanks for helping with the kids) We tucked in too lah. Dendeng dia sedaaaaap rasa nak tapau je. My kids yang kureng makan pedas pun , tala je. Did not feel like I was at someone else's house at ALL as it was mainly our family je. Gelak pun besar besar.

The Wait at Ipoh Toll

Anyway after that we excused ourselves supposedly to wait for abah and mak at Ipoh toll, so that we can go to Manong together. We were there by 2 pm.

Until 4.30, no sign of them. Weather was so hot that we all got out and hung about outside the surau. The toll is not a resting place so does not have any distraction like stalls etc. Kids of course, had a fun time, main kejar kejar lah, giving Daya maths test. Siap lah solat zohor and asar. (even Johan- "daya, my father has 8 apples. I ate some. How many is left. Daya: How many did you eat? Jojo: 9. Hahahahahaha!!!)

The Irrepressible Kids

My kids, are ALWAYS talking. Kira volume always "ON". Sometimes it feels like I'm managing a school trip . I dozed off in the car with their chatting buzzing in my ear. They could not watch telly as the DVD car player decided that yes, the 2 hour trip is the right time for me to kong, and not work. So these kids improvised lah. Ada new game "Mamavella tatavella, mama girls papaboys" , ie with their hands . Ada another one involving them acting like arab sheiks Yang bestnye semua orang tahu - they all know how to play the game! What was the one Jojo was trying to get me to do- Cocola America cocola duit- entah la amende!! Kelakar tol. Then they played the "opposite" game which involved them saying things opposite to what they mean. That was nice, as they were complimenting each other - You are SOOO Beautiful, Nadine. Yes and YOu are very very clever, Sophia etc etc. They found this game hilarious somehow.


Anyway back to in laws- hubby dah boring dah. He paced up and down, and he walked to the edge of the road looking for their car. Many times he called them- no answer. (eh macam familiar je hee hee) . So at half past 4 he said come lah we go to Manong direct. He also called his auntie to find out what time they left (at 12 it seems) and also his long lost uncle to find out if they are there (no, is the answer). He was calling everyone to find out where his mom and dad was.

Halfway there mak called - they had gone straight there it appears as they didnt think we would wait. Hubby was glad that she was safe, although grumbled (under breath) gak lah hee hee hee.


He took us via Kuala Kangsar, his old almamater. Showed off his imposing school to the kids. The girls said they want to go to a boarding school if it looks like that.

"You can't lah Sophia.You have to be smart" said Nadine

"And you have to be a boy" piped up Sara

"Eeeewwwwwwww!"reaction from Sophia and Dahlia.

They were impressed with the plaque saying "to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth" and "emperor hirohito" (??Ye ke I did nt get a good look at the plaque) . And Sophia tanya "emperor kusco takda?"

hee hee heee!! (Emperor Cusko is a character from Disney's Emperor's new groove)


It was a scene from Sheila Black's show- surprise surprise. Pak Long, dad's eldest brother. I have never met him believe it or not. They lived next to the Sungai Perak. I mean it. Belakang rumah is this LAKE like sungai. No rails like in KL, for my Opah's house is also backed by Sungei Klang (tu macam longkang rather than sungai)

I was humbled by their hospitality. Keluar kan nasi etc. We brought durian and rambutan. That is of course like bringing coal to Newcastle as they say. They had rambutan trees around their house. It was such a lovely, tranquil setting,with the river and the hills in the background.


After maghrib we left. Supposedly together but then dad sped off. They were heading to Sis in law's place for the night, on the way south to their home. So we sauntered at our own pace. Which , due to tiredness finally catching up with my husband, meant very very slow. We reached home at 2 a.m. I could not get him awake- and in the end I drove .

By 4 am we got an SMS from sister in law- where were they? Now husband cannot sleep . (wide awake after all that nap he took in the car). He said how to look for them, they could be anywhere on the road.

Tsk- takjadi apa lah. I told him to look up PLUS Ronda number.(Dah pandai lah, cari cari orang nie) and we called them to ask them to look for dad and mom's car- they said they will)


Mom and Dad are safe and with Mak B.



bj said...

Funny how your in-laws can pull stunts like that! Now I know where your husband gets those traits.. hee.. hee... Glad he's back safe & sound.

Superwomanwannabe said...

hee hee i dont think they meant to make us worry ..but I thought it was karma that he had to go through what we did hehe

im at home today 'J

cumulonimbus said...

Tuhan bayaq cash la ni..Tih .hihh..hihh..Sorry Doc, I am in your wife's camp.

Superwomanwannabe said...

yaaa haa haaa haaa ...bukan lah nak doakan benda tak baik tapi baguih betoi..heheheheheh

Mr Hobo said...

that big school husband of yours to tak dapat nak sambung legacy dia lah eh?

Superwomanwannabe said...

hey there mr hobo! I read yr blog and am v flattered you dropped by.

er ..fortunately for him i managed to sprout a son for him to surrender to the institution......


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